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Django course final-project

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Django course final-project

  1. 1. Django on GAE course Final Project Version 0.1 - 13-May-2010
  2. 2. Introduction ● The final project is a full Django Web application ● It will cover most of the stuff you've learnt ● Submitting the project is either by: – Sending me a zip file – Better: Committing it to Git – Best: Deploying it to GAE
  3. 3. Application specification ● What follows is a visual spec of the Web app ● The GUI is fairly simple (apart from some AJAX searches, same as those we did in the class) ● Feel free to use as much of the stuff we've learn't as possible, e.g., adding also: – Forms – Unit tests – Generic views – Flatpages
  4. 4. [Final screen coming soon..]