Tech planning class #2


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Presentation Slides used for GRIT 685 at Chestnut Hill College, Summer 2011.

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Tech planning class #2

  1. 1. Technology Planning Class #2 June 15, 2011
  2. 2. Welcome Back! t is the most Wha resting thing inte earned so faryou’ve l he rea dings?? from t g surprising? A nythin Image: Welcome Sign
  3. 3. Picciano CarouselTo review what we’ve read, go to the different Stixyboards and post at least 2 notes for each topic. Image: Indoor Carousel
  4. 4. Emergent Technologies Who’s first? During presentations... jot down questions to ask each other.
  5. 5. Keeping Up: Building a Personal Learning Network What Whatdo you do youalready alreadyknow? do?
  6. 6. Professional Organizations
  7. 7. Legal IssuesCOPPA vs. CIPA Image: KIDSAFE
  8. 8. Digital Responsibility Fair Use rig ht, onsC opy Co mm rea tive&C Image: Nine Steps to Collaboritve Composites
  9. 9. Wrap-Up•Week 4 Work•Legal Basics Chapter Presentations•Assignments and Projects•Next Class - June 22nd