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Searching is a Snap!


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Tired of "googling" something but you can't find what you need? This session will teach you some tips and tricks so you can "google" like a pro. Need a calculator? Google it. Need a photo of a rose that is red? Google it. Need to research plate tectonics but you only want scholarly articles? Google it. Need articles on the Inca Indians written on the third grade level? Google it! Really, it's that simple!

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Searching is a Snap!

  1. 1. Searching is a Snap!
  2. 2. Presenter Director of Professional Development 972-275-9251 @diben Diana Benner @diben @tcea TWEET It!
  3. 3. Tired of “googling” something and not finding what you need?
  4. 4. Goals • Identify search strategies for Google to better locate relevant information • Identify search strategies for Twitter to better locate resources • Create a custom search engine
  5. 5. Session Resources
  6. 6. Today’s Meet Today’s Meet 1. Introduce Yourself • Name, Position, Campus, Grade Level 2. How often do you search the Internet for information?
  7. 7. The web is made up of over 60 TRILLION individual page…and growing!
  8. 8. Searching the Internet can feel like drinking from a fire hydrant.
  9. 9. Bing: Cure for Search Overload Syndrome (Commercial)
  10. 10. How Does Google Work?
  11. 11. Reverse Image Lookup 1. Go to 2. Click on the camera icon 3. Paste a link or upload your image 4. Review search results
  12. 12. Reading Level 1. Perform your search 2. Click on Search Tools 3. Click on All Results 4. Select Reading Level
  13. 13. Time 1. Perform your search 2. Click on Search Tools 3. Click on Any Time 4. Select time or set custom range
  14. 14. Site Limit your search results to a particular site(s) by adding site:site_name to your search terms. Examples: [ biology ] Search results for biology limited to edu domains [ flipped classroom ] Search results for flipped classroom excluding all commercial domain sites [ technology grant ] Search results for technology grant limited to only pages found at
  15. 15. Filetype Easily locate files on the web by restricting your search results to just that file extension. Examples: [ storyboard filetype:doc ] Search results for storyboards that are MS Word files [ prezi filetype:pdf ] Search results about Prezi that are pdf files [ creative commons license filetype:ppt ] Search results for PowerPoint files that are about creative commons licensing
  16. 16. Advanced Search Form Google Advanced Search Form-
  17. 17. Voice 1. Go to 2. Click on the small microphone icon 3. Clearly speak your search terms into your microphone
  18. 18. Google Custom Search Engine Tool - 1. Adds sites to be searched. 2. Select the Language 3. Update the name of your custom search engine 4. Share public URL 5. Edit your CSE to add more features
  19. 19. Google Scholar • Provides a search of scholarly literature across many disciplines and sources, including theses, books, abstracts and articles. • -Cited by -Sort by date -Sort by relevance
  20. 20. Google Calculator • Guide for Google Calculator • Instructions on how to use the math functions built into Google • More information here: 284611?hl=en
  21. 21. Google Fight Google Fight – • Tool to see how many times a word or phrase is used in a website Using Google Fight in the Classroom • An article on how to use Google Fight when teaching language usage.
  22. 22. What Do You Love? • The tool wdyl allows users to conduct a search and Google in turn provides results via communities or services like results in Groups, Trends, YouTube and more.
  23. 23. Let Me Google That for You (LMGTFY) • Let Me Google That For You let's you conduct the search and send the process • Funny Google Humor!
  24. 24. Filters Limit your Twitter search results to find resources faster. Examples: [ book study filter:links ] Tweets with links with the word(s) book study [ bulletin board filter:images ] Tweets with images with the word(s) bulletin board [ flipped classroom filter:videos ] Tweets with videos with the word(s) flipped classroom
  25. 25. Hashtags Examples: #edtech #yalit #iwb #ece #gbl #byot #smedu #txed #sschat #libchat #txedchat #ntchat #elemchat #ioschat
  26. 26. Google Power Searching Online Course -
  27. 27. Tips & Tricks
  28. 28. Inside Search Tips & Tricks -
  29. 29.
  30. 30. Google Search Star -
  31. 31. Google Search Tips & Tricks
  32. 32. What is your favorite search strategy? Share at Today’s Meet:
  33. 33. Searching Challenge #1 1. Go to the Google Custom Search Engine Tool - 2. Create a Custom Search Engine 3. Share your custom search on Today’s Meet “Learn Today, Use Tomorrow”
  34. 34. Searching Challenge #2 1. Go to the Google Advanced Search - 2. Conduct a search and narrow your results 3. Share what you searched for and how you narrowed the results “Learn Today, Use Tomorrow”
  35. 35. Now What? Share: • Twitter - @diben or @tcea • Today’s Meet What will you take back to your campus after this session and how will it be used?
  36. 36. Questions
  37. 37. Resources
  38. 38. Session Resources 1. Great Google Search Strategies every.html#.U_Al48VdU9J 2. How to Search the Invisible Web web/ 3. Visible vs Invisible Web 4. Advanced Search Operators 5. 10 Google Search Tips for Students can.html 6. Become a Power Searcher 7. General Searching Techniques
  39. 39. Thank You and Happy Searching! follow me on twitter @diben