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My city isd


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About the e-rate

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My city isd

  1. 1. MY SCHOOLDISTRICTWhy the E-Rate for us? By Dianne Stelly, RN, BSHA
  2. 2. THE FOUR W’S • What is the E-Rate? • Where do we get it? • Why do we need it? • Who uses it? • And finally—How the E-rate affects the Technology Plan for LISD.
  3. 3. WHAT IS E- • A discount to schools and libraries toRATE? help access telecommunications and internet services. • The Federal CommunicationsWHERE DO WE Commission has assigned governmentGET IT? of the E-Rate to the Schools and Libraries Division of the Universal Service Administrative Company . • Deep discounts on services likeWHY DO WE phone, internet access, systemNEED IT? maintenance help schools meet their technology goals within budgetary constraints.
  4. 4. WHO USES IT? • Any school, public or private, can apply for the E-rate if they meet the definition of a school as defined by the “No Child Left Behind” act.HOW DO WE • A complicated application process mustGET IT? include a detailed technology plan. • The plan must include: – Goals – Strategies – Needs Assessment – Budget – Ongoing Evaluation Plan
  5. 5. THERE’S • Applicants must open a bidding process MORE: and choose a vendor. • The calculated E-rate discount varies based on percentage of poverty and rural or metropolitan location. • Services are usually begun and paid before approval. • Invoices are submitted, then approval is given for
  6. 6. STAR CHART • Assesses a districts status in reaching technology goals. • Is used to show that money is being spent were appropriate. • Helps the district with ongoing assessment for future planning. • Is used to apply for funding.
  7. 7. THE PLAN TO % of UseUSE THE E-RATE 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 % of Use
  8. 8. SUMMARY • Infrastructure is one area that has not advanced. Always ahead of the other categories, it is now time to speed up again so that a sound infrastructure is supporting all future advancements. • Cost effective methods will have to be found so that teachers can advance. • When these two happen, learning willInfrastructure of new high school. occur at the goal level. Look at it now! Infrastructure is crucial,
  9. 9. REFERENCE • Dickens, R. (2010). E-Rate and Livingston ISD. ns/190830/E-Rate-%26-Livingston-ISD