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So You're Going To A Conference! (Without Slide Notes)


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You've gotten the O.K. to attend. What can you do to make the experience a great one?

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So You're Going To A Conference! (Without Slide Notes)

  1. 1. So You’re Going to a Conference! by Diane Cordell “Pandora”
  2. 2. Planning is the key to success. “Girl Writing”
  3. 3. Begin early. “f-178c”
  4. 4. Do some research. “Old Photos of Family and Friends
  5. 5. Pack carefully “Vintage photo”
  6. 6. Be flexible. “circus05w”
  7. 7. Prioritize. “little girl and illustrated blocks”
  8. 8. Be prepared. “two”
  9. 9. Carry a camera. “A cat is posed...”
  10. 10. Save where you can. “Tellers with money”
  11. 11. Keep all your receipts. “Kitchen, Guest CHECKS”
  12. 12. Take advantage of available mail services. “A clerk processing letters and parcels...”
  13. 13. Arrange meet-ups. “steve memory - the witches photograph”
  14. 14. Sign up for optional side trips. “Girl on beach donkey”
  15. 15. Write it down. “Annual Board - 1912 Grinnell High School”
  16. 16. Have fun! “ethyl-gasoline-1954”
  17. 17. Reflect on your experience. “I sure am good looking...”
  18. 18. Share what you’ve learned. “kodak advertising no 161” “My 5th grade classroom”
  19. 19. Dream a little dream... “Vintage postcard~Little Girl w/Dog”
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