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homebased Business BB Affiliate

  1. 1. YOU HAVE BOUGHT YOUR PACKAGE NOW YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND HOW TOMANAGE YOUR ACCOUNT. BELOW ARE THE KEY WORDS. CONTINUE WITH THETRAINING STEPS AND MAKE SURE YOU FULLY GRASP THE KEY WORDS YOU ARESTUDYING. BANNERS BROKER KEY WORD LISTBanner: A banner is an advertisement in the form of a graphic image that typically runs across aWeb page or is positioned in a margin or other space reserved for ads.Broker: Someone that buys and sells something for another.Advertiser: A person that purchases advertising to promote their business.Publisher: A person with a busy website that rents out the space around the sides of it to otheradvertisers so he can make a profit.Ad-Pub Combo/or combo for short: This is a combined purchase of Advertisements andPublisher space. A person gets to advertise their business plus they receive commission from thepublisher sites.Impression: A time when someone visits a website that has a banner advert and may notice itor get an impression of it. If a website gets 300 visits a day then that banner advert uses up 300impressions.Panel: A panel represents publisher space that you have purchased. There are 6 panel sizes inBB.Traffic: The amount of visitors a website receives. Traffic is needed to activate your panels.Package: A package is a set of panels that comes with complimentary or FREE traffic from BB.It includes a $15 admin fee for the first month. YOU CAN ONLY EVER BUY ONE AND ACTIVATE ITIN YOUR ACCOUNT. HOWEVER, YOU CAN BUY THEM AND TRANSFER THEM TO FRIENDS ANDFAMILY.Complimentary Traffic: This is the name given to the traffic used to activate or QUALIFY thepanels from your very first purchase of a Package. It is given to you from Banners Broker toactivate your panels for the first two times.Re-purchased Panel: When a panel completes, let’s take a yellow for example: $20 will gointo your E-wallet and BB will automatically “re-purchase” 1 yellow panel back at $10 leaving youa $10 profit.Sales credit: This is traffic commissions or free traffic given to you if you refer someone tojoin Banners Broker and they purchase a Package. These Sales Credit traffic continue on and onevery time panels below you complete! If people keep purchasing more panels below you thenyou get more free traffic.Qualify: Qualify refers to getting your panels activated with traffic. You can get traffic threeways. You can buy traffic hits from BB with money in your e-wallet. You get Free Traffic from
  2. 2. people you referred to BB - called “Sales Credits”. The third is where you can drive trafficyourself through your own endeavours.Time-Stamped: When a panel is re-purchased it is time-stamped as having been purchased onthat date. If it takes 2 weeks to find traffic for it to qualify/activate it then BB take intoconsideration the date it was purchased and backdates it so it should still finish within theexpected time.Platform: In the world of advertising, a platform has to do with the Publishers Platform oneuses to go about getting adverts out. Facebook is a Publishers Platform and is also called a socialMedia Network. So is Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. Other Publishing platforms would includeGoogle and MSN.Promo121: This is BB’s new Publishing Platform and Social Media network. It will be theultimate Social Media Network as the software will allow one to open up and manage every othersocial media network they are linked to, i.e Facebook, Twitter, etc. So one comment written inPromo121 can be sent to every other social media network you are signed up under. This isfantastic for promoting any business you run and as Promo121 grows it will attract more andmore advertisers and thus revenue for BB and commission for us!Inventory: You will hear BB refer to “advertising inventory”. Basically it means “advertisingspace” that we in BB make money on. You can add up all the value of your panels to see thevalue of your inventory.Campaigns: This would be your OWN advertising campaigns to promote your OWN businesses.With each panel you purchase to make money through Publishing you also get advertisingimpressions to promote your own websites. Every $10 worth of Panels equals 1000 advertisingimpressions for your own campaigns.Traffic Pack: This is traffic that you purchase from BB to qualify or activate your panels if youhave no Sales Credit Traffic available. It costs $50 for 100,000 traffic hits.Roll-up: When you have 3 yellow panels at $10 you can roll them up to a purple panel at $30.All panels can be rolled up to the next higher colour.Capped: When your panel completes and makes you money.Traffic Booster: something you can buy to make your panels complete 20% faster.Transfer Button: a button on your panel that allows you to transfer the panel to another.Packages can also be bought and transferred to others.Lock button: a button on your panel that locks it so you cannot send it to another. Read thestep#12 for more information.Reseller: a person that runs BB in a particular country. Ian Driscoll is the UK’s reseller.Webinar: a live talk on the internet by either BB international or a Reseller explaining BB to newpeople or to keep current affiliates abreast of current issues. Recordings are always found inyour account under the “dashboard” tab.Referral: someone that has been referred to BB by another.