The brief


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Creative Brief for a culture movement.

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The brief

  1. 1. Culture movement
  2. 2. Culture: Texting over talking.
  3. 3. Facebook reminds us of our friends´ birthdays. Texting has become one of the most popular and efficient ways to communicate It´s quick, short and to the point.
  4. 4. Birthday wishes have become less emotional.
  5. 5. We wish everyone on Facebook a happy birthday whether it´s our best friend or someone we met last night. Instead of sharing the joy of birthday wishes, it has become just a thing “to-do.” It has even made people emotionally obsessive about receiving birthday wishes on their Facebook wall.
  6. 6. The solution
  7. 7. Features About: video texting Giving people a more Live convenient way to keep in touch through video texting. As soon as you begin recording you can be seen by your friends A more expressive way to Later communicate through video texting with All messages are stored on the cloud so you can watch them anytime families and friends. Takes us back to Faster than messaging Cooler than texting Send instant video messages Would you rather text about with just a tap. No uploading going to the beach or show or downloading! yourself at the beach? Easier than video calling No need to make sure friends are available or wait until they answer to start talking. As seen traditional on communication using our voices and showing our faces.
  8. 8. Trends + Combining these two modern trends, we create a movement on the rise.
  9. 9. The Brief
  10. 10. The Brief The crux of the challenge? Has texting made happy birthday wishes less emotional?
  11. 11. The Brief The inciters who fan the flame? Digital hipsters The cultural tension? Birthday wishes comes from the heart, not in total wall post. The cultural arena? Parties, festivals, Facebook, schools, among friends and families
  12. 12. The Brief Spark Say it, show it. Talk value It´s way cooler than plain texting. Glide is a new way to stay in touch, combining the expressiveness Would you rather text about of live video chat with quick and going to a party or show convenient messaging. yourself in the heart of it? Hearing I love you is much See the real smiles instead of :) better than reading it.