Making the impersonal personal in online education


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Making the impersonal personal in online education

  1. 1. Making the Impersonal Personal in Online Education Diane Mitschke
  2. 2. We need to start thinking of the opportunities that online education can provide, rather than focusing on the barriers it can present! Paradigm Shift
  3. 3. Videoscribe App for iPad ( Web Whiteboard ( Pinterest ( Twitter Get Creative!
  4. 4. Present yourself as a real person Tips from Peggy Semingson Upload a profile pic and bio in Blackboard, and encourage students to upload a profile pic of themselves as well Getting Started
  5. 5. Upload a picture of yourself into your Blackboard profile Provide a brief bio on your profile Task 1
  6. 6. Creating video using YouTube Capture Creating video using Kaltura Media within Blackboard Adding video of yourself
  7. 7. With a partner, practice using YouTube Capture (download the free app on your smartphone or tablet) OR With a partner, make a video using Kaltura within your Blackboard course Task 2
  8. 8. Personalize your comments—use students’ names Convey emotion through text by using emoticons or symbols!!!   ;) ???? Some self-disclosure can be useful Refer to previous messages/threads Provide affirmation Acknowledge technological downfalls Tips for communicating with students online
  9. 9. Example: Where I am From Activity based on George Ella Lyons’ poem Connecting with Students
  10. 10. Use screencasts to explain things or provide feedback on student work Easy screencasting applications: Screencast-o-matic (www.screencast-o-matic) Jing ( Make a Screencast
  11. 11. Consider providing audio feedback
  12. 12. VoiceThread ( or download the free App Evernote ( or download the free App Voice Recorder App on Smartphone Vocaroo ( Popular Audio Feedback Tools
  13. 13. With a partner, create your own screencast using Jing or Screencast-o-matic OR With a partner, create an audiocast OR Play with VideoScribe (on iPad) or a whiteboard app Task 3
  14. 14. Using Audio Feedback: 06/speaking-to-students-with-audio-feedback-in- online-courses/ How to use Jing (screencasting): Great resources
  15. 15. Amazing blog about technology and teaching: Interesting article about what works in online education: rning-effectiveness.pdf Great resources
  16. 16. Guide to evaluating the effectiveness of your communication with online students Great resources
  17. 17. Next Brownbag Session: Innovative technologies for enhancing learning Friday, April 18 B107 12:00-2:00 pm