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Upscaling coastal resource management in la union into integrated coastal management


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Upscaling coastal resource management in la union into integrated coastal management

  1. 1. Province of La Union 23 Sept. 2011 NEDA Conference Hall For. Dianne M. Orpilla, Chief, Environment and Natural Resources Division Office of the Provincial Agriculturist, Provincial Government of La Union
  2. 2. The Province of La Union Shaped like a left footprint stamped on the Ilocos-Pangasinan seabord Political Boundaries: North : Ilocos Sur South : Pangasinan East : China Sea : City of San Fernando : 273 Km North of Manila : 57 Km from Baguio : Benguet West Capital Physical Characteristics Land Area : 149 hectares : 11.60% of Total Land Area of Region 1 : stretches 102 Km from North to South Terrain : Predominantly Hilly Climate : Wet and Dry Season Districts/ Municipalities : 19 Municipalities : 1 City : 576 Barangays : 2 Congressional Districts
  3. 3. The Province of La Union Is a home to industries, resourceful and nature-loving people noted for its Ilocano trait of hard work Demographic Trends: Population : 712,499 Households : 140,143 Growth Rate : 2.09% Population Density : 477 persons/ sq. km. Religion : Predominantly Roman Catholic Labor Force : 467,000 skilled and educated : ~ 53% in the agriculture sector : ~ 12% in industry sector : ~ 35% in service sector Literacy Rate : 98% (one the highest in the country)
  4. 4. The Province of La Union Gifted with a multitude of scenic landscapes and pristine beaches, La Union is a tourism, trade and investment haven. • • • • Most Business Friendly LGU Award Surfing Capital of the North Aspiring Honey Bee Capital of the North The City of San Fernando – Seat of regional government offices, educational and commercial center – Once the airport is upgraded, it is less than 1 hour away from Hong Kong and Taiwan, 3 hours from Singapore, 3.5 hours from Korea and Japan – The Poro Point Special Economic & Freeport Zone is a premiere economic growth center in Northern Luzon fully equipped with adequate infrastructure such as industrial park, seaport, and airport facilities
  5. 5. P – participatory local administration and governance E – eco-development program towards sustained growth and equity A – availability of efficient utilities & infrastructure support program C – comprehensive social services delivery program E – environment & natural resources program toward sustainable management & utilization of resources
  6. 6. Governance of Marine & Coastal Resource in La Union 1.0 Policies, Strategies and Plans a. Program on “BBB” -Badge, Bar, Bench Integration b. Coastal Resource Management Plans (11/12) c. Environmental Management Plans of Municipalities d. Ecological Solid Waste Management Plans e. Sanitasyon Para Kadatayo Amin f. Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan g. Public- Private Partnership 2.0 Institutional Arrangements a. Provincial Technical Working Group on CRM b. Provincial/ Municipal Agriculture & Fisheries Management Council c. Bantay Dagat (Municipal & Barangay) d. Provincial Technical Working Group on Watershed Management
  7. 7. BBB Objectives : Bringing together the LGUs, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and judges in addressing critical issues and concerns on law enforcement and regulations towards sustainable management of coastal and marine resources.
  8. 8. 3.0 Public Awareness & Mobilization a. Fisheries School on the Air b. Oras ti Mannalon (Radio Program) 4.0 Capacity Development a. Capacity Building of Environmental Management Coordinators on Urban Environmental Management b. Fish Examiners for ATs and PNP personnel c. Study/ exposure Tours for LCEs on CRM, SWM, Eco-tourism & Sanitation
  9. 9. Training on Scientific Examination of Fish Caught through Underwater Explosion (October18-30, 2010) at RFATDeC, Paoay, Ilocos Norte and RMATDeC, Lucap Alaminos City, respectively. Attendance: 1 MFARMC 3 Fishery Technicians 4 Market Supervisors/Inspectors 2 Philippine Coast Guard 2 Philippine Maritime Police 10 Philippine National Police
  10. 10.  Sustainable Financing  Partnership with Private Organizations such as: a. Tanim Kalikasan Inc. b. Center for Advanced Philippines c. Businesses Core Group for Highway Beautification
  11. 11. Sustainable Development Aspects of Marine & Coastal Management 1.0 Natural & Man-made Hazard Prevention and Management a. Geo-Hazard Mapping & Validation b. Training on Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) c. Provincial DRRM Technical Working Group
  12. 12. C What we have done and where we are now for PEA Disaster Management 56,094 P 10,000 Relief Assistance to Families to 55 dependents of victims who died during typhoons E
  13. 13. C What we have done and where we are now for PEA Purchase of: - ARGO All Terrain Vehicle-Frontier 650 8 X 2 - 2 High Powered Rubber Boats E
  14. 14. 2.0 Habitat Protection, Restoration & Management a. Fish Sanctuaries/ Marine Protected Areas b. Rehabilitation of Mangrove c. Biodiversity Assessment d. La Union Greening Program e. Market Denial of illegally caught fish f. Bantay Dagat Task Force
  15. 15. Oath-taking of La Union Baywatch officers and members & conducted the 1st Forum at Diego Silang Hall, Provincial Capitol on September 2, 2010.
  16. 16. Delineated Coastal Water Boundaries was completed and already signed by 99% of the Municipal Mayors. Next step : 1. Legislative adoption of the coastal water and inclusion to the CLUPs. 2. Water-use delineation
  17. 17. 3.0 Water Use and Supply Management a. Waste Water Treatment Facilities b. 1st Community-based DEWATTS in the Philippines c. Access to potable water thru subsidies on Jetmatic pumps
  18. 18. 4.0 Food Security & Livelihood Management A. Food sufficiency levels : B. Use of Urine in agriculture “ Urban-Rural Integration” concept being piloted in Bauang b. livelihood: introduction of alternative livelihoods for coastal municipalities a. Bee Keeping b. Guapple Processing c. Crafts & Novelty Items production
  19. 19.  Sea Urchin/Seaweeds –Balaoan  Marine Cage Culture –Rosario & Santo Tomas
  20. 20. 4 PAYAOs
  21. 21. 10 Fish Traps
  22. 22. Use of Urine in Agriculture Rural-Urban Integration Urban Rural  High input cost- low output harvest  Availability of fertilizer  Rapid soil degradation Environmenta l Protection Water availability / Scarcity Food Security Food Quality  increasing prices of agricultural products  Food quality and availability  Disposal or reuse of waste  High cost of providing services
  23. 23. FLOW OF NUTRIENTS Harvest (incl. nutrients & organic matter) Animal manure Compost Human excreta Fallow periods 26 26 Synthetic fertiliser Availability Affordability
  24. 24. 5.0 Pollution Reduction and Waste Management a. Training on Market Waste Management b. Training and Coach-in on Landfill Management & Operations c. Monitoring and Evaluation on RA 9003 compliance (semestral) d. Sanitation Infrastructure Assistance Program e. Community-led Total Sanitation f. Waste water Management g. Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) h. Annual Search for Cleanest, Greenest, Safest Municipality i. Search for Best Barangay with Sanitation Practices
  25. 25. Ground breaking ceremony of Decentralized Waste Water Treatment (DEWATS) and signing of Memorandum of Agreement with BNS-BORDA in Central West, Bauang La Union. ([Project completed 2011)
  26. 26. Turn over ceremony of ECOSAN toilets held at Diego Silang Hall.