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Diaphragm Direct Introductory Power Point Presentation


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Diaphragm Direct® is a product brand of Sanitary Process Components (SPC) situated in Raleigh, NC, 27615. We provide Replaceable diaphragm for pumps at competitive price.

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Diaphragm Direct Introductory Power Point Presentation

  1. 1. Diaphragm Direct® - Exceptional Performance – Exceptional Quality – Exceptional Value
  2. 2. Introduction  Diaphragm Direct® is a trademarked brand product of Sanitary Process Components.  Company principles are based on quality, reliability and value.  All materials conform to FDA, USP, 3A, ASME BPE (SG-3.1; SG-3.4), EMEA/410/01- TSE/BSE.  Offers replacement diaphragms for various OEMs.
  3. 3. Background / History  35 + years of Diaphragm design and fabrication  Production in Germany and Italy.  Compounding and Custom Formulation in Germany and the U.K.  Contract diaphragm fabricator for Original Equipment Mfg. (OEM)  Diaphragms for weir and straight through valves  Diaphragms for Pumps  Diaphragm Direct® replacement diaphragms for most OEM valve manufacturers
  4. 4. Top OEMs OEM Crane Process Flow Technologies Ltd. Gemu Valves Inc. G.S Anderson /Swagelok SED Flow Control GmbH Bürkert Werke GmbH & Co. KG Ltd Georg Fischer ITT Mfg. Enterprises, Inc.
  5. 5. Services  Custom diaphragm design and fabrication  Custom elastomer formulation and compounding  Customer inventory management, JIT delivery, etc.
  6. 6. Industries Served Diaphragm Direct® Life Science Animal Science Water Food & Dairy Fine Chemicals Semi conductor Cosmetics
  7. 7. Diaphragms – for weir-style diaphragm valves
  8. 8. Diaphragm Direct® High Purity FDA and USP certified  Elastomer Diaphragms o - EPDM o - Viton o - Butyl IIR o - Silicone o - Buna  PTFE (TFM) backed Elastomer Diaphragm o PTFE(TFM) backed EPDM o PTFE(TFM) backed Viton o PTFE(TFM) backed Silicone o PTFE(TFM) backed Butyl
  9. 9. QUALITY Diaphragm Direct® - Traceable Diaphragms  Elastomer diaphragms conform to para 177.2600, of Section 21 Code of Federal Regulations.  PTFE diaphragms conform to para 177.1500, of Section 21 Code of Federal Regulations.  Certified to US Pharmacopeia and third-party tested.  Manufacturing Traceability to EN 10204 3.1b
  10. 10. Diaphragm Direct® Traceability  Every diaphragm has a unique reference molded onto the diaphragm for full batch traceability  Profile of physical data available for trouble shooting  Certificate of physical properties of each batch used to ensure consistency  Complete documentation validation package available
  11. 11. Sales & Marketing Diaphragm Direct® Head office & Distribution Sanitary Process Components, Inc. 7711 Welborn Street Raleigh, North Carolina USA Tel: 919-981-6584 Fax: 919-981-6594  European Distributors Ireland, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Hungary, Greece, Poland  Middle East Distributors Turkey, Israel  Asian - Pacific India, Australia, Taiwan