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Sales Lab 5 Step Prospecting Script


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Sales Lab 5 Step Prospecting Script shows how to start a sale with a new person or a new idea, determining prospect interest in five minutes or less

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Sales Lab 5 Step Prospecting Script

  1. 1. The Five Step Prospecting Script People ask me how to “start a sale.” Most professional salesmen would rather begin with an announced “prospect” who already has demonstrated interest. I find that most of my successful sales start with citizens, who have no interest in me or what I am selling. The Five Step Prospecting Script is the fastest way to have a citizen learn what I am selling and the fastest way for them to figure out how to buy. I have been successfully using this technique for over 30 years. Step 1 – “I just wrote a new brochure/resume/nuclear weapons treaty.” (Pick one) Step 2 – “Would you give me your opinion of it?” (Give them something short, one page maximum, because you are reading your own copy at the same time and you will read it many times. Don’t finish before they do.) Step 3 – Listen, smile, accept what they say and tell them that their critique helps you. Step 4 – “If you were me, who would you show this to?” The most common question I get is, “Do you mean in my company or outside?” The answer is “Yes.” As they try to think of names, they are also most efficiently trying to see if they want your offer. If they see a value for themselves they will tell you. Write down every name they give and don’t interrupt until they are done. Step 5 – “What is the best way to contact X?” (Pick the name from their referrals you are most interested in meeting. After you have fully discussed the first opportunity, ask for the next, until you are no longer interested.) If they have changes to your brochure, mark them in red ink and keep the copy. Give them a clean copy in case they think of someone else who should see it. You don’t have to make all their changes, but you should keep the recommendations until you fully understand them. I figure the readers are more like a buyer than I am. The primary reason for conducting a five step is that is the most efficient way to sell the person you are talking to. I usually have far more directed, personal referrals than I can pursue, but that is a delightful secondary consequence of getting them to understand my offer. If they think your offer can help them, they will try to buy. That is their instinct for self preservation kicking in. The Five Step Prospecting Script works very well on spouses, in laws, CEOs, COOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Technicians, Receptionists, people stranded on an airplane, in an airport, or a doctor’s office. Whether reading your brochure is fun for the other person depends on your attitude. Most people like to learn new things. The key requirements are having a supply of handouts with you for distribution and being able to keep quiet while other people do your selling for you. WWW.SALES LAB DC.COM