Mod3 actividades seminario


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Mod3 actividades seminario

  1. 1. • Main• To develop students’ abilities in the target language, as well as to have them compare the “ball game” in the mayan culture with the well known football soccer. • Communicative• To have students express their opinion about the two games. • Linguistic• To practice the use of the grammar structure in past.
  2. 2. Students will practice their previous knowledge through activities about the Mayan ball game and the football soccer.Students will learn some historical facts about both games.These activities will promote in students the importance of practicing a sport but at the same time will give them the possibility to know relevant aspects. They also can reflect on our important culture.
  3. 3. The suitable students for this unit will be younglearners between 14-18 years old with an A2 level inEnglish, according to the Common EuropeanFramework of Reference for Languages. They willbe practicing through activities such as:readings, listenings and other exercises via web.
  4. 4. • These activities may foster interest in the sports and mayan culture on the students, they can reflect about the importance to practice a sport and compare the differences or similarities on the creation of both games.
  5. 5. Cilck on the activity you want to work. Activity 3: Activity 5:
  6. 6. 1. Look at the pictures and answer the questions. Write your answers on a separate document. Send it via email. •What are they doing? •Do you like to practice sports? •Do you find similarities?Back to
  7. 7. 2. Read the following texts. Answer letters A, B, C and DBack to
  8. 8. ___ Court a) Formal and dignified.___ Solemn b) The leader of a people or clan.___ Chieftain c) Cruel or severe. d) A quadrangle surrounded by a building___ Harsh or group of buildings. Back to
  9. 9. • The court where Mayas played • They had to pass the ball was made of: without touching their:a) Sand a) Hipsb) Stone b) Feetc) Grass c) Handsd) Cement d) Heads• The winners of the game • What happened to the losing were treated as: team leader?a) Bishops a) He was punishedb) Gods b) He was killedc) Children c) Nothingd) Heros d) He was rewarded Back to
  10. 10. ___ To trip a) The front of the leg below the knee.___ Rugby b) Bring into a disordered or confusing state.___ Shin c) A team game played with an oval ball that may be kicked, carried, and passed by hand___ Muddle d) Catch ones foot on something and stumble or fall. Back to
  11. 11. • Soccer / football really began to take • Where did soccer began to shape in the ____ century? take shape?a) 17th a) Chinab) 18th b) Englandc) 19th c) Franced) 20th d) Greece • Which countries played the first match? • When did the first world cup a) China and the take place? Netherlands a) In 1872 b) England and Scotland b) In 1859 c) France and Japan c) In 1920 d) Greece and Italy d) In 1930 Back to
  12. 12. 4. Watch and Listen carefully. Answer A and B for video number 1 and C and D for the video number 2.Back to
  13. 13. Click on the image to watch the video.Back to Back to videos
  14. 14. • Your opinion about the two games.• What similarities and differences you find.• Would you like to play any of them? Why/why not?• Did you know something about them before? Note: You will send this via emailBack to
  15. 15. • Soccer has changed a lot since its beginning. _____________• Multinationalism began in the middle of the 20th century. _____________• The man thinks that the rules of soccer are simple. _____________• Soccer is not very popular in poor countries. _____________• George Best was an ireland player. _____________• Maradona was not a very exentric player. _____________• Pelé is probably the most famous player in the world. _____________ Back to
  16. 16. 1. Do you think the questions were interesting for the person interviewed? Why? Why not? 2. Were the questions interesting for you? 3. What would you have asked him? 4. How many questions would you have asked? 5. Do you agree with the answers of the man interviewed?Back to
  17. 17. • The name in Mayan for the ball game was Pok ta Pok. _____________• The video takes place in Chichen Itzá. _____________• Mayans were allowed to kick or handle the ball. _____________• The ball weighed between 500 gr. and 4 kg. _____________• They didn’t use any protection while playing. _____________• The ball was made from a rubber tree. _____________• The ball court is a vital element to all mesoamerican cultures. _____________ Back to
  18. 18. 1. What was the video about? 2. Did you find the topic interesting? Why? Why not? 3. Was it difficult for you to understand? 4. What facts were interesting for you to know? 5. Did you like what you watched?Back to
  19. 19. You need: •To work in pairs. •Choose a different sport. •Mention important facts such as: The origin, rules, popularity nowadays. •Give your comments about it. (You practice it, you like, etc)Back to