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The Pirates Parties are all part of a global movement. This is the Presentation of the current process of creating the Statutes and Principles for the "Pirate International" that will be formally founded at the Brussels conference April 16th-18th.

Please join the Task Force and contribute your point of view - after all we make politics 2.0!

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  • Pirate Parties exist today in over 40 countries. The incorporation level differ from country to country - not all Pirate Parties can participate in public elections for example.
  • The current PPI web site.

  • The last conferences had mainly the scope for preparing and coordinating the strategies for the European Parliament elections.

  • International political organisations stand in the tradition of “far left” - first started by the Marxists. This explains, why there is a plethora of such organisations exists on the left wing - many of them still fighting for a world revolution and victory of the working class.
  • Today there are political internationals of all different couleur - also quite new ones. There are also notables are Socialist International and Alliance of Democrats
  • Come on, they have been founded in 2001 - and frankly, the website look very much like it was not changed in design ever since. Note how the top navigation spoils into the background :-)
  • So the scope of this organization is aimed at the green parties itself, not the world outside.

  • The structure is simple and sufficient, given that they have no real tasks beside of coordination.
  • Liberal International - Founded in 1947 - the major topics are liberalism and human rights.

  • They take organization matters seriously, with all that bodies. What they actually do is to held a summit every 3-4 years.

  • http://www.mypirates.net/ppi_development - Request to Join, and we let you in. So far Pirates from 13 countries collaborate in the Task Force, about half of them are from Germany
  • The other “PPI” - The “Professionals Party of India” actually looks from there Homepage as if they could join the Pirate Movement - look at the all the social media links in the left hand navigation!

  • This question bring up the following one - how the votes should be counted? Right now the strongest suggestion is, that every country should get one vote, regardless of how many members come from this country.

  • This is were the opinions divide right now - while some would like to see a political active organization that address the issues on the global level - like ACTA, INDECT, SWIFT, etc.;
    while others would see an organization that “just” coordinates between the member Pirate Parties as sufficient.

    The goal of the Task Force is to create the two different proposals and take them to the conference in April, so that they can be voted upon from different parties.

  • While every Party is independent in its decisions, there is possible under some circumstances to make the membership in the ppi dependent on the agreement to some common goals and statements.
  • ...And of cause you can post this Presentation to your favorite Pirate Forum, you can tweet about it, blog, write on your page in Facebook, etc.

  • Pirates Of The World, Unite!

    1. 1. Pirates of the World, Unite! Februar 2010 Gregory Engels
    2. 2. Abstract Pirate Party is part of an international movement. There are pirate parties in over 40 countries, more are being founded rapidly. From April 16-18 the PPI - Pirate Parties International - conference will be held in Brussels to officially found the PPI. What exactly is the PPI? But what is our vision of a world-wide political umbrella organisation in the 21st century? And there are challenges...
    3. 3. Gregory Engels a.k.a. Dichter International Coordinator Pirate Party Germany Leader “Statutes TF”, PPI
    4. 4. Pirate Parties Today
    5. 5. PPI
    6. 6. Status PPI is lead ad Interim by a “Coreteam” PPI has been founded as a Belgian Association in October 2009 Upcoming conference 16.-18. April in Brussels where PPI will get its statues and democratic legitimization Two delegates from each PP will have voting power
    7. 7. Past PPI Conferences http://int.piratenpartei.de/International_Conference_2007 1. Conference 8.-10. June 2007 in Vienna http://int.piratenpartei.de/ International_Conference_1/2008 2. Conference 26.-27. January 2008 in Berlin http://int.piratenpartei.de/ International_Conference_2/2008 3. Conference 27.-29. Juni 2008 in Uppsala http://wiki.piraattipuolue.fi/Helsinki_conference 4. Conference 30. January - 1. February 2009 in Helsinki
    8. 8. Review
    9. 9. Some History First International (1864–1876) Second International (1889–1916) Third International (1919–1943) Fourth International (since 1938) Fifth International (about to start in 2010?..)
    10. 10. Yet More History Global Greens (since 2001) Liberal International (since 1947) International Democrat Union (since 1983) Centrist Democrat International (since 1961) Humanist International (since 1989)
    11. 11. A Look at Global Greens:
    12. 12. Founded in 2001 at a conferenz in Canberra, AU promote the Global Green Charter among the Green Parties of the world, as well as kindred groups and society at-large stimulate and facilitate action on matters of global consequence deepen communication among Green Parties and Federations
    13. 13. Statement of Purpose “reassessed not later then 2006” Second conference in 2008 in São Paulo - unfortunately not reassessed the purpose statements
    14. 14. 12 members of coordination committees 3 from each of Asia, Europe, Africa and Americas Parties join the Global Green Network
    15. 15. Liberal International
    16. 16. Founded in 1947 3 Bodies: Executive committee, congress, bureau
    17. 17. Congress every 18 month (c.a. 300 participants) Executive Committee - twice a year, representatives from every member party
    18. 18. Example International Democrat Union
    19. 19. Founded in 1983 Bodies: Party Leaders Conference, Executive Committee, Standing Committees, Ad Hoc Groups, Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Treasurer, Executive Secretary, Assistant Chairmen,...
    20. 20. ...Our Vision for a Pirate World
    21. 21. Task Force on MyPirates.net
    22. 22. Pirate Party International? or Pirate Parties International? Not that one->
    23. 23. Who Can Join?
    24. 24. Every Pirate? Every Pirate Party (including the federal lvl)? Only one Party per country? Only registred Parties, running in elections? What about associates - like Young Pirates?
    25. 25. What is the Scope of PPI?
    26. 26. Only Organisation? Coordination? Politically active? e.g. make statements and found parties
    27. 27. Membership Duties
    28. 28. Provide Resources? Money? Ratification of program points?
    29. 29. Call to Action Join the Statutes Task Force. Do it now. Share YOUR vision for the pirate international Invite more Pirates Hook up with the Conference Organizers and offer some help :-)
    30. 30. Links Task Force: http://www.mypirates.net/ ppi_development PPI Coreteam http://int.piratenpartei.de/ PPI_Coreteam Uppsala Declaration http:/ / int.piratenpartei.de/Uppsala_Declaration
    31. 31. Contact http://wiki.piratenpartei.de/Benutzer:Dichter Gregory.Engels [௺] piratenpartei-hessen.de follow me on Twitter: http://twitter.com/ dichter