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iTeach iLearn: iPads in the Classroom


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This session takes you beyond "cool apps" for the iPad to how to best use the mobile device in your classroom for authentic learning. Participants will be immersed in a series of activities in order to become more familiar with their device and the capacity it brings to the classroom. Learners will be exposed to strategies for modifying lessons and classroom management best practices for creating learning environments.

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iTeach iLearn: iPads in the Classroom

  1. 1. iTeach, iLearn: The iPad in the Classroom
  2. 2. INNOVATE TEACHING AND LEARNING Diana Benner [ professional development ] Director of Professional Development Phone: 972-275-9251 Email: Twitter: @diben TCEA Social Community
  3. 3. Agenda and Details Today
  4. 4. Go to Session Resources
  5. 5. Go to and download the apps Apps to Download for Today
  6. 6. • Learn great tips/tricks to increase productivity and efficiency with your iPad • Become familiar with a variety of curricular apps for the classroom • Examine specific ways the iPad can innovate teaching and learning • Participate in a variety of custom iPad activities to differentiate instruction • Locate resources to continue iPad app integration and learning Objectives
  7. 7. Agenda Go to to view today’s agenda
  8. 8. STEP 1: Launch Safari STEP 2: Go to: STEP 3: Introduce Yourself • Name • District • Position • Grade Level Virtual Collaborative Space
  9. 9. private chat room tool (backchannel) $ FREE 140 character limit [ Virtual Collaborative Space]Virtual Collaborative Space
  10. 10. Tips & Tricks: • Create unique [safe] name • Use --------------- to designate transition in conversation • Create temporary rooms (2 hours) when needed • Reinforce digital citizenship • Don’t use full names • Click on the gear icon [ Virtual Collaborative Space]Virtual Collaborative Space
  11. 11. Web Clips Easy and fast access to a favorite website: 1. Tap the action icon 2. Select (Add to Home Screen) 3. Change name of web clip 4. Tap Add
  12. 12. 5. Viola….presto, a new icon is added to your Home Screen! Web Clips
  13. 13. Make 3 Web Clips: 1. Our Today’s Meet website 2. The ESC 15 website 3. A website of your choice MAKE A WEB CLIP Putting it in practice…
  14. 14. MAKE A WEB CLIP Think it through…. How can web clips be helpful to you and your students?
  15. 15. Poll Everywhere You may respond at or How comfortable do you feel with an iPad?
  16. 16. Meg and Joy mow lawns to earn money. Meg has a riding mower. –She charges $18.00 a yard and pays her little brother $7.00 to help. –She is able to do 9 yard in a day. Joy has a regular lawn mower and charges $20.00 a yard. –She mows 8 yards a day. Who make more money? You may respond at or
  17. 17. The Importance of Working Together
  18. 18. Workshop Format Today will be different You will be working in pairs to master some of today’s objectives. • Slides with green text are directions for activities • Pull up the presentation on your laptop and then practice with your iPad • Be prepared to report your conclusions throughout the day • Help your neighbors
  19. 19. Just the Basics Mastering the iPad
  20. 20. Mastering the iPad Activity With a partner go over: • Mastering the iPad (Slides 21-36) • Settings App (Slides 38-47) Make sure that you are familiar with all of the information contained in the slides.
  21. 21. iPad 2 -Same screen size -1GHz dual-core Apple A5 -Same 10-hour battery -0.34 inch thin (33% thinner) -1.33 lbs. (15% lighter) Original iPad -Screen Size: 9.7” 1024x768 pixel LED-backlit display -1GHz Apple A4 processor -Up to 10 hours battery life -0.5 inch thin -1.5 lbs. New iPad -Same screen size; retina display -Apple dual-core A6 processor, quad core GPU -up to 10-hour battery -0.37 inch thin -1.44 lbs. iPad Mini -Screen Size: 7.9” 1024x768 pixel LED- backlit display - 1GHz dual-core Apple A5 -up to 10-hour battery -0.28 inch thin -.68 lbs.
  22. 22. [ iPad Buttons] Tell small ones: Home button points to your belly button.
  23. 23. [ Side Switch ] Use the side switch for : Screen Lock Rotation or Mute Settings General Use side switch to Also Available in Control Center
  24. 24. [ Powering your device] If you haven’t started, do not switch your power supplies between iDevices. Probably will not damage your devices, but you could limit the battery life over the long term.
  25. 25. [ Powering your device] The iPad battery will last up to 10 hours with moderate usage. Only charge the device when needed. An alert will appear when the iPad is less than 10% charged. Ways to maximize battery: Lower the brightness Turn off Wi-Fi when there is no connection Turn off Bluetooth Put it into sleep mode when not using it Always make sure your iPad has the latest software. Apple engineers may find new ways to optimize battery performance.
  26. 26. When you need a quick charge: put your phone on airplane mode, it will charge twice as fast. [ Trick ]
  27. 27. [ Multitasking Gestures] Switch Apps Swipe left or right with 4/5 fingers Exiting an App Pinch your fingers together Reveal the multitasking display Swipe up with 4/5 fingers
  28. 28. [ Easy Access] To get to the Control Center: AirDrop AirPlay Timer Audio playback controls Brightness Lock Screen Orientation Wireless (on/off) Alarm Camera Swipe up from the bottom of any screen.
  29. 29. [ Finding Answers] Apple releases a new ebook for each new operating system. Available for iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads Available in the iBooks Store Search for: iPad User Guide
  30. 30. • You can have up to 6 apps in the Dock that appears at the bottom of every screen. • Just drag apps down to the Dock. Why would you want to have apps in the Dock? What type of apps would work best there for you? [ The Dock ]
  31. 31. [ Moving Apps ] Tap and hold on the app until it wiggles. Drag an app to the left or right edge of the screen. Be patient and the app will be on the next screen.
  32. 32. [ Create a folder] Make the app wiggle. Drag one app onto another. Tap the name of the folder to rename it. Delete a folder. Drag out all the apps – the folder is deleted automatically.
  33. 33. [ Trick 1 ] Keep one space free in your Dock (have 5 apps there instead of 6). To move an app from one screen to the next, drag the app into your Dock. Then swipe to the page you want the app to appear on. Now drag the app from your Dock into place on that page. Easy!
  34. 34. [ Trick 2 ] 1. Put the apps you want to move in a folder. 2. Move the folder to the Dock. 3. Swipe to the first screen where you want to place an app from the folder. 4. Tap the folder to open; then drag and drop the app. 5. Repeat as needed until all the apps in the folder are where you want them. 6. The folder automatically disappears when you empty it.
  35. 35. [ Delete Apps ] Hold your finger over the app until it starts to wiggle. Click on the ‘x’ to delete. Confirm by tapping on the ‘Delete’ button. x
  36. 36. [ Running apps] Double-click the Home Button Swipe up to close the app
  37. 37. Tips and Tricks Settings App
  38. 38. Check the current memory status in the Settings app – General – Usage. At the top of the Usage page you’ll see how much free space is remaining, along with a list of all your apps sorted by size. The MB/GB size next to each app represents the actual application size plus its downloaded content (e.g. charts, movies, music, etc.). The easiest way to free up space is to review this list and see if there are any apps that you don’t use any more. [ Memory and Space]
  39. 39. You can also go to the  Settings app  General  About to quickly see what you have available. [ Memory and Space]
  40. 40. [ Spotlight Search ] Use the Spotlight to find emails, contacts, apps, music and more. Pull down in the center of the screen to access the search bar.
  41. 41. [ Restrict your Spotlight Searches ] To restrict the areas Spotlight searches (since you may not want all these categories included)  Settings app  General  Spotlight Search tap on and off change the search order
  42. 42. [ Restrict Websites Accessed ] Settings General Restrictions Websites for allowed site options
  43. 43. Used independently (by app) to determine your location Customize: Settings > Location Services > On/Off Which apps on your device do not need to know your location to function? Turn those services off. [ Location Services ]
  44. 44. [ Look inside the iPad ] Check out this cool interactive:
  45. 45. [ Screenshot ] Hold down Home button and click the sleep/wake button at the same time. The screen will flash and you'll hear a click, indicating that a photo has been taken. Your screen shots are saved automatically in your Photos gallery. Here, you can view or email them as you see fit.
  46. 46. Take a screen shot of an app and then delete the photo from your gallery. [ Screenshot ]
  47. 47. SCREENSHOTS Think it through…. How can you use screenshots to document student mastery?...or lack of? How can students use of screenshots be helpful? Post your thoughts on Today’s Meet (use your web clip)
  48. 48. In the Classroom QR Codes
  49. 49. QR CODES Putting it in practice… 1. Using the i-nigma app, scan the QR Code you are given 2. You will receive 2 pieces of information: a. Clue for Historical Event b. Clue for the group you belong in 3. Find your group 4. Collaborate and problem solve using the clues to find out what your historical event is QR Code Scavenger Hunt Activity
  50. 50. [QR Code Auto Generator] Auto Generator for QR Codes by Tammy Worcester QR Explore – Bulk QR Code Generator Today’s Historical Events Activity
  51. 51. BONUS: Write two similar problems that are equal to each other USING QR CODES TO PROBLEM SOLVE Putting it in practice… 1. Take a QR Code and scan it to reveal a math problem 2. Solve the problem using PEMDAS 3. Find the other math problem that equals your math problem
  52. 52. LOCATING QR CODE RESOURCES Digging Deeper…. Explore the following links to identify relevant QR code activities: • • • • • Share your findings
  53. 53. USING QR CODES IN THE CLASSROOM Thinking It Through… How can using QR codes help students (and you)?
  54. 54. Tips and Tricks Built-In Apps
  55. 55. Built-In Apps Activity With a partner go over: • Built-In Apps (Slides 56-86) Be prepared to share one new thing you learned
  56. 56. • Tap on the white part of the screen to take notes. • Shake it to undo typing or redo typing. • Email it to yourself or a co- worker. • Great for taking notes during a session to share with others in your district. Try using the Notes app today to record your thoughts and ideas. [ Notes App ]
  57. 57. Fastest way to get one number or symbol. Slide your finger from 123 key [ Notes ]
  58. 58. To turn your caps lock on, double tap the Shift key. The keys will turn dark gray with a white arrow. [ Caps Lock On ]
  59. 59. [ Instant Period ] Double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence Will add a period, space and capitalize the first word of the next sentence.
  60. 60. [ Accent marks ] Hold your finger over any vowel, c, n, zero, -, $, &, period symbol, ?, !, apostrophe symbols, or % to reveal additional character options. Where is the degree symbol hiding? How about the ellipsis? ( … )
  61. 61. [ Notes Spelling ] Tap and hold your finger over the word you want to look up. Select: define If your dictionary is missing, tap manage. Select a dictionary. Be patient it takes a little bit of time.
  62. 62. [ Split Keyboard ] Use your fingers to split the keyboard in half.
  63. 63. Settings General Keyboard s International Keyboards Add New Keyboard Emoji [ Emoji icons ]
  64. 64. To delete digits Slide your finger on the number to the right. Works great on your iPhone calculator [ Calculator ]
  65. 65. [ Safari ] In Safari, double tap to zoom in. You can also “pinch” (putting your thumb and index finger on the screen and pinching in and out) to zoom in Safari and in Pictures.
  66. 66. [ Save Images in Safari ] • Just touch and hold an image in Safari or Mail. • A pop-up will be presented to enable you to save the image. • The image will be stored in the Photos app. Find and save a photo of a child engaged in learning.
  67. 67. [ Quicker Websites ] A little-known timesaver is that if you hold down the .com key (click on the address bar to make it show), you get access to a menu that offers other options, too.
  68. 68. [ Even Faster ] When typing a URL in Safari, you don't have to type the "www" or the ".com". For example, you can type "my-iphone" in the URL box in order to view ""
  69. 69. [Reflection] Displays iPad computer desktop iPad and MAC/PC $15 for 5 licenses Record screen cast of your iPad with no sound
  70. 70. [ Safari’s Address Bar Handy ] • Ever scroll pretty far down a web page, only to find that the address bar has disappeared? No need to scroll back. Instead, double-tap the white bar along the top of the screen to jump right to the top of the page. • The address bar will reappear, regardless of where you are on the actual web page.
  71. 71. You can search for a particular word on an open page in Safari. Type your word into the search box. You'll see a list of suggestions appear, and near the bottom you'll see On This Page. To the right of the word, it will list how many times that word appears on the page. Tap the Find option to go to the first instance of the word. [ Finding text on a page with Safari]
  72. 72. [ Organize Tabs in Safari] Drag and drop your tabs to organize them.
  73. 73. [ Bookmarks in Safari ] Turn on your Safari Bookmarks Bar. In the Settings app, tap Safari, then turn Always Show Bookmarks Bar to ON. What does turning the Bookmarks Bar on do for you in Safari?
  74. 74. [ Safari Reader ] With Safari Reader, you can read content saved when you are offline.
  75. 75. [ Safari Reader ] With Safari Reader, you can read content saved when you are offline. 1. Tap on the Action icon 2. Add to the Reading List 3. To read offline: Tap on Open Book icon, eyeglasses icon
  76. 76. [ Find my Phone] Play a sound (to find it) Lost Mode Erase iPad Works on: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac Setup instructions
  77. 77. [ AirDrop ]
  78. 78. [ AirPlay ] Use AirPlay to stream music, photos, and video wirelessly to Apple TV and other AirPlay-enable devices on the same Wi-Fi network as the iPad. Swipe up form the bottom edge of the screen open the Control Center, then tap
  79. 79. [ Camera ] New design… video photo square pano eight live filters
  80. 80. Apply special filters to your photos, like X Ray, Light Tunnel, Squeeze, and Stretch to produce fun, bizarre, and artistic results. Activity: Photo Vocabulary Find a partner and take a picture of three round objects around the room. Apply filters. [ Photo Booth ]
  81. 81. [ Edit Your Video ] Drag your handle bars in to trim your videos
  82. 82. [Siri] Use Siri to take naps “Wake me up in 3 hours” Use Siri on an iPad 3
  83. 83. [ Wolfram Alpha ] Explore and teach how to use the computational knowlege engine: WolframAlpha. What is Wolfram Alpha? The Basics. Examples Site: wolframalpha.html Examples by subject area: math, physics, astronomy, units & measurements, music, sports & games, Places & Geography, People & History Site:
  84. 84. [AirServer] iPad and MAC/PC $7.99 $14.99 ?? display iPad on desktop no recording feature
  85. 85. [Voice Memos] iPhone only Built-in app Can’t type it…say it. You can edit your memo, then send it via email or iMessage.
  86. 86. REFLECTION Think it through…. 1. One new thing you learned this morning. 2. How does the iPad make your workload easier? Find a partner (someone you have not spoken to today) and share the following: Share your findings
  87. 87. In the Classroom Doodle Buddy for the iPad
  88. 88. Doodle Buddy Drawing Activity It had been raining all day long! You wondered - When will it ever stop? Then, suddenly, the sun came out and you went outside. Off in the distance, you could see _______________.
  89. 89. Doodle Buddy Oreo Cookie Activity Did you . . . ? • Bite it – • Twist it – • Break it – • Dunk it – • Other – 1. Now using doodle buddy, graph the findings. 2. Stand up and share your graph with someone else. 3. What did you find out that was different? 4. Did you discover anything new about the person from their doodle?
  90. 90. Doodle Buddy Science Activity Gas, Solids, and Liquids 1. Find stamps that represent Gas, Solid, and Liquid 2. Line them up under a column header for each 3. Take a screenshot of your image
  91. 91. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM Doodle Buddy for iPad Explore: • Types and colors of writing utensils • Stamps • Stencils • Text • Backgrounds, Photo, Camera • Trash Can Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific. Share your findings
  92. 92. iBooks, eBooks, and more Reading on the iPad
  93. 93. Reading on the iPad Activity With a partner go over: • Reading on the iPad (Slides 88-109) Be prepared to share what you like most about reading on the iPad and how it might impact the classroom
  94. 94. Ways to Read on the iPad • iBook • eBook • Kindle book • Interactive book • PDF file • Audio book • Textbook Discuss the differences and possible advantages of each of these.
  95. 95. What’s the Difference? eBook (read in iBooks app) • Usually only text or a few pictures • No audio or video usually; however, new “enhanced editions” add video • More like “paper books” in use • In iBooks, can take notes, look up words, bookmark • Lots of free “classics” Interactive Book (its own app) • Includes text, audio, video, and interactive activities • More like a “game” • Best ones are usually not free
  96. 96. iBooks • Browse, buy, and read books on a mobile device • Once you’ve bought a book, it’s displayed on your Bookshelf • Tapping the Library icon closes the book (keeps your place) and returns the book to the Library shelf • Tapping List gives you the Table of Contents and your bookmarks
  97. 97. eBooks Browse, buy, and read books on your iDevice. Once you’ve bought a book, it’s displayed on your Bookshelf.
  98. 98. Download a Free iBook 1. Open the iBooks app. 2. If you are at the Store, do nothing. If you are in a book or in your Library, then tap the Store button in the top left. 3. Tap the Top Charts icon across the bottom of the screen. 4. Tap the All Categories icon at the top left and select Children & Teens. Paid Books are on the left and free books are on the right. Download any free book.
  99. 99. Can You Do the Following with an iBook? • Open the book • Increase/decrease the font size • Change the font • Change the brightness • Take notes • Create a bookmark • Look up a word • Flip through pages • Sift through the table of contents
  100. 100. Create A Collection • Tap the Collections icon on the top left • Touch New, enter the collection name, and tap Done • Tap Edit from the bookshelf view • Select items you wish to move • Click Move
  101. 101. TCEA Recommended Free iBooks
  102. 102. And Now Textbooks! • Interactive textbooks from the major three publishers now available for $14.99 each or less • Mostly secondary now, but more coming • Free updates included forever
  103. 103. To Find Textbooks • In the iBooks app on your iPad, go into the Store. • Tap More across the top of the screen and scroll to the bottom for Textbooks. • Then tap on All Genres. • Download a free sample of any of the textbooks to examine.
  104. 104. ePub-Formatted Books • There are thousands of public domain books in the ePub format on the web. Some of those books are available in the iBookstore for free, but not all. • Here are a few places to get books: – Google books – Project Gutenberg • You can find more ePub book sources here.
  105. 105. Getting ePub Books onto Your iPad – Easiest Way! • Open the Magic Catalog on your iPad in Safari ( magiccatalog.html). • Tap the link to download the Magic Catalog in EPUB format. (This will create a new book in iBooks.) The Magic Catalog is constantly updated and contains links to ALL of the Gutenberg books. • Open the Magic Catalog book in iBooks, select the ebook you want to download, and tap the link.
  106. 106. Download an Interactive Book • Go to • Tap on the tab across the top for Interactive Books. – Cells that are shaded show free books. – All book titles are linked to a website. • Download and try one or two different interactive books.
  107. 107. Books in the Kindle App There are more free books, especially children and teen ones, available via than in the iBookstore. So take advantage by using the free Kindle app, too.
  108. 108. Download the Kindle App Download the free Kindle app from the App Store.
  109. 109. Download a Free Kindle Book • Kindle books must be downloaded outside of the app, unlike iBooks. And you must have an Amazon account to download books. • Go to to find the current list of free children’s books. (Amazon changes their prices throughout the day, so free books may become paid again very quickly.) • Download and try out one book. • Discuss with your group how a Kindle book is similar or different from an iBook.
  110. 110. One Kindle Advantage You can also wirelessly “send” a Kindle book to multiple iPads as long as they are all named something different and have been registered (see next slide) with the account.
  111. 111. Free Books with the Kindle App • Register your iPad with the app (must have a free account) • In Safari, find an Amazon book that you want to download to different devices. • Click on the book you want. Click “Buy Now with 1-Click” and make sure your iPad “name” is listed below that. • The next time you open the Kindle app on your iPad, the book will appear.
  112. 112. Become an Author • Have your students create their own ebooks in Word or Pages. • Convert them into the ePub format using the free program Calibre (http://calibre- on your computer.
  113. 113. REFLECTION Think it through…. 1. What might these new possibilities with ebooks mean for the classroom? 2. How could you begin to implement ebooks in the classroom today? Find a partner and share the following: Share your findings
  114. 114. In the Classroom Using the Camera to Record Video
  115. 115. [ Record Video ] 1. Select the camera app 2. Press on Photo and slide down to select video 3. Switch between the cameras to choose the one you want to use 4. Tap the record button to start and stop the recording 5. To edit, watch, and/or delete the video, tap the previous photo/video thumbnail 2 3 4 5
  116. 116. [ Trim Your Video ] 1. After selecting the video, drag each end in to the desired location 2. Click Trim 3. Choose Trim Original or Save as New Clip When editing your video in the Camera Roll, you can only trim each end – you cannot remove a part in the middle…only the ends.
  117. 117. Work with a partner to: 1. Swap iPads 2. Take turns recording each other telling/sharing a content-related topic or skill 3. Swap iPads back 4. Edit your video to trim it 5. Save to your Camera Roll USING THE CAMERA TO RECORD VIDEO Putting it in practice…
  118. 118. What are some student- created video lesson ideas for your classroom? USING THE CAMERA TO RECORD VIDEO Thinking it through…. Share your findings
  119. 119. Apps, Templates, and more Writing on the iPad
  120. 120. Writing on the iPad Activity With a partner go over: • Writing on the iPad (Slides 115-122) Be prepared to share what apps you learned about or have already used and how they might impact writing in the classroom.
  121. 121. • iBrainstorm • Inspiration Maps Lite • MindMash • Simple Outliner (Free) • WordCloud [ Free Thinking and Planning Apps ]
  122. 122. • Everyday Timeline: Private Journal/ Diary with Calendar/ Maps/ Evernote • Maxjournal • Microsoft OneNote for iPad • Penzu • Private Journal [ Free Journaling Apps]
  123. 123. • Evernote • Kidblog • Notes • Story Lines for Schools [ Free Basic Writing Apps ]
  124. 124. • Audioboo • Bloom • Puppet Pals HD • Scribble Press • Sock Puppets • SparkleFish • Story Wheel • Toontastic [ Free Storytelling Apps ]
  125. 125. • Poetry Creator • Poetry Magnets • Visual Poet • Word Mover [ Free Poetry Creation Apps ]
  126. 126. • Balloon Stickies Free • Bill Atkinson PhotoCard – Postcards • Dropbox • Fotobabble • Groupboard Collaborative Whiteboard • Pixintell • Side by Side (with Dropbox Support) • Subtext • Trading Cards [ Free Miscellaneous Writing Apps ]
  127. 127. Grammar • Grammar Fun Free • Grammar Jammers Primary Edition • Grammar Quiz Free – Elementary K-5 • Grammar Wonderland (Elementary) Lite Vocabulary • Bluster! • Flashcards • GCF Vocabulary Videos • SAT Vocabulary Free • Vocabulary Builder 1 • Vocabulary Builder 2 • Vocabulary HD Free • Word Games for Kids - Futaba [ Free Grammar and Vocabulary Apps ]
  128. 128. • 10+ Letter Spelling Free • My Spelling Test: Free • Skill Builder Spelling • Spell + Friends by Tap to Learn • Spelling Mastery Free • Spelling Notebook Free • Spelling Practice Free • Spelling Practice 2 Free • Spelling Wizard 1 • Spelling Wizard 2 [ Free Spelling Apps ]
  129. 129. Storytelling with Sock Puppets In the Classroom
  130. 130. Sock Puppets Activity 1. Create a skit about two socks meeting for the first time. 2. Create a conversation – Include a greeting – Their Names – Questions and answers about favorite activities 3. This could be an interview between historical figures 4. Have fun Putting it in practice… WRITING IN THE CLASSROOM
  131. 131. WRITING IN THE CLASSROOM Thinking it through…. How can you use Sock Puppets to share content? How can your students use Sock Puppets to share content? Share your findings
  132. 132. Making it Relevant to Your Classroom Apps & Lessons
  133. 133. Apps & Lessons Activity With a partner go over: • Apps & Lessons (Slides 135-150) • Become familiar with at least 2 apps from the TCEA Recommended Apps Spreadsheet • Be prepared to share what apps might work best in your classroom and why
  134. 134. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM 30hands Explore: • Settings → FAQ/Help • 30hands Tutorial Create a sample presentation Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  135. 135. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM ChatterPix Kids Explore: • Watch the intro video • Take a photo (or use the gallery) • Draw a mouth • Record (up to 30 seconds) • Filters, stickers, frames, and text • Save to Camera Roll Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  136. 136. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM PhotoSpeak Explore: • Click camera icon to add photo • Move eyes and mouth to appropriate locations • Click the record button • SHARE→Video→Save→Camera Roll Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  137. 137. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM Tellagami Explore: • How To Create a Gami Create a Gami Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  138. 138. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM Socrative Explore: • Learn more link • Single Question Activities • Exit Ticket • Space Race NOTE: Students will need to download the student app or go to Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  139. 139. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM GorillaCam Get manipulatives from supplies. Explore: • Click the settings icon and select Stop Motion • Arrange your manipulatives • Hold the iPad steady and tap screen to take photo • Continue until stop motion animation completed Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  140. 140. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM PoppletLite Explore: • Double-tap to add bubble • Drag circles to link bubbles • Click bubble’s camera icon to add photo • Click bubble’s text icon to add text • Email (PDF or JPEG) or Save to Camera Roll Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  141. 141. INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM KahootIt Go to and sign up for an account. Create a quiz or survey. Students go to to play The faster they answer the more points they can earn! NOTE: This is a website – not an app Think of 3 activities in which students can use this website to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific.
  142. 142. • FirstWords: Sampler • Grammar Jammers Primary Edition • HudsonAlpha iCell • Khan Academy: Algebra 1 • Language Central for Science Life Science Edition • Math Snacks HD • Toy Story Read-Along • Wikipanion for iPad • WordWeb Dictionary • Zite Personalized Magazine [ Apps for Understanding ]
  143. 143. • Bill Atkinson Photo Card Lite • BlobbleWriteHD • Bluster! • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard • Google Earth • Pearl Diver HD • Scan • U.S. Westward Expansion [Apps for Applying ]
  144. 144. • 123 Domino • ArounderTouch • Building Serial Circuits • Doodle Buddy for iPad • Evernote • iBrainstorm • NYPL Biblion: World’s Fair • Quick Graph • Stats of the Union [Apps for Analyzing ]
  145. 145. • iQuakeLite • Orbit Architect • Today’s Document from the National Archives • Virtual Cell Animations • WunderMap [Apps for Evaluating ]
  146. 146. • Egg A Sketch • JamPad+ • Kid Animation • Let’s Create! Pottery HD Lite • Nylon String Guitar • Paper Snow • Puppet Pals HD • Puppet Theatre for Kids – Little Red Riding Hood • QuickVoice Recorder • Sock Puppets • Toontastic • Tour Wrist [ Apps for Creating]
  147. 147. • Free book app in iTunes by educators • Includes nine activities with a specific app, example products, and additional resources to support iPad integration in the classroom. [ Hot Apps 4 HOTS ] hots/id496961354?mt=11
  148. 148. [ TCEA Recommended Apps ]
  149. 149. Integrating Apps into the Classroom
  150. 150. Sock Puppets Activity 1. Get into group of 6 2. Spell 3 syllable words 1 adverb 1 adjective 2 nouns 1 verb 2 free words 3. Make a sentence with your words 4. Share your sentence Putting it in practice… WRITING IN THE CLASSROOM
  151. 151. Thinking it through…. Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific. Share your findings INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM
  152. 152. Things to Try if Your iPad Acts Up Troubleshooting
  153. 153. Troubleshooting Activity With a partner go over: • Troubleshooting (Slides 156-161) Be prepared to share what your learned and how you troubleshoot your iPad
  154. 154. [Quit Frozen Applications] Sometimes certain applications can slow down or have issues that ruin your overall iPad experience. To really quit these apps, double tap on the home button. Swipe up to close apps.
  155. 155. [Reset Your Network Connection] If the Internet seems to be the main issue, then reset your network connection. To do this, go to the Settings app – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings. Press Reset to restore the factory defaults. Note: If a network password has been saved, this will erase it.
  156. 156. [Restart Your iPad] Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button and then slide the red slider across to turn the iPad completely off. Wait a few seconds, and then press the Sleep/Wake button again to turn the iPad back on. This usually resolves most minor iPad issues.
  157. 157. [Reset Your iPad] You can force your iPad to reset by pressing and holding the Home button and the Sleep/Wake button at the same time. This will force the iPad to restart. Ignore the red slider if it appears on your screen – just press and hold until you see the Apple icon.
  158. 158. [ Find my iPad] Play a sound (to find it) Lost Mode Erase iPad Works on: iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac 1. SETTINGS → iCloud 2. Turn on Find My iPadNOTE: To turn off Find My iPad, you’ll need to enter your AppleID
  159. 159. [ Find my iPad] To locate your iPad, do the following on your computer or laptop: 1. Log in to with your AppleID and password 2. Click the Find My iPhone icon 3. Click All Devices and select your iPad from the list 4. Select whether you want it to play a sound, change to Lost Mode, or erase all data on the iPad
  160. 160. Integrating Apps into the Classroom
  161. 161. Sock Puppets Activity Educreations • Interactive Whiteboard • Free Lesson Ideas: • Parts of a Cell • Formation of the Moon • and More . . . Teach what you know. Learn what you don’t.
  162. 162. Sock Puppets Activity 1. Think of a lesson you will teach when your students return to school. 2. Create your lesson using the Educreations App. 3. Be ready to share. Putting it in practice… WRITING IN THE CLASSROOM
  163. 163. Thinking it through…. Think of 3 activities in which students can use this app to demonstrate mastery of content standards. Be specific. Share your findings INTEGRATING IPAD APPS INTO THE CLASSROOM
  164. 164. TCEA Resources
  165. 165. [ TCEA Recommended Apps ]
  166. 166. [ TCEA Recommended Apps ]
  167. 167. [ TCEA Recommended iBooks ]
  168. 168. [iPad & iPod Resources]
  169. 169. [ Social Community] How to Join the Group 1. Go to and click on the Login button. Enter your info and log in. 2. Click on the Social Community link in the left menu bar. 3. Click on the Groups menu link and search for iPad. 4. Click the Join Group link. Join the iPad Group
  170. 170. [Daily Free & Sale Apps ]
  171. 171. [Lunch and Learns] August 6 – Kick Off the 2014-2015 School Year with a Bang September 3 – Google Has You Covered September 10 – iOS Apps for Math September 17 – Tech Trends for Educators September 24 – Using Twitter What’s Coming UP
  172. 172. Computer Science Academy – July 28/29 in Austin Print Your World! 3D Printer Introduction – August 4 in Austin System Admin Conference – October 23-24 in Austin [ Conferences ]
  173. 173. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can still benefit from lurking and finding relevant resources. 1. Go to 2. Click the small magnifying glass 3. Enter a hashtag and click the Search button on your keyboard LOCATING ADDITIONAL iPAD RESOURCES Putting it in practice… #iPadEd #iOSedApp #iPadChat #1to1ipadChat #edTech #mlearning NOTE: Get more refined searches by including one of these filters along with your hashtag: filter:images filter:links filter:videos
  174. 174. Student Assessment on the iPad
  175. 175. Student Assessment on the iPad Activity With a partner go over: • Student Assessment on the iPad (Slides 178-181) • Be prepared to share what apps might work best in your classroom for assessing your students
  176. 176. • Doceri • Educreations Interactive Whiteboard • ScreenChomp • ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard [ Students as Teacher]
  177. 177. • Chatzy ( • Corkboard Me ( • Infuse Learning ( • Lino ( • Poll Everywhere ( • Today’s Meet ( [ Web Assessment Tools]
  178. 178. • Corkulous • eClicker (student version is free; teacher version is not) • Edmodo • GoClass • Nearpod • QuizCast • Student Clicker - Socrative • Teacher Clicker - Socrative [ App Assessment Tools]
  179. 179. The iPad in the Classroom Teaching and Learning
  180. 180. Teaching and Learning Activity With a partner go over: • Teaching and Learning (Slides 183-189) • Be prepared to share some ways in which you can use the iPad in your classroom
  181. 181. [ Teaching and Learning Activity – Compare and Contrast ] • Search in iTunes for apps that tell the story of the three little pigs. • Have your students use several of these apps and then compare and contrast the stories.
  182. 182. [ Ways to Use the iPad in the Classroom] Load iPads with eBooks and then select and assign reading groups for certain books. Simply hand the iPad to a group of students and have them read a book together. Select movies to view and again, hand them to groups of students. Then, have them use the iPad to write to a class blog or online course site, responding to discussion prompts. Use the iPad just like any Internet-connected computer, having students use Google Docs (install the Google Mobile apps) for collaborative writing and multimedia creation activities. Have students search for podcasts in iTunes on a topic of study and listen to them on the iPad.
  183. 183. [ Ways to Use the iPad in the Classroom] Subscribe to various periodicals and newspapers on the iPad and include a daily reading and discussion period. Watch any number of quality online shows, searching by the topic of study, bookmarking and maintaining a list and critique of sources. Research the various iPad apps and have students list and critique them, creating an online resource guide for the iPad and school activities using Google Sites. Try out various Twitter apps for the iPad, such as TweetFlow, and set up a class Twitter account to keep track of activities throughout the school year.
  184. 184. • Using the TEKS or a unit of study that you’ve already developed, find resources that could be used on the iPad to differentiate instruction for your students. – Include all types of iPad resources (apps, music, videos, podcasts, PDF documents, ebooks, websites audio books, maps, primary source documents, etc.). [ Teaching and Learning Activity ]
  185. 185. • Gather all of the items together into one easy-to-find location on the iPad. • Think about how to use these for differentiated learning. • How can each child master the TEKS but still learn in different ways and with culminating different products? • How can you enhance your role as the facilitator and not “the expert” with these resources? [ Teaching and Learning Activity ]
  186. 186. [ Teaching and Learning Activity ]
  187. 187. • • m/Blooms+Taxonomy+with+Apps • blooms-taxonomy-and-ipad-apps/ [ Teaching and Learning Activity ]
  188. 188. On Education Implications
  189. 189. • Learning will center on the individual learner's environment rather than the classroom. • Learning will involve learners making meaningful connections to resources and other people. • The ability to instantly publish their observations and reflections as digital media will empower learners to become investigators of their own environments. Changes that will occur
  190. 190. • The ability to easily capture and record life events will assist learners in recall and collaborative reflection. • Distributed collaboration and mobile team opportunities will be greatly enhanced. Changes that will occur
  191. 191. Thinking it through…. 1. What are you next steps? 2. What do you hope the iPad will be able to do for you in your position? 3. How can you leverage the iPad, in the 21st century learning environment? Share your findings WHAT CAN THE IPAD DO FOR ME?
  192. 192. Questions
  193. 193. Thank You! Diana Benner Director of Professional Development Phone: 972-275-9251 Email: Twitter: @diben