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Home Based Business BB Affiliate


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Banners Broker, work from home, homebased advertising, homebased business

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Home Based Business BB Affiliate

  1. 1. GETTING YOUR MONEY OUT! 1. In Banners Broker you can liquidate your money from the e-wallet any time you wish. The panel in the top left hand corner is the one that shows you what is available to liquidate. 2. ADVERTISING CREDITS- it the name given to the money one can spend in Banners Broker. It includes money ones has made in Banners Broker and money that had been uploaded by you. To prevent money laundering, Banners Broker prevents people from putting money in and then withdrawing it again. So all new money goes into the “ADVERTISING CREDITS” Box. 3. The option to liquidate are through “SOLID TRUST PAY” (STP), PAYZA , BANNERS BROKERS PREPAID CREDIT CARD. Some countries; INDA, USA AND CANADA can get paid directly into your bank account. (But this may change) 4. STP and PAYZA are like Paypal. It is easy enough to set up. You can get an account easily but setting up bank verification takes longer. So it is worthwhile doing this as early as one can. Payza is the quickest. 5. Banners Broker Prepaid card is also a good system.James Reilly