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Home Based Business BB Affiliate

  1. 1. TRAFFIC PACKS 1. Traffic packs are traffic one can purchase and can be used to replace sales credit traffic to activate or qualify your panels. 2. Many people use them to expand their business rapidly rather than relying on building up their sales credits from direct referrals. 3. It costs $50 to purchase 1 traffic pack. 4. You get 50,000 Traffic hits plus 50,000 bonus. So 100,000 in total. 5. One traffic pack can activate $200 worth of panels. 6. You can’t use traffic packs to active Red or Black panels if you are only a standard member paying $15 per month. You would need about 4 traffic Packs to activate Red and over 12 to activate a Black so generally people would have moved up to having more Traffic Packs than just one per month. This would automatically qualify them as a premium member on $100 per month. th 7. Traffic packs are a monthly subscription. If you purchase one on the 15 of the month then you are committed to purchasing another every 15th of the month forever more. 8. If you decide you want two or more per month you will be committed to that amount from now on and cannot reduce it without a heavy penalty. Currently as of this writing the Traffic packs are not automated. Below are the rules on buying traffic packs taken from the site.Automatic monthly subscriptions for Traffic Packs are not yet available. Please remember that you MUST repurchaseTraffic Packs every month on the same day.Please read and check all boxes before proceeding to make sure you understand the terms and conditions.  Accept - Traffic Packs are a monthly commitment.  Accept - Your subscription will be charged on the same day of the following month.  Accept - Example: If you bought 2 traffic packs on January 15th, for USD $ 100.00, you will be charged again on February 15th for USD $100.00.  Accept - If you buy more than 1 traffic pack within a 30 day period, you will automatically be noted as a premium member. The monthly admin fee for Premium membership is $100/mth (this does not include your Traffic Packs). The monthly admin fee for Standard membership is $15/mth.  Accept - Cancellation Policy: Traffic Packs are a monthly commitment. If you decide to cancel your subscription you will: o Lose 50k bonus hits from your traffic bank o If you don’t have enough hits on your traffic bank, they will be removed from your panels in which you have used bonus hits to qualify.  Not be able to purchase traffic packs again for the next 6 months.  By agreeing to the terms and conditions above, you understand that Traffic Packs are a monthly subscription.
  2. 2. HOW TO PURCHASE TRAFFIC9. Go to the “Purchase tab” and the drop down menu says “Purchase Traffic Packs”. See image10. Then you fill in the amounts you need and read the rules on purchasing and fill in the agreement by ticking the boxes and click “BUY NOW”.11. Follow through with the steps and the payment will be taken from the e-wallet.12. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF ONE PURCHASES TWO OR MORE PACKS ONE WILL IMMEDIATELY HAVE TO BECOME A PREMIUM MEMBER AND PAY $100 PER MONTH
  3. 3. 13. You will see your 100,000 (or more) traffic in the traffic bank under “GENERAL TRAFFIC”. This traffic can be applied to any panel. 14. If someone buys a traffic pack for $50 you get $5 or 10% of the $50 sent to your E-wallet. Here’s an image from an E-wallet to show that!How are you getting on with Banners Broker?James Reillyhttp://www.BBAds.co.uk