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Digmedia final project


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Published in: Education
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Digmedia final project

  1. 1. Robert Rauschenberg• 1925 - 2008• American mixed-media artist• Pop Art period• Created and coined “combines” Go back
  2. 2. Combines• Hybrid of painting and sculpture• Incorporates everyday objects• Challenges painting as only a 2-dimensional exercise Go back
  3. 3. Screenprinting• Printing technique using woven mesh to create an ink stencil image• Allows for mass-produced images• Transfer images from one surface to the next easily• Became popular in the 1960s Go back
  4. 4. Pop Art• Art movement that emerged in the 1950s and 1960s• Challenged traditional notions of fine art• Imagery and subjects from popular culture• Hybridized painting, sculpture, collage and other mediums• Explored notions of mass- producing culture, commodity and advertising Go back
  5. 5. Modern Art vs. Pop ArtPop art denies an expression of emotion and showing the obvious hand of the artist Go back
  6. 6. Junk Art and Found objects • Art created from non-traditional objects found in common life that do not serve an artistic function • Started with Marcel Duchamp’s ready-mades • Interest in everyday , consumer life Go back