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SLiMS Grassroot Library Automation System


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SLiMS is an open source library management system licensed under GNU GPL 3. This is my presentation about SLiMS on Code4Lib 2014 conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States

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SLiMS Grassroot Library Automation System

  1. 1. SLiMS:   Indonesia  Grassroots   Libraries  Revolution   Arie  Nugraha,  S.  Hum,  M.  TI,     Department  of  Library  and  Information  Science,   Faculty  of  Humanities,  University  of  Indonesia   Borobudur  temple,  Yogyakarta,  Indonesia  –  
  2. 2. Very  nice  “short”  trip  across  the   globe  :D  
  3. 3. What  is  SLiMS?   One  thing  for  sure…     it  won’t  make  you   “slimmer”  :D   Prambanan  temple,  Yogyakarta,  Indonesia­‐content/uploads/2013/10/3.jpg  –  
  4. 4. SLiMS  stands  for  “Senayan   Library  Management  System”,  is   a  Web  Based  Free  Open  Source   (GPL  3  licensed)  Integrated   Library  System     Pura  Besakih,  Bali,  Indonesia  –  
  5. 5. Open  Source  Collaboration  –  
  6. 6. Brief  History   •  Initiated  on  February  2007  to  replace   proprietary  library  automation  system  at   The  Library  of  Ministry  of  National   Education   •  First  released  on  November  2007   •  Until  now  17  versions  have  been  released   Gadang  House,  West  Sumatera,  Indonesia­‐rumah-­‐gadang/gorgeous-­‐vector-­‐and-­‐wallpaper-­‐gambar-­‐rumah-­‐gadang-­‐sumatera-­‐barat-­‐1600x1067.jpg  –  
  7. 7. Development  Motivations   •  Initiate  Knowledge  Sharing   •  Enabling  libraries  in  Indonesia,   especially  small  to  medium  ones,   to  have  an  affordable  ILS   •  Freeing  libraries  from      Vendor  Lock-­‐In   Lembah  Anai,  West  Sumatera,  Indonesia­‐Ya1-­‐rDG4Gbc/UimGghinsFI/AAAAAAAABKM/430rVBeDq3s/s1600/lembah-­‐anai.jpg  –  
  8. 8. Some  Features   •  Bibliography,  Circulation,  Stock  take,  Serial  control,   Digital  content,  Reporting   •  ISBD  and  AACR2  level  2  descriptive  cataloguing   •  MODS  XML  web  service   •  Copy  cataloguing  via  Z39.50/SRU  protocols   •  OAI-­‐PMH  data  provider  enabled  for  metadata   harvesting   •  Union  Catalog  and  Federated  Search   •  Drupal  6  &  7  integration  (OPAC)   •  etc.  (Read  more  on  –   Kecak  Dance,  Bali,  Indonesia   Photo  by  Didit  Dwi  Subagio  
  9. 9. ILS  Problem  In  Indonesia   Before  SLiMS  came  out,  many  libraries  in   Indonesia  can’t  afford  ILS  because  of:     –  limited  fund,  less  attention  from  central   government  and  also  local  government,   –  Very  expensive  proprietary  library   softwares,   –  Existing  open  source  softwares  are  very   hard  to  install  –   Buyung  Dance,  West  Java,  Indonesia   Photo  by  Didit  Dwi  Subagio  
  10. 10. Why  Grassroots  Revolution?   Simple,  SLiMS  create   FREEDOM! for  small  to  medium  libraries  to  use,   to  learn,  to  modify  their  ILS  with   minimal  funds  (or  no  funds  at  all)  –   Borobudur  Temple,  Yogyakarta,  Indonesia   Photo  by  Didit  Dwi  Subagio  
  11. 11. SLiMS  COMMUNITIES  are  the  driving   force  for  spreading  SLiMS  in  Indonesia   Aceh   Padang   Lampung   Jakarta   Yogyakarta   Bali   Ambon   Makassar   Gorontalo   Papua   South     Borneo   West   Borneo  –  
  12. 12. How  The  Communities  (and   the  revolution)  Work?   •  “SINAU”,  which  mean  “Learning   Together”  organized  by  volunteers   from  community   •  Organizes  workshops  and  seminars   •  Annual  SLiMS  Communities   Meetup  (this  year  will  be  held  on   Semarang,  Central  Java)   •  Creating  merchandise   Reog  Dance,  East  Java,  Indonesia   Photo  by  Didit  Dwi  Subagio  
  13. 13. How  SLiMS  Ignite  It?   •  It  is  the  first  truly  FREE  Open  Source  Software  for  library   automation  in  Indonesia   •  Release  early  and  release  often   •  Always  listen  to  the  communities   •  Easy  to  deploy  and  modify   •  BOTTOM  UP  approach,  NOT  top  down   •  Encourage  the  communities  to  take  the  economic  values  of  SLiMS   Batik,  Indonesia  traditional  fabric  –  
  14. 14. Join  The  Revolution!     Download  at:  OR  just  copy  from   my  notebook  J     Fork  SLiMS  at:     Feel  free  to  ask:  OR           SLiMS  are:   Hendro  Wicaksono  ,  Arie  Nugraha,  Purwoko,  Wardiyono,  Arif  Syamsudin,  Eddy  Subratha,  Indra  Sutriadi,  Rasyid  Ridho,   Tobias  Zeumer  (Germany),  James  Richardson  (Australia),  Prasitichai  เรารักในหลวง  (Thailand),  A.  K.  M.  Nurul  Alam   (Bangladesh),  Mohammad  Javad  Mansourzadeh  (Iran),  Jerry  Mohd.  Arif    (Malaysia),  Eduardo  Koiti  Kataoka  (Brazil),   Jhon  Urrego  Felipe  Mejia  (Colombia),  and  all  SLiMS  users  around  the  world   Raja  Ampat,  Papua,  Indonesia