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Ll Bean Modernizes And Transforms Itsm Using Service Now 7 17 12 (2)


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Description of Service-now capabilities and how LL Bean implemented them

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Ll Bean Modernizes And Transforms Itsm Using Service Now 7 17 12 (2)

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  2. 2. Transform IT Transform Business Stuart Werman, ServiceNow Sr. Account Executive Diann Adams, LL Bean, Technical Architect Mickey Cote, LL Bean, End User Services© 2011 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved
  3. 3. Who is ServiceNow? We are a leading provider of cloud-based services to automate IT operations… …and customers are increasingly deploying us into the broader enterprise 3
  4. 4. ServiceNow momentumLeader in cloud-based enterprise Service Automation• NYSE: NOW• 700+ employees• Revenue $150M (3/11 – 3/12)• 1,000+ enterprise customers• Worldwide HQ in San Diego, CA with major sites in Silicon Valley, Amsterdam and Sydney• Global datacenter operations in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 ServiceNow Annual Revenue © 2011 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. ServiceNow Leadership• #1 fastest growing software company in U.S. — (Deloitte Technology fast 500)• #5 fastest growing company in North America — (Deloitte Technology fast 500)• #9 Forbes America’s most promising company — (Forbes Americas 100 most promising companies)• 90% SaaS for IT market share leader — (Technology business research)
  6. 6. Focus on enterprise IT ● Increased complexity ● Fragmented legacy systems ● Redundancy ● Security threats ● Consumerization of IT ● Continued budget pressure 6
  7. 7. Why customers choose ServiceNow Transformed Enterprise Service Typical IT Service Management Automation Enterprise Service Automation Consolidated, single Fragmented, redundant system of record Help desk Self-service Management Automation IT Shared services Functional support Line-of-business 7
  8. 8. Consolidation enables single system of record Consolidated, single Challenge: system of record ● Increased complexity ● Disparate, fragmented Self-service systems Saved more than $1 million Automation in operational expenses by consolidating disparate IT ServiceNow Solution: management tools with Shared services ● Consolidated system ServiceNow ● Single system of record Line-of-business 8
  9. 9. IT Transformation through consolidationConsolidate, globalize and standardize remove redundancy removefragmentation increasetransparency Confidential
  10. 10. Self-service creates an IT storefront Consolidated, single system of record Challenge: ● Request for service Self-service ● No “menu” = chaos in IT Automation ServiceNow Solution: ● Intuitive, consumer- Created a self- Shared services oriented portal service IT portal for ● Compelling user students and faculty experience Line-of-business ● Manage user expectations 10
  11. 11. Automation eliminates manual processes Challenge: Consolidated, single system of record ● Manual processes ● Error prone Cardinal Health used to take Self-service ● Non-standardized 5 days to provision a VM, they now do it with ServiceNow in 10 minutes Automation ServiceNow Solution: ● Integral workflow Shared services ● Faster, cheaper, more scalable ● Higher quality data and Automatically upgraded Line-of-business process 2,500+ systems from Windows XP to Windows 7 12
  12. 12. Automation Use Cases 1. New Hire On Board 2. Separation 3. Password Reset 4. Provision VM 5. Decommission VM 6. Add Disk to VM 7. Server Reboot 8. Create AD Account 9. Software Install10. EC2 Provisioning © 2012 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Shared services extend across the enterprise Consolidated, single Challenge: system of record ● It’s not just IT that offers service to the business Self-service ● HR, legal and facilities have similar service workflows as IT Automation ServiceNow Solution: Processed Shared services ● Adaptable to provide 100,000 requests service beyond IT ● Supports non-IT in one year Line-of-business applications 14
  14. 14. Workflow platform within the businessIT Support FacilitiesITAccess Purchasing Engineering HR IT Facilities Legal Finance Travel 15
  15. 15. A platform to automate line-of-business processes Consolidated, single Challenge: system of record ● Externally facing service processes Self-service ● Support for customers Built a Rebates tracking and suppliers application Automation ServiceNow Solution: Shared services ● Enable IT to be a full partner to the business Enabled real-time ● Automate full business Line-of-business processes requests for excess container space 16
  16. 16. Customer-built line-of-business applicationsHR, Vendor Mgt, Rebates Laboratory Mouse Reporting NATIONALGame & Venue Issue System BASKETBALL ASSOCIATION COUNTY OF VENTURA,CA Time Card ManagementEnvironmental Health & Safety Employee Onboarding 17
  17. 17. ServiceNow Application Portfolio Service Portfolio IT Cost Project & Portfolio GovernanceManagement Applications Service Catalog Incident Problem ChangeOperationalApplications Chat Knowledge Live Feed Release & SDLC Asset & Contract CMDB Discovery Runbook AutomationInfrastructure Applications ServiceNow Platform One architecture • One technology • One interface • One system of record 18
  18. 18. IT as a Service Transformation• What are People working on? © 2011 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved | 19
  19. 19. IT as a Service Transformation•For which Business Services? © 2011 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved | 20
  20. 20. IT as a Service Transformation•In what Priority? © 2011 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved | 21
  21. 21. Getting to Service Automation Service Automation Enterprise Shared Line of Business Enterprise Service Automation Services Services Automation IT Service Automation Self Service Consolidation Service Desk Core ITSM ServiceNow Platform Cloud Operations Professional Services 22
  22. 22. Industry leading cloud infrastructure Service Automation Applications • Advanced High Availability • 1 hour RPO, 2 hour RTO, 99.8% availability Service Automation Platform • Mirrored datacenter pairs • US, Canada, Europe, Switzerland, Australia, US Federal Service Automation • Secure, single-tenant model Cloud Infrastructure • No co-mingling of data, improved customer control© 2012 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved 23
  23. 23. You’re in great company Financial Services Consumer IT Services Healthcare Technology 24
  24. 24. © 2012 ServiceNow All Rights Reserved 25
  25. 25. LL BeanModernizes andTransforms ITSMDiann Adams, LL Bean, Technical ArchitectMickey Cote, LL Bean, End User Services
  26. 26. Agenda• Business and technical drivers for a new ITSM solution at LL Bean• Evaluation criteria and evaluation process• Why LL Bean chose ServiceNow• How the implementation is going• Next steps/future process automation plans
  27. 27. Business and technical drivers for a new ITSM solution at LL Bean• Business challenges and opportunities impacting IT strategies and services — 12 year old HP Service Center limitations — Challenges moving to a SaaS model — Timeline and budget
  28. 28. Evaluation criteria and evaluation process• Technical considerations — Modern UI — Integrated Platform — SaaS• Relationship considerations — Company culture and fit with LLB• Delivery/implementation considerations — Tight timeline — Limited HP institutional knowledge• Cost considerations — Could not increase TCO• Timing considerations — Renewal for existing software and Peak business
  29. 29. Why LL Bean chose ServiceNow• Previous considerations and anything else — Integrated suite of applications for one price — Software architecture — Company direction — Market space size and strategy
  30. 30. How the implementation is going• Initial project lessons learned — Integrations are the biggest piece of work — Chose not to migrate existing data — Change (process and procedures) can not be under estimated — Use of third part implementer was key to success — Assure that training and documentation is part of the overall plan• Functionality Delivered — Incident, Problem, Change and On-call within 12 weeks
  31. 31. Next steps/future process automation plans• Continuous process improvement — Refining Service Catalog — Change Management (Critical System Identification)• New process automation initiatives — Employee on-boarding — Self Help — CMDB/Discovery — Asset Management
  32. 32. thank you