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Selby space dog book review y3 term2


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Book Review

Published in: Education
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Selby space dog book review y3 term2

  1. 1. Selby space dog book review Today I am going to introduce to you a book called "Selby Space Dog" This book is written by Duncan Ball and illustrated by Allan Stomann. This is a fiction and humourous book. It is also a graphic and funny novel. The writer's purpose is to entertain. The main character is Selby the only talking dog in Australia or perhaps in the universe. It all started when an astronaut landed on Mars (not the chocolate bar), but the starter button was broken, so he couldn't come back to earth. That is way the mission control sent Selby in a tiny science project rocket to save the astronaut. He flew there safely .The astronaut was very panicked! Because Selby was the only talking dog in the universe so he wanted to keep the talking ability as a big secret. But when the astronaut becomes unconscious, what should Selby do??? I could let you guess: Did he leave the astronaut? Call the ambulance? Used medical procedures? or spoke into the microphone in the spaceship pretending he was the astronaut?.....
  2. 2. At the end of the story there was a little poem that Selby wrote, here is how it goes, it is quite funny: I took a little walk in space. Cos I was in the perfect place. above the moon, just left of Mars. Beneath the galaxies and the stars. I took a little walk in space. I didn't run, I didn't race. My feet were moving, treading air. But I wasn't getting any where. I moved them faster, slippy-slip. My footsies couldn't get a grip. I took a little walk in space. But finished in my starting place. Did the astronaut eventually survive? Let Selby tell you.