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Lesson 15 refraction and vision


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Lesson 15 refraction and vision

  1. 1. 1. Complete Warm-Up for April 11th. Work with your shoulder partner . Can you complete the concept map?2. The two pairs to correctly complete the 4/11/12 concept map first are “King/Queen for the day” and the rolling chairs. D. Goldsberry3. Get your journal ready. Add two pages of guided notes to the next available page.4. Time Limit: 8 minutes
  2. 2. S8P5:Students will explore the 4/11/12wave nature of sound and D. Goldsberryelectromagnetic radiation.
  3. 3. a. Identify the characteristics of electromagnetic and mechanical waves.b. Describe how the behavior of light waves is manipulated causing reflection, refraction diffraction, and absorption). 4/11/12c. Explain how the human eye sees objects and colors in terms of wavelengths.d. Describe how the behavior of waves is affected by D. Goldsberry medium (such as air, water, solids).e. Relate the properties of sound to everyday experiences.f. Diagram the parts of the wave and explain how the parts are affected by changes in amplitude and pitch.
  4. 4. How do eyeglasses 4/11/12(lenses) correct D. Goldsberryvision problems?
  5. 5. Let’s look inside the human eye. 4/11/12 D. Goldsberry
  6. 6. Light entering the eye is focused onthe retina by a soft, flexible lens. The 4/11/12human lens is a convex lens so thereal image will be upside down. D. Goldsberry
  7. 7. D. Goldsberry 4/11/12
  8. 8. Eye correctly focusing on the retina 4/11/12 D. Goldsberry
  9. 9.  Eyeball is too long or the cornea bulges 4/11/12 Image is focuses before it reaches D. Goldsberry the retinaCorrected with concave lenses
  10. 10. D. Goldsberry 4/11/12
  11. 11. D. Goldsberry 4/11/12
  12. 12. D. Goldsberry 4/11/12
  13. 13. Eyeball is too short 4/11/12Image is focuses behind the retina D. GoldsberryCorrected with convex lenses
  14. 14. An image focused incorrectly on the retina 4/11/12 D. Goldsberry
  15. 15. An image focused correctly on the retina 4/11/12 D. Goldsberry
  16. 16. D. Goldsberry 4/11/12
  17. 17.  Surface of the cornea is curved unevenly 4/11/12 Image is not focused in the right place D. Goldsberry Corrected with a combination of lenses
  18. 18. Let’s review light and waveconcepts by watching ourfavorite science guy. 4/11/12Video guide is due at the D. Goldsberryend of class today!