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Mgnregs brief presentation


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Mgnregs brief presentation

  1. 1. MGNREGS inWest Bengal
  2. 2. MGNREGS: Highlights of achievements in 2011-12 Financial 956.59 1688.71 performance in 2011-12 Quarter-wise (Rs. in crore) generation of person-days (in lakh) 183.5 185.18 177.16 440.41 442.71 386.17 Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4
  3. 3. MGNREGS: Highlights of achievements in 2011-12 114.47 33 75.13 18 20 54.78 15 25.25 Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4 Q-1 Q-2 Q-3 Q-4Quarter-wise employment provided Quarter-wise average no. of to households (in lakh) days employment provided per household
  4. 4. MGNREGS: Highlights of achievements in 2011-12• After the initial slump, exponential increase in all fronts during the last quarters• Rs.982.82 crore expended only in March 2012• Revised SOR contributed to greater participation of Job Card holders• Fund flow was a problem, especially during the last quarters• The problem was a result of low rate of MIS entry and reflection which constrained GOI to restrict fund release
  5. 5. SPECIAL INITIATIVE FOR 2012-13• Computer-based, biometry driven end-to-end solutions – Job Card database – Shelf of schemes – Form 4 A entry – Form 4 B generation and work assignment – Fingerprint scanner for recording attendance – Measurement entry by using device – Computer generated payment order – Payment through banking partners- ATM/ BC – Bi-weekly payment to workers – MIS synchronization
  6. 6. PRIORITIES FOR 2012-13• 100 % real time MIS – Subsequent fund release only after MIS compliance• Convergence in real sense of the term – MGNREGS to provide labour, others to provide technical and material support• Social Audit• Continuous inspection & monitoring• Settling all Grievances and sending ATR• Capacity Building• Awareness generation• Study and documentation