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Trs Profile Presentation Jan 2011


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Our Company (TRS) Profile Presentation

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Trs Profile Presentation Jan 2011

  1. 1. Topline Research Solutions (TRS) Profile Presentation
  2. 2. Presentation Outline1. Who we are2. Our Vision & Values3. Our Inspiration4. What we do5. Why use us6. Where we serve7. Testimonials
  3. 3. 1.0 Who we areWe, Topline Research Solutions (TRS) are an empowerednew generation market/ing research consultancy founded inSouth Africa out of the simple acknowledgement that modernprivate and public sector organisations will forever need credibleand conclusive research, of the type we offer, to understand theirtarget markets, monitor & evaluate impact of their interventions(programmes), as well as test value propositions that will makethem grow, gain market share, be profitable, meet stakeholdersneeds and remain relevant.We passionately believe that effective and genuine engagement ofemerging African markets (historically disadvantagedcommunities and mainstream markets) is central to strategiesand interventions that will unlock opportunities from thepotential that these markets exude. No doubt, Africancommunities are a key part of tomorrow. We at TRS have beenwalking the African terrain, for more than two decades. It is notall pain. Hence ours is a Pan African research & solutions focusedconsultancy. You may never know unless you try us!
  4. 4. 2.0 Our Vision & ValuesOur VisionWe contribute towards complete, correct and clearunderstanding of African communities (emergingmarkets) through provision of world class market/ing &social research consultancy.Our ValuesWe believe in growth, excellence and people developmentthrough genuine engagements.
  5. 5. 3.0 Our InspirationWe are inspired by the belief that Africa, its people and cultural diversity, are the futuresource of revenue & share growth for many organisations that have insatiable quest forgrowth and profitability. To effectively unlock value, organisations need to engage tried andtested research consultants, of our calibre, who are passionate and genuinely in touch withthe intricacies of Africa. TRS research consultants have been collectively “walking” theAfrican terrain for a few decades and now play a role in facilitating provision and usage ofcomplete, correct and clear research-based information about the wishes and aspirations ofAfrican communities in their various names & guises, so as to correctly guide potentialinvestors in Africa.For many years, Africa and its people have not been completely and correctly understood.No matter how diverse people are, they all want better life and have different needs that productand service providers (organisations) need to make an effort to understand formally. South AfricaZimbabwe, being some of the most affluent African countries and with a number ofempowerment policies and programmes, inspired TRS to migrate our consultancy servicesto a number of other countries. We thus proactively seek for meaningful opportunities fromneedy organisations & government departments.
  6. 6. 4.0 What we doWe are involved in all aspects of qualitative (Focus Groups & in-depth interviews),quantitative (people & technology based) and ethnographic (immersions) research valuechain as itemised below.scoping projects/drawing terms of reference (TOR);terms of reference (TOR) or research briefs interrogation;proposal writing;instrument (questionnaire/discussion guide) design;desk research/literature review;primary data collection;project management;data analysis;data interpretation;MS Word report writing;Power Point presentation delivery;facilitating of workshops to research users (e.g. marketers and social work stakeholders)project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) andchange management consultancy.We are repeatedly involved in the above aspects of research for various organisations inmanufacturing (FMCG), services, public service (Government) and Research sectors.
  7. 7. 4.1 Public & Social Research 4.2 Manufacturing (FMCG) Experience Sector Research ExperienceBaseline surveys; Concept, product, packaging & pricingStakeholders Satisfaction Studies; testing (innovation research);Stakeholders Communication audits; Shopper behaviour studies;Impact of skills training on employment Usage and attitude studies;equity targets; Segmentation studies;Skills audits & Sector Skills Plans (SSP) Brand health tracking (brand equityupdates; audits);Situational analysis on HIV and AIDs Brand communication tracking;prevention programs & service providers; Volume forecasting,HIV and AIDs Campaigns evaluation Retail/trade surveysDilemmas confronting the youths of today in etc.South Africa and necessary interventions toavert vulnerability to risky behaviours;SMEs needs assessment;Campaign Impact Assessments;Programme Monitoring and Evaluations(M&Es);Opinion polling;etc.
  8. 8. 4.3 Services Sector Research 4.4 Market Research Sector Experience ExperienceCustomer satisfaction studies to inform Qualitative Researchcross & up selling strategies; Focus Group Discussions [FGDs (including miniMystery shopper studies to track service groups)]on set standards; In-depth interviews (IDIs)Concept (value propositions) and product Ethnographic research (immersions)testing;Advertising research:- measuring the Quantitative researcheffectiveness of advertising campaigns;Media research:- audience measurement Online surveys (panels)studies; Pen and Paper Personal Interviews (PAPI) Pen and Paper Telephonic interviews (PATI)trend research focusing on impact of Computer Aided Personal Interviews (CAPI)communication technology among various Computer Aided Telephonic Interviews (CATI)people;insight passports from segmentation studies Desk research-literature reviewetc. We are aware that effective project management results in delivery on three key parameters i.e. quality insights, on time (deadlines) and within set budgets. Both the internal and external stakeholders’ expectations have to be met. We deliver research projects in ways that lead from one project to another. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!
  9. 9. 5.0 Common questions we deal withWhat is the size of our market?/What is our market share?What is our image like on the market? What are we associated with? Why?What is the profile of our typical customer?/Who is our customer?Where do our customers buy? Why?Is our value proposition (concept) relevant for our target market?What are our customers’ product preferences/needs? Will my new product sell?What the product/service choice factors? (category drivers & barriers)Is my advertising working? Will my planned campaign recruit customers?What media works best for my intended communication? (Media preferences)What is the relative strength (equity) of our brand? What is the make-up of the equity?What is the customer service experience versus competition?How do our customers/stakeholders rate our service/programme?Can I charge (price) more, up to what level?Can I change packaging?
  10. 10. 6.0 Why use us?Many of our Clients have cited the following as compelling reasons forengaging TRS:Alignment to best practice: Our research staff has industry knowledgespanning across the research value chain. We know what it takes toconduct effective research & have several accessible written testimonies ofconclusive research delivery. We are testimony to the principle that 99% isnot good enough in research. Members of TRS are from the bigger (global)scheme of things & are attentive to local nuances. Among us we have morethan twenty years corporate governance experience. We know thebusiness imperatives that market research seed into.We can deliver change management workshops: good researchmust lead to bankable ideas and result in change (e.g. better serviceperception, market share gain etc). Since people naturally resist change, wehelp our Clients embrace change that good research inevitably calls for.Clients literate fieldwork supplier: we offer unsolicited country ormarket reports to guide results reporting by organisations whocommission us for fieldwork/data gathering only. We are familiar withClients’ insatiable quest for insights (that which is in sight but not obviousto everybody) & consistent demonstration of knowledge of theirbusinesses strategic focus.
  11. 11. Why use us (Continued)Africa-centricity: African (or emerging) communities are a key part of the future but needdiversity management skills/experience, of our kind, to sail through some of the ‘pain’ points &barriers. We know what works to consistently deliver projects within desired quality, timelines &budgets in Africa.Past research audits (desk research): we believe it is not enough to start at the brief andend at recommendations. We deliver streams of knowledge rather than stand alone pockets ofresearch. Average or conventional researchers are not trained do this as it comes across asunprofitable hard work. We like to be complete & correct in what we do and make small moneybut sustainably.Research training: knowledge not shared is as good as unknown. SA is going through skillsrevolution and Zimbabwe is going through self correction. We thus formally play our partthrough training our people & Client teams on research processes to ensure that allorganisations that commission research to guide management decision, realize true value.Global alignment: We were, in 2010, elected to be the South Africa representative of theWIN/GIA group which is a global network of reputable research companies worldwide.
  12. 12. We are sure that to remain relevant, businesses must provide what the customer wants(functional) and leave the customer feeling positive about the experience (emotional) asshown below. Our hybrid research designs help you completely understand yourcustomers/stakeholders and what you need to do to migrate them to be “engagedcustomers”. In this state, up selling and cross selling strategies tend to work with ease. High Engaged Customers Feel Satisfied Customers Unhappy Customers Low High Functional
  13. 13. 7.0 Where we serve 1. Angola 2. Botswana 3. Ghana 4. Kenya 5. Lesotho 6. Malawi 7. Mozambique 8. Namibia 9. Nigeria 10.Swaziland 11.Tanzania 12.Uganda 13.Zambia 14.Zimbabwe
  14. 14. Team Tari: Research Manager- ZimPatson Gasura: MD Pauline: Financial Consultant Diana: Sales &Marketing MgrLee Ann : Strategic Consultant Rose: Research Consultant Mary: Social Research Florence: Operations Mgr Ernest: Data Services Mgr ExecutiveNomthandazo: Research Officer Yvonne: Admin- Zim Oliver: Research Officer Khanyisile: Data Services Assistant
  15. 15. Our lead testimonies!
  16. 16. BUS. SECTOR ClientsManufacturing (FMCG) 1. Coca-Cola South Africa 2. Decor Design Group (Zimbabwe)Market/ing Research 1. Flamingo International (UK) 2. Frontline (South Africa) 3. Gazelle Global (USA) 4. InterMedia (UK-USA) 5. Research & Marketing Services (RMS)-Nigeria & Kenya (Cigarettes studies) 6. Synovate (South Africa & Kenya) (Beer tracking studies)Services 1. ADvTECH 2. African Sun 3. ECONENT Wireless 4. FNB 5. Liberty Life 6. Nokia 7. Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (PRASA) 8. PriceWaterhouse 9. Standard Bank 10. UBANK (formally Teba Bank)Social/Public service 1. Chemical Industries Education and Training Authority (CHIETA)Research 2. Department of Social Development South Africa (DSD) 3. Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) 4. Innovation Poverty Action (IPA) 5. Khomanani 6. Limpopo Dept of Economic Development Environment and Tourism, SA 7. South Africa National Bood Service (SANBS) 8. Services Sector Education & Training Authority 9. Wholesale & Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA)
  17. 17. Topline Research Solutions (TRS) Registration No: 2007/040835/23 Vat No: 4850 2356 58South Africa: 3rd Floor Standard Bank Centre, 304 Oak Avenue P.O Box 4171 Randburg 2125, Johannesburg, South Africa Tel: +27 11 787 6500/6877 Fax: +27 11 787 6502; Fax2email: 27 865 035458 Email: Website: