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Energy Savings Craft Project


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A neat and fun innovation challenge to choose energy efficiency at my new apartment.

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Energy Savings Craft Project

  1. 1. A Story by Diana Maes
  2. 2. • I moved into a new apartment in Chicago in June. My new apartment is a beautiful, large buildingbuilt in 1902.• I love everything about the place- the enormous space, the porcelain tubs in the bathrooms, large built-in mirrors, and historic knickknacks such as an ice door in the kitchen.• However, with a building that is over 100 years old, there are many hiccups. Creaky floors, sub-par water quality, and high energy bills to maintain during the summer months. Lots of improvement projects that are needed!
  3. 3. • One of my favorite things about my apartment is the many large, custom windows that allow for natural light during the daytime.• The amount of natural lighting in my unit allows enough light so we don‟t have to turn any indoor lights during the daytime• However, when the sun goes down, my roommates and I have to resort to the halogen floor lamp or the ceiling light fixture.• Ceiling lights currently contain two 80W standard incandescent bulbs
  4. 4. • Invent a new, creative way for our front room to have low-cost, indoor lighting without having to depend on halogen lamps or using the ceiling light fixture.• Keeping in mind this project would be part of my „home décor challenge‟ and big craft project.
  5. 5. • I found a DIY lamp tutorial online and expanded this project to create a light installation for the front room.• Going to the store, I collected all my materials: natural twine, glue, playground balls, and 9W CFL light bulbs.
  6. 6. • Each lamp is made from dipping twine into clear-drying glue, then wrapped around the playground ball until it holds its shape.• Once each lamp has dried for 24 hours, the ball is then deflated and removed, leaving a twine “shell”
  7. 7. • Once all the twine balls have completely dried, I installed CFL bulbs into each one (connected to bulb cord).• Each twine lamp is then hung from the ceiling at different heights.
  8. 8. • During the daytime, the twine lights are unplugged, but still resonates a creative art installation that‟s fun to look at!
  9. 9. • And at night, the light fixture is plugged in to create the perfect amount of lighting at a low cost!
  10. 10. • 5 – 40W Energy Star CFL Light Bulbs $15• Light cords $15• Playground Ball $4• Glue $18• Twine $32• Nails+misc hardware $5 • TOTAL: $89 • Or $17.50 per lamp• 2 days• 5 - 9W ES bulbs: $12.30 /yr• 2 – 80W bulbs: $45.62 /yr• 1 – 175 W halogen bulb: $55.73/year• *.153 Chicago Electric Rate ($/kWh), Average daily use of 5 hrs/day
  11. 11. •