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Co sn evolution&assessment_eportfolios_k-12_3-3-12


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CoSN presentation given on March 6, 2012.

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Co sn evolution&assessment_eportfolios_k-12_3-3-12

  1. 1. Lamar University College of Education Educational Leadership Beaumont, TX Evolution and Assessment of ePortfolios K-12 Diane Mason, Ph.D.Sheryl Abshire, Ph.D.
  2. 2. Lamar University Online ETL Master’s Program• 12 – Five week courses (18 month program) – Fully online – Over 350 graduates• Critical components – Focused on ISTE Technology Facilitation and Teacher/Student NETS Standards – 18-Month Internship in K-12 Schools – Principal Certification Preparation – Cloud-based ePortfolio
  3. 3. Web 2.0 Tools• Google Tools, Slideshare, AudioBoo• Online References. Digital Content, Social Media• DropBox, DropVox, & MediaFire• Web Conferencing, Skype, Google Talk/Chat• Animoto, Podcasts, Stykz, Audacity, Wordle• Assistive Technologies• YouTube, TeacherTube, SchoolTube• WikiSpaces, Blogger, PB Wiki, WordPress
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Professional Eportfolio Samples• Sara Tarragona• Janette Hill• Pamela Comer ip/final-comprehensive-exam• Sarah Lopez
  5. 5. Cloud Computing Professional Eportfolio Samples• Marie Grigsby• Matthew Kitchens• Paula Brewton Teacher Collaboration• Kathy Payne, Erin Cobb, Michelle Barber• Stephanie Connor•
  6. 6. Cloud Computing K-12 Student Eportfolio Samples• (Kim Talley, Teacher)• Ashley – Student Dayton (Janette Hill, Teacher)• Hayley – Student Dayton (Janette Hill, Teacher)• Celeste - Student• Hardin Jefferson - (Ellen Zimmerman, Teacher)• Port Arthur – (Hope Scott, Teacher) cott/apt4.aspx
  7. 7. • Cohort VI - 12 Universities - United States and Australia• 3 year studies• Various e-portfolios, including those embracing rich media and social software, which enact reflection and integration.• Cohort VI investigating eportfolios in a systemic way for assessment and inquiring into their effectiveness.
  8. 8. Findings Web 2.0 Implementation• The majority of Lamar ETL Graduates use Web 2.0 tools with Pk-12 students.• The majority of Lamar ETL Graduates use Web 2.0 tools for personal learning.• The majority of Lamar ETL Graduates support colleagues in the use of Web 2.0 tools.
  9. 9. Findings Eportfolio Implementation• The majority of Lamar ETL Graduates believe that Pk-12 students should use Eportfolios for assessment.• The majority of Lamar ETL Graduates report an extensive use of paper portfolios rather than Eportfolios• Further investigation is needed regarding this finding.
  10. 10. Promising Practices• Collaboration• Project-based Learning• Personalized Learning (Choices)• Standards-based• Critical Reflection• Authentic Assessment• Mentoring, Coaching, and Peer Review
  11. 11. K-12 Considerations• What ages are the students?• What content areas?• What is your current technology infrastructure (i.e., will network keep up with GoogleDocs network traffic)?• What is your computer-to-student ratio?• How many students will be implementing portfolios?• Will you use some type of Internet/cloud/Web 2.0 system?• What types of student eportfolios? – Storage, Workspace, Showcase – Dr. Helen Barrett:
  12. 12. Contact Information• Diane Mason, Ph.D. -• Sheryl Abshire, Ph.D. -• Kay Abernathy, Ed.D. -• Cindy Cummings, M.Ed. -• Daryl Ann Borel, M.Ed. -
  13. 13. For More Information: Lamar University Beaumont, TX Presentation Tiny URL Presentation in evolutionassessmenteportfoliosk123312-11854962