Secret Ingredients - Global Service Jam 12


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This was our winning presentation for San Francisco's Global Service Jam 2012. Our challenge was "hidden treasures". Team Secret Ingredients was made up for Katherine Duong, Diane Loviglio, Nanzanin Oveisi, Nick Remis and Tomas Zeman.

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Secret Ingredients - Global Service Jam 12

  1. 1. Katherine Duong Diane Loviglio Nazanin Oveisi Nick Remis Tomas ZemanHidden Treasures
  2. 2. Concept Sketching
  3. 3. Field Research
  4. 4.
  5. 5. “after you get food, you cannot sit” - user 3 doesn’t know what he’s going to make with his veggies - user 1“what’s missing is cooking” - user 4
  6. 6. Mood Board
  7. 7. Secret Ingredients Customer Journey Map Pre-service Discovery Creation Dining TakeawayVisit Website: Make Welcomed Receive secret Meet chef in Consult with Find Return Meet with Wine served: Watch Meal is served: Chef checks Receive thank Receive thankCustomers can reservation by culinary ingredients consultation chef: ingredients: to Secret Chef at table: While the Chef cooking After cooking back in: you package: you email:visit the Secret with Chef: facilitator: kit: area: Guest consult The guest head Ingredients: Guests are show discusses the process: the chef serves At the end of The thanks you After the guestIngredients web Make an Guests are Guests receive The culinary with the chef out in to the After collecting to their table options for The chef the meal to the meal the package contains have left an emailsite. appointment welcomed the Secret facilitator shows about what farmer’s market their ingredients and meet back preparing the prepares the the guests and chef returns a copy of the is sent to them with a chef for a to Secret Ingredients the guest to the type of meal where they can the customers with their chef to meal wine is guest meal right leaves them to to the table recipe the chef that contains consultation and Ingredients. which contains consultation area they would explore and return to Secret show them what served that is at their table and their meal. and delivers prepared for the links to their a meal time. a ingredients and introduced like to have collect ingredient Ingredients for they’ve found. paired with the show them that the thank you guest and some recipes online, basket and them to their and are giving to have made their meeting ingredients the he/she is doing package. information on information on tokens to use at chef. some ideas of into their meal. with their chef. guests have and how to use the ingredient how to rate their the venders. ingredient to chosen. these ingredients the guests experience and look for. and make the collected. ways for them to dish. tell their friends about Secret Ingredients. Customer Journey Map
  8. 8. r Map New source of income Delivers ingredients Barbara John (Chef) (Farmer) Provides information, guidance, cooking services and expertise Provides ingredients, information about the ingredients Rob & Sue (Guests) Provides guidance and helps customers navigate the service Katie (Culinary Felicitator) Actor Map
  9. 9. Business Model
  10. 10. Experience Prototype
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Website
  13. 13. Recipe Card Takeaway
  14. 14. Thanks!