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Good & Bad User Experiences -Nov 2010


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Good & Bad User Experiences -Nov 2010

  1. 1. - Great User Experience-The emotional design of the category icons and use of sliders opposed to checkboxes and drop down menus,makes it “fun” to discover a new place to travel and makes you want to click on the one big yellow button in thebottom right corner.-The use of beautiful photography in background, gets you in the mood for travel and exploration. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010
  2. 2. ModCloth - Great User Experience-When women shop for one of a kind items, such as retro clothing they are more likely to want to favorite it and shareit with a friend and ModCloth makes it easy to take those social actions here.-The free shipping qualification and subtotal are still seen even though the user is in a dress detail view, which givesthe user the appropriate amount of context. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010
  3. 3. - Great User Experience-Bloggers are given a choice of 7 types of posts to choose from, which should happen before they start their post,because each one has different attributes. The top navigation is clean and easy to choose from - just one click.-The dashboard includes the past posts of the blog, and important links such as the actual blog, drafts, followers,and scheduled posts. There is nothing else cluttering the page as the main purpose is to create another post. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010
  4. 4. - Less than Great User Experience-This site makes assumptions that the MUNI rider thinks about routes, directions and stops the same way that a MUNIemployee would. Most users are only familiar with a few stops on a handful of routes. It’s be nice if you could savethe routes you use most as tabs within this page.-The page layout is not optimized well. The arrival times are important, but equally important is a live map view,both of these should be omnipresent. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010
  5. 5. - Less than Great User Experience-Yelp knows who my friends are, and since friend’s reviews hold more weight than stranger’s reviews, thelogged-in homepage would be most useful if there was a newsfeed that included my friend’s actions such asrecent reviews, photo uploads and newly opened restaurants in my city.-The ratio of text to photos is not balanced appropriately for a site that provides thousands of restaurant reviews. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010
  6. 6. - Less than Great User Experience-The navigation is less than obvious on this site. There is no “Create your Registry” button in the top half of the screen.The buttons that pop up out you are the “ADD” buttons and they are part of a screenshot, which means they aren’tclickable and yet they look like the main action on the page.-The ads running across top of the page actually look like they are the main navigation for the site, which are againmisleading. The testimonial on the right side of the page is sandwiched in between two ads, which makes it look likean ad in itself. Diane Loviglio - Nov 2010