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  1. 1. News Google tests driverless car Carbon breakthroughs win two Nobel prizes for science 5 Things Linux Does Better Than Mac OS X One in 10 websites in UK spams users Russian Hacker Builds 70 Terabyte Home Computer Ars answers your burning questions about the 11.6" MacBook Air Acer launches Liquid Metal Smartphone China Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer Buyers Considering IPad Alternatives Xbox Live is played a billion hours per month
  2. 2. HOME Head line:Google tests driverless car Date:10 Oct 2010 Newspaper:Telegraph Summary:The experiment were carried in San Francisco. The driverless car was a really succesfull. It can drive with no driver. It is possible through videocamaras and sensors mounted on the car. Web acces:
  3. 3. HOME Head line:Carbon breakthroughs win two Nobel prizes for science Date:10 October 2010 Newspaper:Guardian Summary: Thtough the carbon a lot of scientist had won the Nobel Prize. Now 2 more scientists win it. They are from US and Japan. They discovered a new material called graphene. It is a sheet of carbon with one atom thick. It is very strong and a good conductor. Web acces:
  4. 4. HOME Head line: 5 Things Linux Does Better Than Mac OS X Date:September 30, 2010 Newspaper:PC World Summary: There are a lot of reasons why Linux is better than Mac of Windows. 5 of them are : 1. Security: there are no viruses for linux. 2. Very customizable: You can choose the kind of desktop that you prefer. 3. Hardware: You don't have to have a very powerfull PC. 4. Reliability: It didnt crash like other operative systems. 5. And of course it is free. Web acces: ?tk=hp_ne w
  5. 5. HOME Head line:One in 10 websites in UK spams users Date:Sun 24 Oct 2010 Newspaper:T3 Summary:Spam mails have risen 110 per cent this year. It is a problem becouse 1 in 10 websites spams users. In 12 months there are 150000 spam e-mails are sended. Web acces:
  6. 6. HOME Head line:Russian Hacker Builds 70 Terabyte Home Computer Date:Oct 23, 2010 Newspaper:pc world Summary:A Hacker of Russia builds a computer with 70 terabyte storage. The pc is Very big it has 60 harddrives and 40 fans to keep the temperature nice. Web acces :
  7. 7. HOME Head line:Ars answers your burning questions about the 11.6" MacBook Air Date:22 th octubre Newspaper:Arstechnia Summary: The new macBook air is here. This laptop has a 1.4GHz cpu and 2GB of RAM. It is really nice. It has the Mac os operative system preinstalled. Web acces:
  8. 8. HOME Head line:Acer launches Liquid Metal Smartphone Date:29 October, 2010 Newspaper:itproportal Summary:Acer lunches a new smartphone with a msm7230 processor, a 3,6 inch screen, a 5 megapixels screen and it has 802.11n Wi-Fi. It comes with the Android 2.1 OS. It has face recognition and image stabiliser. It costs £299 Web acces:
  9. 9. HOME Head line:China Claims World's Fastest Supercomputer Date:octubre 28, 2010 Newspaper:information week Summary: China has built a super computer with 2507 petaflops. A petaflop is equal to 1,000 trillion operations per secomd. It has 7,168 Nvidia Tesla M2050 GPUs and 14,336 Intel Xeon CPUs. It covers 17,000 square feet. It consumes 4.04 megawatts. Web acces: . jhtml?articleID=228000283&cid=RSSfeed_IWK_Al l
  10. 10. HOME Head line:Buyers Considering IPad Alternatives Date:Oct 29, 2010 Newspaper:Pcworld Summary: There are new competition with iPad. New tablets are arrived. People liked it becouse these tablets have more features that Ipads. For exemple: They have usb ports, they soport High definition films and they are cheaper than ipads. Web acces: buyers_considering_ipad_alternatives.html
  11. 11. HOME Head line:Xbox Live is played a billion hours per month Date:October 30, 2010 Newspaper:techwatch Summary:42 millions of xbox were sold in 35 countries. And they are played a billion hours per mounth. 25 million of players spend more than 30 hours in plaing with the xbox. Web acces: h/