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  1. 1. Kelvin A. GullaBSCE – 16 Major Tech Innovations for 2012March 9, 2012These trends could make for huge opportunities--or huge disruptions to your business. Eitherway, they are ones to watch.We‘re only a few months into 2012, but several technology innovations are starting to showpromise. Whether these trends will force you to change how you do business, or present you withentirely new opportunities depends on how willing you are to be an early adopter and take risks.Youll have to find room in your IT budget for these things, too. Whatever you do, keep theseinnovations on your radar:1. Predictive technologySeveral companies have started talking about their research into predictive tech. The idea is that,as computers become smarter, they can analyze historical data to make predictions. For example,Ford is using technology from Google to develop a navigation system that predicts, based onyour previous routes, where you want to go at a specific time of the day. For small business,predictive tech could help in small ways: Your printer might forecast how much paper you willneed next month, or help you arrange a better utility contract for heating based on trends formthe past few years.2. HTML5There has been buzz about HTML5 now for the past few years. The new version of HTMLprovides a richer framework for videos and interactive content. Steve Jobs claimed it was a betterapproach to dealing with this rich content than Adobe Flash. One sign that HTML5 may finallyreplace Flash comes from the automotive world. In the upcoming Cadillac XTS sedan,the dashboard interface uses HTML5 so developers can make new apps without being confinedto a specific code base.3. High resolution displaysThe Apple iPad 3 is the first sign that mobile devices are going ultra-high-res. The iPad 3 has a2048 x 1536 screen that looks super-sharp for videos, e-books, and apps. But the iPad 3 is not theonly device to offer much higher resolution. The Samsung Series 9desktop display uses 2560 x1440 pixels for a screen that looks much more sharp than most monitors.
  2. 2. 4. Social analyticsI wrote recently about Sprout Social, a tool that helps you understand your social graph: howwell you are connecting with others, your reputation, your follower stats. What I‘m seeing latelyis an uptick in ―aggregators of aggregators‖—toolslikethismoment that takes the data obtainedfrom Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and others, and shows you how your company isdoing on campaigns. As with any business endeavor, these super-aggregators are trying to get tothe bottom line to understand whether social marketing efforts are paying off—or leading younowhere.5. Speech for businessOne of the great features of Apples Siri is its ability to understand context. You can add areminder that tells your wife when you leave work. When you do, Siri sends the reminder based on your location. Lately, speech tech has shown signs of improving even more. Naturallanguage searches will become commonplace in a few years—you will be able to walk into aconference room and say ―tell everyone the meeting is cancelled‖ and the speech system willknow what you mean and send the message.6. Business-ready storageCloud storage has changed how Big Business operates—in some cases, larger companies areditching their data centers altogether. But small companies do not even have data centers. Someof the choices for storage are making a huge impact—Dropbox is more popular than ever. But anew service called Huddle provides better reporting, security, and team accounts that is a betterchoice for business.New Technology 2012 – Most Anticipated this New Year19 DECEMBER 2011As we gracefully welcome the New Year, we are also looking forward to a number of newinnovations and advancements in technology like we do year-after-year. Technology is one thingthat has never witnessed its core end or the ultimate satisfaction. Everybody wants more andmore in the upcoming years. Talk to a geek and you will realize how restless he is to know―What is next‖.So what is next? Just like the recent past years, 2012 seems to be yet anotherpromising tech year. Though many of these technologies may not have come up with a promisedrelease date, they are the definite ones to emerge as upcoming gadgets for our new year. Here arefew of the most anticipated and rumored gadgets for 2012.The iPhone 5 and its Rumors Rumored picture of the iPhone 5 (may not be accurate) The iPhone 4S emerged at an event when the iPhone 5 was gestated. Though there could have hardly been any regrets, it was like expecting to see the queen and finally ending up meeting her minister. However, the iPhone 5 is still on the cards and is strongly rumored to be released in the mid of 2012. Some even believe that
  3. 3. the delay is for the good and the greater the time Apple consumes, the better is their chances ofcoming out with a great product. Now let‘s see some of the strongest rumors revolving aroundthe iPhone 5.To start with, the device is expected to feature a larger screen (probably 5-inch) and a completelynew design and a new casing. As usual, they will be rich, tempting and would live up to whatApple is always known for its superiority. Based on the mobile phone chip developments so far,it can be incurred that the iPhone 5 would be debuting with its quad-core 5 processor (could becalled Apple A6).It cannot be too long before the Apple announces its version of 4G mobile phone. So this couldbe seen in the iPhone 5. Other rumors say that the new iPhone could be released in two variants –iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 pro. Predictors also say that the iPhone 5 could ship its glass fromWintek, the touch panel vendor. The phone is more likely to be available in white and black.Following the iPad 2, the iPhone is likely to have a full HD support. The new device will also getmore memory, more storage and a faster processor. It is more likely to have the A5 processor ofthe iPad 2 which is a dual-core processor. With a new antenna, the iPhone 5 may also feature a16 GB or 32 GB storage.The iPad 3′s Rumor bag has been full as well Concept of the iPad 3 (may not be accurate) After the runaway success of the iPad1 and iPad2, a lot of expectations have arisen for the iPad 3. The iPad 3 definitely cannot go wrong and so here is the collection of its possible specifications. To begin with, the iPad 3 might feature a new quad core ARM-based processor – the A6. It is wildly predicted that the new device mightfeature a retina display especially with Apple regularly testing the 2048 x 1536 (9.7 inch) displayfrom the Samsung and LG models. In the mid November of 2012, there have been more rumorson the new tablet that it might feature a dual-LED light bar technology due to its super-high-pixel density.One tasty rumor that is also exciting to know about is the suggestion that iPad3 might boast NFC(Near Field Communication) technology to take on the Mac devices nearby. This technologyallows users to share and transfer data just by the flick of the wrist. Another expectedspecification of the iPad 3 suggests that it could feature more storage capacity with its added 128GB flash storage option.The thunderbolt port in the 2011 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is very popular for itsastonishing speeds as it could also be included in the new iPad. This is a welcome moveespecially after the absence of a USB port in the first two generations of iPads. Just like theiPhone 5, the iPad 3 is also rumored to feature a 4G Qualcomm Gobi 4000 chip LTE next-genconnectivity.Other familiar rumors:The device could be bulkier owing to its higher resolution display.The making of the new iPad could be assisted by other companies other than the Foxcomm. Itcould be the Pegatron Technology or the Quanta computers.
  4. 4. The new device could be using a separate adapter to detect camera cards and flash drives.Gesture controls could be featured.The device could feature a light weight carbon fiber case specially designed by Kevin Kenney,senior composites engineer at Apple Inc. and President at Kevin Kenney & Associates LLC.The Dell Peju Windows 8 Tablet Dell Peju windows 8 revealed pic (may not be accurate) This is another exciting technology prospect waiting for 2012. Microsoft‘s long-time close association with Dell is yet again showing its worth with its new windows tablet. The all new Dell Peju Windows 8 tablet promises to be yet another thumps up to the tablet world.Rumored SpecificationsWindows 7 pro operating system is also compatible with Windows 8CPU features an Intel Core i5 processor5 megapixel back camera and 1.3 mega pixel front camera10.1 inch wide-angle displaySlots or ports with support for two USB, HDMI, audio, Mini VGA, microSD and 3GSIM5500 mAh battery that supports 6-8 hours battery backups4GB memory cardStorage capacity of 64-GB or 120-GB SSDConnectivity : Bluetooth, 4G, 3G, WiFi with b/gInput systems : Bluetooth, USB keyboard, Stylus and TouchThe Windows 8 and the Speculations Around it Windows 8 (may not be accurate) For many years, windows operating system has been the most-widely used OS. Especially after the wonderful success of Windows 7, there have been more speculations of the Windows 8. With a new user interface and app store, Windows 8 offers a lot of new features. Let us now make an overview of these features. Supports both ARM tablets and x86 PCsThe ‗Windows To Go‘ feature is exciting as it allows the OS to be booted from a USB devicealong with a user‘s personal settings and preferences.The popular operating system will be introducing their Windows Store, which they claim willeven challenge the Apple store. Many kinds of windows app are expected in the market.Simple, yet interactive user interface and one of the best, the OS has ever witnessed.
  5. 5. Windows Defender will allow you to surf the internet with utmost and latest security standards.Internet Explorer 10 promises better HTML 5, CSS 3 and hardware acceleration thereby givingthe best web browsing experience.Offers faster booting when you turn on the PC. Thanks to the Protogon file system.Better management system and resource handling would help you work with less than 300 MBRAM capacity.The OS can be used in any platform like mobile phones, tablets, laptops and personal computers.2012 will Share its Fun with Gamers Too with the Release of the PlayStation Vita PlayStation Vita. Sony‘s new handheld powerhouse gaming device is expected to be released in February 2012. The device may be released in two versions – one supporting WiFi and the other with WiFi + 3G. This handheld gadget is packed with features and is also expected to be an affordable one. Some of the reported specifications are as follows: Quad-core processor 5-inch OLED touch screen dual analog sticks and dual camerasrear touch panelWith the emerging gaming mobile devices, it is very difficult to predict the future of thesegaming devices. But Sony has always done well with gadgets like the Nintendo (that hasdominated the world of gaming portable devices for a long time).Cannon’s new high-end digital camera: could be the successor of EOS – 1D Canon EOS 1D. Much to the delight of shooters around, Cannon may release its new digital photo machine that could be the successor of the tremendously popular EOS-1D. Rumors suggest that the camera might be released in March 2012 and will boast the following features: 18MP sensor Full 61 focus points Sensitivity range of ISO100-51200 A fixed LCD 24-70mm lens castingCannon is also expected to release its new SLR lens, a new compact video camera with 3 newinnovative lenses and a new PIXMA printer in 2012.Apple‘s Entry into the Television market may be due in 2012Analysts now strongly predict that Apple might make its debut to the television world in 2012.Though nothing much is known about the Apple‘s HDTV a collection of rich rumors suggeststhat the new TV‘s screen could be supplied by Sharp. Whether the new TV will feature 3D
  6. 6. technology or what could be the price range is all out for everybody‘s guess. One interesting andwild rumor, points out that Apple could follow the technology that is used in the iPhone 4S‘sSiri. Yes, that would mean you will be able to control your television through voice commands.Again, this technology would be a threatening competition toMicrosoft‘s Kinect that allows voice commands for its Xbox on a TV.At present, how much rumors are true and fake is left to your stretch of imagination.As Henry David Thoreau, an American author and poet, points out, ―Men have become the toolsof their tools‖. Be it a strong speculation or an officially announced information, the 2012 seemsto be a fun-filled year for the geeks.Sources: