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Gumboot Juba Window Install/Ti Studio documentation 1


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Dianne Smith Window Installation
Gumboot Juba
Mink Building
126th Street & Amsterdam Avenue
March 1, 2011 to April 3, 2011

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Gumboot Juba Window Install/Ti Studio documentation 1

  1. 1. Gumboot Juba Window Installation Artist Dianne Smith Presented by West Harlem Art Fund
  2. 2. Dianne Smith 2011 Gumboot Juba Mixed Media Installation Juba, Pattin' Juba or Guiba is the name of the dance (of West African influence) the slaves did on the Southern Plantations, in the Caribbean and Dutch Guiana. The slave owners for various reasons, such as the fear of secret messages being sent did not want the enslaved using drums, lifting their feet, etc. Like the South African miners they came up with a rhythmic way to communicate using the hand slapping and movement of the body. The sounds and movements replace the drums. The most famous dancer of the time was a free man of color named Master Juba (William Henry Lane). He and Juba has been credited with introducing Tap Dance to American culture. In contemporary culture these kinds of movements can be seen in stepping done by African American and now Latino Greek organizations.  This installation is a homage to Juba, Tap, Gumboot, and African American Fraternity Stepping. The installation is further contextualized with references to African American History. Presented by: West Harlem Art Fund Sponsored by: http://www.armoryartswe