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Home Based Business BB Affiliate


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Home Based Business BB Affiliate

  1. 1. HOW THE *MACRO WORKS: * macro - very large in scale or scope or capability BANNERS BROKER CREATED THE MACRO 2:1 SYSTEM TO CURB ANY PASSIVE AFFILATE IN BANNERS BROKER FROM ABUSING THE BUSINESS BY BUYING LARGE QUANTITIES OF SMALL SIZED PANELS LIKE YELLOW AND PURPLE ONLY AND ACTIVATING THEM WITH BOUGHT TRAFFIC TO MAKE A FAST BUCK. IT IS BASICALLY A CAP ON HOW MANY PANELS YOU CAN ACTIVATE AT ANY ONE TIME. SOMEONE REMAINING PASSIVE IN THIS BUSINESS IS RESTRICTED BY THE MACRO 2:1. ITS PURPOSE IS TO BALANCE THE AMOUNT OF PANELS YOU ACTIVATE ACROSS ALL PANELS.This system needs to be very well understood if you do not plan to refer anyoneto BANNERS BROKER. The figures below are related only to activating panels withTraffic Packs.THIS MAY BOGGLE THE MIND IF YOU ARE BRAND NEW TO BANNERS BROKER. SOASK IN THE FORUM FOR MORE HELP OR GET YOUR PENCIL AND PAPER AT THEREADY TO FIGURE THIS OUT. 1. MACRO 2:1 SYSTEM- to prevent someone coming into BANNERS BROKER that wished to remain passive and purchasing 100s of Yellow panels ONLY (as they complete the fastest) and activating them with Traffic Packs; BB put in a cap of how many panels you can qualify this way. 2. The first allowance is 5 of everything up to red with Black being unlimited. 3. You can see this allowance when you are viewing your panels: The image below shows numbers under your colour strip. Under the yellow the 25,000 is really 5x5000. Meaning that if yellow needs 5000 traffic hits then there is an allowance for 5: Hopefully you all recall what each panel needs in traffic. If not then the easiest way to remember is that it all goes up multiples of threes. Yellow is 5,000. Purple 15,000. Blue 45,000. Green 135,000. Red 405,000. Black 1,215,000.Brought to you by
  2. 2. 4. I want you now to divide all those numbers by the amount of traffic they have. What did you notice? 5. You should have discovered that all of them except black show 5 allowances. Black is unlimited so you can activate as many as you like with traffic packs. 6. A 2:1 macro means this simply: when your 25,000 under yellow goes to ZERO then to get more yellows activated then you need to activate 1 purple. By activating a purple then that Zero would go up to 10,000. This means you can now activate 2 more yellows with traffic packs. It’s a 2:1 ratio. You get two more by activating 1 colour above. If you activate 3 panels you get 6 new allowances below. If you activate 5 panels then you increase the allowance of the panel below by 10. See? A 2:1 ratio. 7. If Purples 75,000 goes to ZERO then to get more allowance you have to activate 1 blue. Say you activate 3 blues then your allowance goes up to 6. Which is 6x 15,000= 90,000. So 90.000 will show under your yellow. 8. I did this chart below to show the maximum you can activate before you have to buy Black. AND THIS IS ONLY RELEVANT IF YOU HAVE NO REFERRALS GIVING YOU SALES CREDITS WHICH WILL ALSO INFLUENCE THE ALLOWANCE. – OR THE SOON TO BE INTRODUCED ORGANIC TRAFFIC.Brought to you by
  3. 3. 5 IS THE FIRST ALLOWANCE ON THE MACRO RATIO BEFORE BLACK PANELS ARE NEEDED!First allowance 5 First allowance 5 First allowance 5 First allowance 5 First allowance 5 If you Qualify these 5 Purple then look at the impact on+10 allowance Yellows!  If you Qualify these 5 Blues then look at the impact on +10 allowance Purples!  If you Qualify these 10 Purple then look at the+20 allowance impact on Yellows!  If you Qualify these 5 Greens then look at the +10 allowance impact on Blues!  If you Qualify these 10 Blues then look at the impact on +20 allowance Purples! If you Qualify these 20 Purple then look at the+40 allowance impact on Yellows! If you Qualify these 5 Red then look at the +10allowance impact on Green! If you Qualify these 10 Green then look at the impact on +20allowance Blues!  If you Qualify these 20 Blue then look at the impact on +40 allowance  Purples! If you Qualify these 40 Purple then look at the impact on+80 allowance Yellows! Once these allowances have been used up then Blacks need to be activated to give you moreallowances.Brought to you by
  4. 4. 9. Just to make this all clear, the figures on the chart above are based on being totally passive. But one ALSO needs to know that the Macro allowances are influenced by referral traffic called sales credits. Notice the image of the macro allowance below. 10. The person that owns this account that I took these images from signed up a bunch of people very quickly and BANNERS BROKER added the allowance to this strip. See image below that shows the traffic commission or Sales Credits in the coloured boxes above the strip. 11. Yellow’s 35,000 in the colour bank added to the 25,000 allowance =60,000 which shows in the macro allowance strip. Notice purple, blue and so on. Work those out too against the allowance in the image above to help you think with what I am showing you. 12. When you activate any panel with sales credits from your referral it will increase the macro too. For Example: If you had 4 blues activated with sales credits it WILL give you an 8 allowance on purple. You CAN activate 8 purple with TRAFFIC PACKS if you don’t have the sales credits. The allowance gets influenced by activating panels no matter what type of traffic qualifies it. Traffic packs activating your panels are moreBrought to you by
  5. 5. restricting. Having some sales credits on a regular basis can help tremendously. Even 2 referrals will make a big difference. So you can see how valuable the sales credits can be with regard to the macro. 13. When a black panel is bought and activated then the macro 2:1 means 2 Red panel allowances shows up under red. That would be 405,000x2=810,000. 14. Then if both Reds are activated the allowance increases for Green. 4 greens are allowed. 4 greens activated increase blues allowance to 8. And so on down the panels. A panel needs to be activated to change the macro allowance. A bought panel sitting there not activated will not change the macro. This image shows what the Macro ratio 2:1 looks like with varying amounts of Black panels. Black panel purchasing is unlimited remember! Macro 2:1 ratio 32 16 8 4 2 1 64 32 16 8 4 2 96 48 24 12 6 3 128 64 32 16 8 4 160 80 40 20 10 5 192 96 48 24 12 6 15. The key thing to bear in mind about being a PASSIVE affiliate with BANNERS BROKER is to know you have to get a balance going with all the panels. Remember that a black panel takes 34 weeks to complete. If you mistakenly used up all your allowance with the shorter panels and then were forced to buy Black panels you’ll have 34weeks or 8months to wait to see any income. Remember, you will have money going out every month for your subscription and your traffic packs. So you need to calculate months ahead with your panels so you don’t leave yourself short in your e-wallet with no money to cover outgoings and are in a situation where you are forced to put new money in. 16. My TIP is that you should get black panels early on even if you don’t have any traffic available to activate immediately. Remember that you can buy a black panel or any panel and it is time-stamped. So even if you don’t have enough traffic to activate it for 4 months BANNERS BROKER will backdate those four months for you and the panel will still finish approx. in 8months of purchase. So purchase dates are the key not the activation date. You can do this with all panels but it’s more useful on panels that take longer like green and red, since the shorter term panels would have capped sooner and released profits that you can then use to repurchase traffic packs to qualify the greens/reds/blacks! 17. Another tip is this. When you make money buy and transfer packages to loved ones or friends. Their sales credit traffic will really help you expand your business faster as they influence the macro in your favour and one person below you will save youBrought to you by
  6. 6. thousands of pounds in traffic eventually. Once they make money and panels they can pay you back in panels. OR get them to buy packages that you can transfer to other people that have signed up under you. It’s a win, win situation. 18. Lastly, can you work out WHY they call it a Macro?Got your head around this?James Reilly to you by