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Engage with the Microsoft Partner Network as a US partner and get the resources you need to build your Microsoft practice. You’ll learn how to find out what benefits you have and how to utilize them, the programs and resources available to partners located in the United States, and how to stay informed.

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  • Cloud is our core
    MPN Cloud Performance competencies – how to get started blog post
  • Access to the Partner Incentives page on the portal requires membership sign in.
  • US MPN 101

    1. 1. MPN 101 An introduction to the Microsoft Partner Network
    2. 2. The Microsoft Partner Network enables you to • Be market ready • Connect with your customers and prospects • Differentiate your business
    3. 3. Our partner program offers these membership options, with incremental benefits to help you be market-ready, connect with customers, and differentiate your business Microsoft competencies An earned designation that showcases your company’s capabilities • Silver competency – consistent capability, expertise, and commitment • Gold competency – best-in-class capability within a specific Microsoft solution area Includes entry-level benefits, more internal-use rights, and additional support and advisory hours Earn competencies aligned to the Cloud, to Hybrid Cloud, or to on-premises product capabilities Microsoft Action Pack subscription Annual subscription for partners serving Small & Mid sized Business customers that includes entry-level benefits, plus access to resource centers, internal use rights, and support Network membership Entry-level benefits for training, support, and customer connection
    4. 4. Cloud partners are outperforming their peers Cloud partners are evolving their business models Accelerate your business, profitably, with Microsoft cloud services: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
    5. 5. • Unlock the benefits of partnership as your cloud business grows • Qualify for competencies for Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM through your proven cloud performance Unlimited cloud support Additional internal use rights and Azure development and test environments Partner incentives and access to special offers Account management at the Gold level Priority placement in Pinpoint customer marketplace Cloud Platform Cloud Customer Relationship Management Pass technical exam Customer references and customer satisfaction Cloud business performance and growth Enter at Silver level at no cost * Enter at Gold level at a reduced fee Cloud Productivity Small & Midmarket Cloud Solutions * Silver entry fee promotional through June 30, 2015
    6. 6. Each membership option comes with benefits. Choose what is right for you. Microsoft Silver competency • Internal-use rights (up to 25 licenses per product) • Partner training • Microsoft Payment Solutions • MSDN Subscriptions • Partner Marketing Center • Pinpoint listing (prioritized) • Microsoft competency logo • 20 Partner Advisory hours • 15 product support incidents • Microsoft Partner Incentives Microsoft Action Pack subscription • Internal-use rights (up to 10 licenses per product) • Partner training • Microsoft Payment Solutions • MSDN Subscriptions • Partner Marketing Center • Pinpoint listing (standard) • 5 Partner Advisory hours (after first cloud sale) • 10 product support incidents Network membership • Partner training • Microsoft Payment Solutions • Partner Marketing Center • Pinpoint listing (standard) Microsoft Gold competency • Internal-use Rights (up to 100 licenses per product) • Partner training • Microsoft Payment Solutions • MSDN Subscriptions • Partner Marketing Center • Pinpoint listing (prioritized) • Microsoft competency logo • 50 Partner Advisory hours • 20 product support incidents • Microsoft Partner Incentives
    7. 7. In-person and live virtual training Take advantage of Microsoft in-person and live virtual partner training, webcasts, community calls, and office hours for all roles at your company. On the Hot Sheet training schedule, we include a 6- to 8- week outlook so you can plan ahead. On-demand training Recommendations for on-demand courses and resources aligned to MPN competencies, exams, assessments, and products. You can also create a learning plan for your team. Partner with a Learning Partner Work with a Microsoft Learning Partner to build skills and knowledge and prepare for exams and assessments. These partners extend our curriculum to you through in-person and online training. Download our US partner readiness guide for more recommendations and offers to help your company build skills and capabilities.
    8. 8. http:/// Support up to 10 employees Action Pack Support up to 25 employees Silver Support up to 100 employees Gold
    9. 9. The Microsoft Partner Network is making it easy for you to find professional, personalized marketing content that will help you to market your business. Save time, save money, and get the tools and support you need to reach your customers. Microsoft Community Connections Connect with local business organizations and become a trusted advisor to educate small businesses on how technology can help them operate more efficiently and grow. Event Planning and Execution Create event registration pages for in-person and online events, automate customer event reminders, and utilize event content to help plan and execute your event. Campaign Finder Customizable marketing and sales content. Campaign resources can help you align your marketing and sales efforts with Microsoft offerings and capture revenue opportunities. Web Content Syndication Showcase Microsoft content on your site, and have the latest Microsoft product information available to your customers, without needing to make constant updates.
    10. 10. Promote and sell your Microsoft technology and cloud solutions to customers, amplifying your pipeline of qualified leads • Easily promote and sell apps and technology solutions with access to over 5 million visits per year • Maximize your exposure and increase visibility through integration with, Microsoft products, and Microsoft customer campaigns • Extend your reach with global access including availability of the marketplace in 40 languages The Pinpoint Resources campaign includes training and materials to help you create a Pinpoint profile that attracts customers, manage your Pinpoint presence, view and manage leads, and more.
    11. 11. Whether you are doing business in the cloud, on premises, or somewhere in between, partner incentives support profitability and growth in a cloud-first, mobile-first world. Incentives are grouped into these four categories. Enterprise Eligible partners can earn incentives for selling and transacting volume licensing through Enterprise Agreements and for driving Software Asset Management engagements Small and Medium Business (SMB) Managed Resellers and Commercial Distributors can earn incentives for selling Open, especially annuity and Cloud Cloud Services Incentives include a variety of offerings, rewarding partners for selling, deploying, and managing Cloud solutions for SMB and Enterprise customers Devices Incentives include programs for Authorized Device Resellers and Authorized Device Distributors, rewarding them for driving sales of Surface to commercial, government, and education customers worldwide Sign in to the Partner Incentives page to learn more Join the Partner Incentives group on Yammer
    12. 12. Signature Cloud Support • Eligible partners receive an elevated level of technical support for Microsoft cloud products • Depending on the Cloud Performance or Hybrid competency you have attained, receive support for Office 365 or Azure • Refer to the benefit overview for details about eligibility, access, how to submit an incident, and more Partner Technical Services offerings • These offerings address specific stages of the cloud sales cycle • Many of these are available to all MPN members at no cost Microsoft Azure Office 365 Microsoft Hybrid Cloud Sign in to your “My support benefits and incidents” page at to see your support options An overview of MPN support is at
    13. 13. Register today to join us in Orlando, Florida for WPC 2015, July 12–16 @wpcus #wpc15
    14. 14. @msuspartner (how to join @mslearningcurve @wpcus Get support for your questions about MPN membership, development, presales assistance, and Microsoft products @MPNSupport
    15. 15.
    16. 16. Not yet a member of MPN Enroll here: Already a member of MPN Explore your options to deepen your engagement and add benefits: • Action Pack subscription pack.aspx • Competency attainment s.aspx • Cloud Performance competencies Associate to your company’s profile If your company is already a member of MPN, connect your Microsoft account to your company’s profile: association-process.aspx