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Radial symmetry


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Radial symmetry

  1. 1. Radial symmetry
  2. 2. ions.covers a space betweena half-sphere shape.decorated or has stainedon the façades of religiousge 5, Key vocabulary.)en widely used by artistss. It allows artists to unifye harmoniously. Symmetryinto equal parts, spatiallycommon point or line.nced equally along a linean be vertical, horizontal oralanced equally around ammetry. It resembles theImage libraryiesPierre AugusteRenoir, Dance atMoulin de la Galette,
  3. 3. try and apply it to ag radial symmetry.our the work usingniques.em radially aroundpage 149.has:ette and tidy.valuation criteria.)metry
  4. 4. Radial symmetry