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Home Based Business BannersBroker Affiliate


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Home Based Business BannersBroker Affiliate

  1. 1. IMPRESSIONS BUTTON ON YOUR PANEL. 1. An impression is - A time when someone visits a website that has a banner advert and may notice it or get an impression of it. If a website gets 300 visits a day then that banner advert uses up 300 impressions. 2. The panels ALSO REPRESENT ADVERTISING IMPRESSIONS that you are given to advertise YOUR OWN website or off-line business! You bought an Ad-Pub Combo Package which means ADvertising-PUBlishing COMBination package, hence getting two things for your money. 3. THE TWO THINGS ARE: Advertising space to make money on but also advertising impressions so that you can drive visitors to your website site. 4. IF YOU DON’T HAVE A WEBSITE you can advertise your BB link. 5. As soon as you activate a panel the “IMPRESSIONS” button appears. Click it to send your impressions to be saved in the impressions bank under the “CAMPAIGNS TAB”. 6. As soon as you lock a panel the impressions are automatically sent to your impressions bank. 7. When you sign up for a free account with Banners Broker you will be given 1000 free impressions immediately without even having to buy a package. 8. To learn how to use them go to the training step # CAMPAIGNS and follow the steps. 9. You get 1000 impressions for every $10. See chart below! Package Impressions Panels Impressions $25 Yellow 1,000 $10 Yellow 1,000 $55 Purple 4,000 $30 Purple 3,000 $145 Blue 13,000 $90 Blue 9,000 $415 Green 40,000 $270 Green 27,000 $1225 Red 121,000 $810 Red 81,000 $3655 Black 364,000 $2430 Black 243,000James Reilly