Dizz Design Brochure ENGLISH (B2B)


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Dizz Design Brochure ENGLISH (B2B) Exclusive & stylish curtain fabrics.

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Dizz Design Brochure ENGLISH (B2B)

  1. 1. Stylish and exclusive curtain fabrics
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  3. 3. The Dizz Design story Dizz Design was created in 2004. Ever since, we are a valuable synonym for innovative and decorative curtain fabrics. We are constantly surprising our customers with refreshing collections containing commercial bestsellers. The confirmation of the distinguishing character of our range, is our worldwide presence - in no time- at prestigious wholesale trading partners. In the Benelux we supply the retail market through our own sales team. This close contact enables us to build our strong key points on the right base: •Contagious creativity •Impeccable quality •Matchless price setting •Correct service •Enormous stock position Flexibility is of paramount importance to us, that is why we offer both cut length service as well as roll service. All sampling material is made in-house. So at any given time you have perfectly finished presentation material at your disposal to give our fabrics yet another, extra dimension. Dizz Design offers you: •Woven fabrics •Print creations •Technical fabrics Hereafter we will tell you all about their features. G PRO CESSIN ORDER Production Print Fabrics Quality control
  4. 4. Dizz Design collection Our inspiring collection consists of a large range of curtain fabrics, divided into 3 categories: woven fabrics, print creations and technical fabrics. That way we can offer a complete range of high-quality curtain fabrics, satisfying even the most demanding of tastes. Woven fabrics Our unique collection of woven fabrics contains an extensive assortment of weaving techniques, colours and designs. In addition, every reference is characterized by its impeccable quality and decorative added value. Our distinguishing collections are at the same time modern, commercial and timeless. By consequence, these innovating fabrics are internationally adored by interior designers and specialised curtain fabrics shops who value our craftsmanship. PANDORA Pandora / Mikonos
  5. 5. Print creations The print creations are a well-balanced collection of printed fabrics. It consists of a high-profiled spectrum of trendy, colourful drawings and stylish classic designs. Internationally, our children’s collections are having massive demand and success. As remarkable feature our print fabrics can be obtained in dim-out, blackout and/or fire retardant version! This advantage makes our innovatory concept highly attractive for the project market and offers a creative platform for the specialised decorator. With a light fastness of 5, we underline once more its quality. Besides the minimum volume order starts from only 1.5 metres. B IL L Y Billy / Mistral Technicals This is a versatile collection with unprecedented technical features and focus on durability. Fire retardant fabrics, outdoor fabrics, 100 % acrylic fabrics ( light fastness 8) and blackout fabrics are the main substance of this collection. In short, no doubt that you will find the best suitable fabric for your next project! SLEE P WE Good Night / Sleep Well LL
  6. 6. OWN IDENTITY AND CREATIVE STYLE MATCHLESS PRICE/ QUALITY RATIO IGN EVERY REFERENCE Z DES K DIZ PERMANENTLY ON STOC MASSIVE STOCK IMPECCABLE SERVICE LARGE RANGE WITH POSSIBILITIES FOR EVERY INTERIOR CUT LENGTH SERVICE AS WELL AS ROLL SERVICE HANGE RS SUCCESSFUL AND INTERNATIONAL BRAND Want to keep up with the latest news ? Subscribe to our newsletter on www.dizz-design.be Find Dizz Design now on Ruiseleedsesteenweg 3 Tel. +32 (0)51 40 93 23 info@dizz-design.be 8700 Tielt (B) Fax. +32 (0)51 40 93 17 www.dizz-design.be Production Roman Blinds Production Roman Blinds Production Hangers