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We are the group a tugas writing


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We are the group a tugas writing

  1. 1. Assignment Writing 2 My Leacture “ DJ “
  2. 2. Punctuation Capitalization &
  3. 3. Apostrophe Apostrophe has two purposes, to demonstrate Ownership (possession) and contractions. Examples Those are Herry’s books. (ownership) don’t is’nt She’s a great teacher. (constraction)
  4. 4. Capital LettersCapital Letter is a capitalletter on the first word ineach sentence and the firstletter of the name of theperson or place.Examples Indonesia has more thanone thousands islands.I buy a dress for Dhea.
  5. 5. Colon Used to specify a list of things and showed excerpts. Examples There are many kind of method in teaching: TPR, CLL, CLT, GTM and etc. The owner of the company said: “I have invested all my stocks.”
  6. 6. Comma Used to indicate a pause sentence. Examples When the bell rang, I was in my bedroom doing my assignment. Used on a quote to show that someone has said directly. Examples “I can come today,” she said, “but not tomorrow.” Commas can be placed between clauses as additional information in a sentence
  7. 7. DashUsed before a phrase which isthe main idea of a sentence.ExamplesBlue, purple and green – theseare my favorit colors.Used before and after phrasesor lists that show additionalinformation in mid-sentence.ExamplesThe children - Pierre, Laura,and Ashley - went to thestore.
  8. 8. Ellipsis points Ellipsis is a reduction of one or more words in a paragraph, usually used in citations. Ellipsis Points can be placed at the beginning, middle or end of a sentence. Examples The greater the knowledge of a reader, the better the comprehension of text.... Knowledge is an organized collection of information.... Comprehension within this framework is perceived more as confirmation of hypotheses about the way the world is thought to be than as a purely original assimilation of new facts.
  9. 9. Exclamation marksUsed at the end of a sentenceto show excitement orsurprise.Examples “Congratulation!” she said tome because I have won thecompetition.“Help, help!” She shouted.
  10. 10. Used to end a sentence.Full stop Examples I have finished my assignment last night. Used to write the title (titles), acronyms (abbreviations) and letters stands for the word description (Acronyms). Examples Titles : M.Pd, M.Ag, M.Hum Abbreviation/ acronyms : Prof., U.S.A.,
  11. 11. HyphenUsed to combine two wordsfrom one idea simultaneously.Examplessweet-smellingfire-resistantTo combine affixes the wordExamplesnon-contactUsed when writing combinedfigureone-quartertwenty-three
  12. 12. Quotation marks Used to indicate that someone has said directly. Examples "Hallie said, Mimi, please wash the dishes.“ "Today, said our teacher is the first day of the rest of your lives."
  13. 13. ParanthesesUsed to include material that willbe explained.ExamplesThirty-five years after his death,Robert Frost remains Americasfavorite poet. (We rememberhim at Kennedys inauguration.)
  14. 14. Question marks  Used to write questions, inquiring and asking something.  Examples  How many kind of Orchid?  “Why don’t you buy a new one?”
  15. 15. Semi colonUsed to combine two sentences into one sentence stem.Examples The festival is very popular; people from all over the world visit each year.Using a semicolon on the list who have used the comma.
  16. 16. Slash Used to show or Used to indicate fractions Used to indicate "a" in the measurement of speed, price, etc. Used in a separate date, month and year. Examples Dear Sir/Madam 1/2 (one half), 2/3 (two thirds) The speed limit is 100 km/h. (kilometres per hour) He was born on 30/11/2007
  17. 17. Underlines Used to suppress or confirm word or phrase in an article. Examples ..showed after the significance test that the true value was ... (becomes ‘the true value’)
  18. 18. Capitalization