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La-Z-Boy Healthcare


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La-Z-Boy Healthcare

  1. 1. H E A L T H C A R E L A Z B O Y H E A LT H C A R E C O L L E C T I O N
  2. 2. doctors, nurses, patients, administrators. everyone is looking for comfort. so when we set out to design our healthcare line, we asked ourselves, “what can we do to help them feel more at ease, more at home?” we observed people at work, and others seeking relief. we learned what they think and how they feel. the result? an abundance of innovative products made to bring the comforts of home to both patient and caregiver. after all, what else would you expect from la-z-boy? lobby, lounge + visitor 2 Companion 4 Gratzi 5 Aveline 6 Florin 10 Bariatric 13 Monroe 14 Dialogue 16 Odeon 18 QC Collection patient + treatment 24 Recliners 26 QC Collection 28 Tranquility 30 Florin 32 Regal | Solace 34 Recliner Features administrative 36 Guest Chairs 37 Task Chairs
  3. 3. L O B B Y L O U N G E A N D V I S I T O R
  4. 4. 92085 guest chair no arm 92084 companion Lobbies should conform to your guests, not the other way around. So our versatile Companion series comes together in any arrangement. And with the exacting proportions and sturdy steel frame, these chairs deliver plenty of support. For comfort that adapts to your changing needs, count on Companion. guest chair CF STINSON | hub, lemon zest | black 92085 2
  5. 5. corner ganging table 93287 ganging table 93286 92084 92085 guest chair right arm 9208R guest chair left arm 9208L 93286 9208L 9208R 3
  6. 6. In lounges and lobbies, Gratzi’s warm styling highlights an exceptionally sturdy construction. And the plush upholstery is more than able to answer the call for comfort. gratzi guest chair MOMENTUM | impulse, citrus | black LF12A LF12A 4
  7. 7. Aveline treats your patients to a bit of culture. With styling inspired by the Guggenheim Museum and the softness you expect from us, this chair invites everyone to have a seat. double seat lounge MAHARAM | HAVL20 token, parfait | dark cherry aveline club chair HAVL10 versions end table . dark cherry AVEE2121 The Versions Table Collection complements our Aveline Series. ottoman HAVF10 5
  8. 8. Visitors and patients can rest a little easier with Florin Wood Modular, a collection offering superior comfort. Florin’s open design makes cleaning a breeze, so your facility can be a more pleasant place for everyone. The high back chair integrates gentle flexing motion. High back motion loveseat LFQ404S also available. florin wood modular guest chair CF STINSON | jester, parade | classic cherry LFQ404 6
  9. 9. guest chair LF7001 2-seat settee LF702S 2-seat guest chair CF STINSON | checkmate, cinnabar | natural LF7002 7
  10. 10. 2 -seat lounge chair MOMENTUM | scoupe, martini | autumn cherry LF7102 8
  11. 11. Make your waiting rooms a little more like living rooms with Florin Lounge Seating. The welcoming design is highlighted by solid wood accents, inviting color tones, and a supple feel. Which is everything your lobby needs to make a friendly welcome. lounge chair LF7101 florin lounge 3-seat lounge chair LF7103 9
  12. 12. gratzi bariatric chair CF STINSON | courtyard, daydream | platinum BFL12A bariatric willoway bariatric chair CF STINSON | HWYL20 rotation, sun | natural Everyone needs comfort, so we designed our bariatric seating for all who seek it. Thoughtfully contoured, these chairs deliver dependable relief in lobbies and lounges. And isn’t it reassuring to know that all can find support when they need it the most? communique bariatric chair MAHARAM | iota, moccasin | natural HWCL20 10
  13. 13. tranquility sleep chair CF STINSON | apropos, champaign | dark cherry TR1800 The Tranquility collection is versatile enough to comfort everyone. Like our Tranquility recliners, our sleep chair will help your patients find the support they need. And since we’ve taken the challenge out of something as simple as opening and closing the chair we ensure comfort for both you and your patients. tranquility & monroe TR1800 12
  14. 14. tranquility sleep chair CF STINSON | apropos, champaign | black urethane TR1800 Tranquility Sleep Chair shown with standard urethane arms and optional casters. monroe fullsize sleeper dark cherry finish LHN12 The Monroe NiteCare loveseat sleeper conveniently folds out to a full mattress. 13
  15. 15. loveseat club chair metal legs metal legs DIA20 DIA10 dialogue Sculpted contours combine with a generous armrest design to make this inviting lounge collection. Available with wood or brushed satin nickel metal legs and fully upholstered or solid wood arm caps. club chair wood legs DIA10 14
  16. 16. club chair wood arm caps/legs DIA10 sofa wood legs DIA30
  17. 17. club chair L40P15 odeon 3 seat lounge w/intervening arms Whether you’re furnishing a small, L40IA35 country waiting room or an airport concourse, Odeon is up to the job. This 41-piece collection is infinitely expandable and can be configured to meet your specific needs. Odeon’s clean, simple design blends well with almost any décor. So you know that when you spec Odeon, you’ll get big results, no matter what the square footage of the room. 16
  18. 18. 2 seater 3 seater lounge lounge L40P25 L40P35 occasional table L52445 in-line corner table L53685 in-line table L524C5
  19. 19. 2 -seat lounge chair CF STINSON | equinox, harbor | natural LQ1602 18
  20. 20. 3-seat lounge chair LQ1603 qc collection upholstered modular The lofty proportions of our QC Upholstered Modular Collection will make your guests feel like they’re floating on air. These chairs are built with a sturdy steel frame. And with its open design, cleaning is a breeze. Which makes choosing QC a very down-to-earth decision. lounge chair LQ1601 15
  21. 21. People often feel time waiting is time wasted. But QC Lounge will surely change their view. These chairs and sofas are as delightful to look at as they are to sit in. And when you add the variety of matching tables, guests are sure to be less critical of the clock’s ticking hands. lounge chair with sleeper LQ1500 The QC lounge sleeper chair folds out easily. qc collection lounge lounge chair without sleeper CF STINSON | crypton twill, pesto | medium oak LQ1501 end table medium oak LQ2828ET 20
  22. 22. queensize sofa LQJ500 lounge chair with sleeper LQ1500 occasional table medium oak LQ4848CT queensize sofa MOMENTUM | maxim, pesto | medium oak LQJ500 21
  23. 23. ganging table LQ1523 LQ1202 corner ganging table LQ1201 LQ3434 Support for your guests, versatility for you. Our QC Wood Modular furniture offers both. These chairs and tables are available separately or together, in any arrangement that suits your needs and floorplan . LQ1203 qc collection wood modular guest chair MAHARAM | pipa, whim | honey maple LQ1201 3-seat guest chair LQ1203 2 -seat guest chair LQ1202 22
  24. 24. P A T I E N T R E C L I N E R S A N D T R E A T M E N T S E A T I N G
  25. 25. LA·Z·BOY RECLINERS At La·Z·Boy Healthcare, our comfort is all around. From sophisticated and stylish recliners, to innovative lounge and patient room seating, to hard-working task chairs, our total patient seating system provides the ultimate in care and comfort for all your healthcare environments. Please use this portfolio to discover how La·Z·Boy Healthcare’s complete collection of seating solutions can provide comfort and convenience throughout your facility. Head-to-toe comfort At La·Z·Boy Healthcare, we’ve brought the commitment to comfort and quality that has made us the chair of choice in home recliners into the healthcare industry. Our healthcare furniture provides patients with in-home comfort that includes infinite position reclining capability, ergonomically- designed lumbar and lateral cushioning, and our patented rocking mechanism*. And we offer caregivers “comfortable solutions,” with convenient features that include adjustable side trays, full flatbed reclining, IV mounts, single-touch locking casters and a rear push bar for easy steering. It all adds up to a product line that’s comfortable - from head to toe. Room-to-room solutions We’re furnishing healthcare facilities with comfort and convenience at every turn. From treatment rooms to patient rooms to waiting rooms; employee lounges, to physicians’ lounges to private lounges - and everyplace in between. With a wide variety of seating solutions, a vast array of styles, fabrics and colors, and direct, “hands-on” service, we’ll help you select furniture that best meets your patients’ therapeutic needs, in a style that complements and enhances each of your particular healthcare environments. Read on – and take comfort in our seating solutions. * Featured on select models 24
  26. 26. Technology and design in a harmonious configuration that blends innovative healthcare seating enhancements with sophisticated styling in chairs that look as good as they perform. Comfort for patients • The patented La·Z·Boy synchronized back and seat-recline motion provides infinite seating positions. Patients can adjust seating positions to their exact preferences through simple body movement. • Our exclusive seat back hinge duplicates the natural motion of the patient’s body to enhance comfort. • The patented La·Z·Boy locking footrest provides maximum leg and foot comfort, with profile-style support that eliminates pinch points. • Mid-ottoman calf-support enhances cushioned comfort for the entire length of the patient’s leg. • Lumbar and lateral cushioning for the lower back helps create posture-correct positioning and motion, allowing patients greater comfort for extended periods of time. • Adjustable tension control customizes movement for each patient’s size and weight. • Sinuous wire spring suspension and generous cushioning cradle the patient in comfort. • Available patented rocking mechanism allows easy, soothing rocking regardless of position on the seat. Cost-efficiency for providers • The patented La·Z·Boy reclining mechanism has been tested to 100,000 load cycles – well beyond the 25,000 to 40,000 test cycles typical of other recliners. This proven long-term performance helps make cost of ownership easy on the budget. • Heavy-duty steel-to-steel construction features 11-gauge steel throughout – with no cables – for exceptional strength and longevity. • All joints are steel-to-steel construction, featuring solid 1/2"-diameter spun steel rivets for remarkable durability. • Virgin polyurethane foam cushions are highly resilient to hold their shape, support and beauty for years. • The metal seat frame is built with sinuous wire springs, reducing stress on the steel side rails to provide longer performance life. Seat springs can be changed for maintenance and cleaning, increasing the life of the chair. • The drive rod, which activates the reclining mechanism, is supported with A- frame shaped reinforcements that will withstand the rigors of daily use. • Sturdy seven-ply engineered plywood frame delivers lasting structural integrity. • Our hard maple base provides greater durability for extended chair life. Safety all around • Foam cushions exceed the fire standards of California Technical Bulletin 117. • Patented locking footrest, locking casters and lockout feature Easy mobility on the available rocking mechanism help assure QC recliners won’t move in ways you don’t want. • Single-touch locking casters make it easy to transport patients • Front end of mid-ottoman support is enclosed for extra safety. and lock out accidental rolling. • Our patented KD back bracket and cam lock keep the • Pullout rolling foot tray provides a comfortable platform for the removable seat back securely in place, even in a flatbed recline. patient’s feet, while being transported. • Solid steel boxed front-end construction makes arms sturdier • Rear push bar enhances steering leverage. to assist patients getting in and out of chair. • IV pole mounts let caregivers avoid the hassle of handling a separate, rolling IV stand. Convenience for caregivers • Easy mobility and infinite seating positions – from upright seating to full flatbed – allow caregivers to administer a wide variety of treatments to patients in the chair without transferring them to a bed, gurney or exam table. • Full flatbed position can yield an additional -3° pitch if an emergency calls for directing blood flow to the patient’s head. • Emergency lever for negative pitch on a La·Z·Boy recliner is located on the chair’s side, not its back, for immediate access in critical situations. • Side tray provides a convenient prep area for caregivers. 25
  27. 27. reclina-rocker ® MAHARAM | skate, opaline | honey maple LQ1105 qc collection mobile reclina-rocker ® LQ1107 reclina-way ® LQ1106 26
  28. 28. The QC Recliner puts endless support at your patients’ fingertips. Together with an upholstered arm cap option, this versatile chair is equipped with reclining features, a footrest, and an optional rocking mechanism, all to make your patients feel a little more at ease. See our recliner features on page 34. stationary medical recliner CF STINSON | oxford, celery | honey maple LQ1005 Available with IV pole and a side tray. mobile medical recliner LQ1007 Available with IV pole and a side tray. 27
  29. 29. mobile medical recliner TR1907 reclina-rocker ® CF STINSON | fleur, bran | classic cherry TR1105 28
  30. 30. You’ll find Tranquility easily lives up to its name. The rocking and reclining styles support your patient, while scaled-down versions and mobile pieces accommodate varying floorplans. So wherever you need to be, you’ll never be without Tranquility. See our recliner features on page 34. mobile medical recliner TR2007 tranquility mobile medical recliner TR1007 29
  31. 31. stationary medical recliner MAHARAM | shimmy, orion | autumn cherry LF1005 florin With its supple contours and unique features, Florin Recliner is at your service. This chair has an innovative positive stop mechanism to help patients get in and out of their seats with ease. And you can add the available side tray and IV Pole to make your tasks a lot simpler, too. See our recliner features on page 34. reclina-rocker ® LF1105 30
  32. 32. mobile reclina-rocker ® LF1107 mobile medical recliner LF1007 reclina-way ® CF STINSON | dash, sienna | natural LF1106 31
  33. 33. regal™ reclina-way ® CF STINSON | apropos, champaign 96806 regal & regal II The Regal II is every bit as elegant as its predecessor, the Regal, while offering some very distinctive features of its own. In addition to patented La-Z-Boy infinte reclining positions, it offers exceptional lumbar support and its silky -smooth patented rocking mechanism soothes and eases stress. The Regal II is ideal for out- patient holding areas, Alzheimer care-centers or any treatment environment where long-term comfort is essential. regal ii™ reclina-rocker® CF STINSON | apropos, champaign | natural 95807 32
  34. 34. Solace delivers soothing, therapeutic relazation to patients who are required to sit for an extended period of time. And its ergonomically proportioned channel-stitched back adds plushness and an extra degree of comfort, making the Solace the recliner of choice for long-life, performance-based value. See our recliner features on page 34. reclina-way ® 96332 solace solace reclina-rocker ® CF STINSON | oxford, spruce | natural 95332 33
  35. 35. trendelenburg feature available on mobile and stationary medical recliners. iv pole and side tray available for all mobile and stationary medical recliners. recliner features recliners adjust to an infinite number of comfortable positions. Our recliners come with a variety of features to support both you and your patient. With options like a side tray and IV pole, our chairs deliver safety and convenience. And for your patient, features like a footrest and infinite reclining positions put comfort close at hand. 34
  36. 36. A D M I N I S T R A T I V E T A S K A N D C O N F E R E N C E S E A T I N G
  37. 37. companion STINSON | hub, lemon zest | black 92085 gratzi MOMENTUM | impulse, citrus | black LF12A guest chairs accel CF STINSON | pinwheel, night | dark cherry GAC12W gadget gadget PLASTIC BACK | maharam voyage 012 stone | black maharam voyage 012 stone | black GGA17A GGA14A 36
  38. 38. series 100 task advantage CF STINSON | fieldstone, ingot | black DESIGN TEX | origin | jet L8162 L8464T task chairs We know how hard you work. So you’ll be glad to know our task chairs are working for you. The Med Stool and Series 100 make life in your examination rooms and nurse stations less hectic. And with chairs like, Task Advantage, and Buddy at your desk, that pile of paperwork will look a whole lot smaller. buddy connect licorice | silver TBD45T series 100 med stool CF STINSON | avant, thatch | black HMSF1M 35
  39. 39. C O L L E C T I O N H E A LT H C A R E L A Z B O Y H E A L T H C A R E L AZBOY CONTRACT FURNITURE 13 0 0 N O R T H B R O A D S T R E E T L E L A N D , M I S S I S S I P P I 3 8 75 6 T 6 6 2 378 5 6 5 0 F 8 6 6 2 37 5 4 9 0 W W W . L Z B C O N T R A C T. C O M FORM NO. HCBR1007-HP10M