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Ryan white planning council kirksey


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Ryan white planning council kirksey

  1. 1. Project for NFP 552 Working with Stakeholders
  2. 2. The Houston Area HIV Services RyanWhite Planning Council will improve thequality of life and advocate for thoseinfected and/or affected with HIV/AIDSby taking a leadership role in theplanning and assessment of HIVresources.
  3. 3. We envision an educated communitywhere the needs of all HIV/AIDSinfected and/or affected individuals aremet by accessible, effective, andculturally sensitive health andpsychosocial services that are part of afully coordinated system. Thecommunity will continue to interveneresponsible until the end of theepidemic.
  4. 4.  Collaborate with and utilize information from all constituencies to plan and deliver high quality and cost effective care. Identify and provide services to unserved and underserved populations. Promote the dissemination of information on HIV preventions, treatment and resources.
  5. 5. Case ManagementAmbulatory Outpatient Medical CareAdult Day CareDental CareEarly Intervention ServicesHealth Insurance Co-Payments and Co-InsuranceHome Health CareHospice ServicesLegal Assistance (criminal matters are NOT eligible)Local Medication ProgramMental Health ServicesNutritional SupplementsReferralRehabilitation CareSubstance Abuse TreatmentTransportation to Medical Appointments
  6. 6. “People don’t come inuntil it’s too late.”Regina Courtney – Healthcare ProviderFor Legacy ClinicThe Amount of People inHouston that were HIV+ orhad AIDS in 2009.
  7. 7. The Ryan White PlanningCouncil provides servicesto anyone affected by orinfected withHIV/AIDS, includingwhites, Hispanics, blacks, and others.
  8. 8. 1. Don’t have sex.2. If you do have sex, talk to your partner.3. Use condoms - male or female EVERY TIME!4. Don’t use drugs.
  9. 9. Must be at least 13 No blood drawn No appointment necessary Go to: Ben Taub Hospital Thomas Street ClinicLyndon B. Johnson Hosp.
  10. 10. A TEEN PROGRAMgeared toward engaging 13 to 24 years olds in meaningful dialogue about safe sex. A SAFE PLACE to obtain information and free condoms for males and females.
  11. 11.  Emmett, E. “Application for Fiscal Year 2011 Ryan White Part A Formula and Supplemental Funds C.F.D.A. 93.914 .” Houston. 2010. Kim, J. Barriers to Care among HIV+ Youth. Houston. 2006. Houston Resource Guide. Houston: Houston Area HIV Services Ryan White Planning Council. 2010. The Ryan White Planning Council Website.