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Work From Home BB Affiliate


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Work From Home BB Affiliate

  1. 1. WHAT IS TRAFFIC?1. From the “Key Words” list the definition of traffic is: The amount of visitors a website receives. Traffic is needed to activate your panels.2. FIRSTLY, with Banners Broker you need to understand that you make money when visitors arrive at the websites where you rent space. These visitors view the adverts on there. The advertiser is paying for these views and hope people will click on his advert and visit his shop. The more ads he has out there the more ONLINE presence he will have and people will start to get curious and start to click through.3. This panel shows $15.20 worth of views the advertiser has had.4. BB drive traffic to the sites that we rent space off.5. The package of panels you buy comes with complimentary or FREE traffic. Notice this panels says, “Panel Qualified Complimentary”. That simply means BB are driving that traffic to that website for free as part of the whole package you bought. They will do this X2.6. This image also shows that this is the first red panel in your package as it says COMP1, meaning complimentary traffic for your first panel. The money from this red panel will make 2 new red panels and BB will give you more complimentary or FREE traffic to activate these panels. These 2 new red panels will say COMP2.
  2. 2. HOW DOES ONE GET MORE TRAFFIC FOR THEIR PANELS? 1. Firstly you need to know that just by buying a panel of space does not make it “make money”. ALL panels need traffic to activate it. It’s the same as buying a car. It needs PETROL to make it move. 2. The 2 main ways to get traffic are: 1.) You can tell others about BB and if they signup and purchase a package then BB reward you with on-going free traffic from your referrals for ever more as they expand their panels into the future. 2.)You can purchase Traffic Packs from the company so you are in no-way under any stress to sign-up others. Buying Traffic packs to activate your panels will reduce your profits by approx. 25%. But it is still an amazing return regardless. 3. The third and more technical way is to get Traffic is through your own efforts at promoting BB. This isn’t fully set up at this time of writing and is called ORGANIC TRAFFIC. 4. WHY DID BB COME UP WITH THIS REQUIREMENT? I THOUGHT ALL THESE WEBSITES HAD TRAFFIC ALREADY? They do. But BB also drive more traffic to them. AND in my honest opinion they wanted to have some incentive to get you to tell others about BB. So by rewarding you with FREE traffic for your panels they produced a great solution. 5. Remember you are NOT under any obligation to tell others. You can just simply purchase your traffic. But it is so easy to tell your nearest and dearest once you see how easy it is to make the money you will want to share the news! TRAFFIC CHART PANELS TRAFFIC HITS NEEDED TRAFFIC FROM COST OF TRAFFIC FROM REFERRALS TRAFFIC PACKS YELLOW PANEL 5,000 2,500 $2.50 PURPLE PANEL 15,000 7,500 $7.50 BLUE PANEL 45,000 22,500 $22.50 GREEN PANEL 135,000 67,500 $67.50 RED PANEL 405,000 202,500 $202.50 BLACK PANEL 1,215,000 607,500 $607.50 WHERE TRAFFIC IS RECORDED.There are 2 places that you can click on that show you how much traffic you have. If you click on the TAB-“TRAFFIC BANK” you will see this image.
  3. 3. 1. As you can see in the coloured boxes there’s traffic for blues and greens. It can ONLY be used on blue and green panels.2. Notice in the middle box GENERAL TRAFFIC: there are 75,000 hits available. That means a traffic pack was purchase. This traffic can be used on ANY panel.3. Then on the far left is shows the total traffic. This is just both figures added together.4. The other place you can see this same image is above your panels but it is out of view unless you put your cursor over it. See the image below. Put your cursor in the box that says “TOTAL TRAFFIC” and it will show up. See second image.5. FREE TRAFFIC from your referrals is actually called “SALES CREDITS”. You can see who you got these from by going to the TAB “MANAGE INVENTORY” and on the drop down menu it says “SALES CREDITS”. Click on this and you will see the following image.6. When does BB reward people with sales credits? See chart below.
  4. 4. SALES CREDIT Released - Chart Sales Credits released No Sales Credits Sales Credits when Immediately panel completes Package purchase  Comp2 panels  Third and subsequent  panel completions. Locked purchase panel  Locked re-purchased  panel Rolling up 3 panels to  make a new coloured panel. 7. How many people do I need to refer into BB so I have enough traffic for all my panels and to grow my panels? I calculated that a minimum of 4 people at the same level of package or above is a good start. But of course if you can get many more than 4 then you are off to an amazing start and an affluent future. 8. What is the value of complementary traffic I receive from BB to activate my package. Value of Complimentary traffic Value of Sales credit traffic PACKAGE you receive for your package your referrer will get from from BB your package activation YELLOW PACKAGE $7.50 $1.25 PURPLE PACKAGE $30.00 $5.00 BLUE PACKAGE $97.50 $16.25 GREEN PACKAGE $300.00 $50.00 RED PACKAGE $907.50 $151.25 BLACK PACKAGE $2730 $455.00James Reilly