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Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in Advertising


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A look at how advertisers use the concepts of logos, ethos, and pathos to persuade audiences. Includes definitions and examples. Videos can be found on YouTube. Ideas can be adapted to debates and persuasion lessons in general.

Logos, Ethos, and Pathos in Advertising

  1. 1. Persuasionin Advertising
  2. 2. Why study persuasion?Once you know how the advertisers do it,you will be more aware of why certainproducts are persuasive.
  3. 3. Why study persuasion?If you know why you are persuaded bysomething, you will be able to make a less-biased decision and form your ownopinion
  4. 4. So, how do they do it?There are three basic techniques inpersuasion. Those techniques are…
  5. 5. Ethos LogosPathos
  6. 6. Ethos LogosPathosCredible/ EthicalLogicalEmotional
  7. 7. Ethos (credible or ethical appeal)• means convincing by the character of theauthor• we tend to believe people whom werespect• Goal is to convince people you aresomeone worth listening someonewho has authority, someone who islikeable or respected
  8. 8. Ethos includes “testimonial”
  9. 9. Ethos includes “testimonial”
  10. 10. Ethos includes “testimonial”
  11. 11. Ethos also appeals to fundamental rights
  12. 12. Ethos also appeals to fundamental rightsWarning: the next imagecontains a graphic imagethat some viewers may finddisturbing
  13. 13. Logos (logical or fact-based appeal) means persuading by theuse of reasoning Use of statistics is popular Focus on facts, recordedevidence, historical data Can mentionstudies, surveys
  14. 14. Buzz words (“logos” words that meannothing, but sound factual) Examples: “pure” (pure what? Sounds clean) “natural” (cancer is technically natural; natural doesn’t mean good) “freedom,” “tasty” -Er words (ex: better, cleaner, longer, faster) Technically not the best, cleanest, longest, or fastest.
  15. 15. • Complete nonsense word• Includes a fun statistic forlogos
  16. 16. • What exactly is“sophistication”?
  17. 17. • Making claims fornature• A sugar filled drink?• “nature” makes peoplethink it is healthy
  18. 18. • Statistics make it seemlegitimate• How do you measure“irritating”?• Less irritating thanwhat? Swallowingglass?• Good thing it’s“toasted”!
  19. 19. • “Better” means nothing• Tastes better than what?
  20. 20. • Maximum means nothingbut sounds really cool
  21. 21. Pathos (emotional appeal) means persuading by appealing to theaudience’s emotions Language choice affects the audiencesemotional response can be positive (ex: love, excitement) or negative (ex: jealousy, hatred)
  22. 22. Pathos can play on fear
  23. 23. Pathos can play on worry
  24. 24. Pathos can play on sadness
  25. 25. Pathos can play on artistic sensibility
  26. 26. Pathos can play on nostalgia
  27. 27. Pathos can play on a sense ofadventure
  28. 28. Pathos can play on desires
  29. 29. Pathos can play on horrorWarning:Graphic video
  30. 30. Pathos can play on disgust
  31. 31. Pathos can play on affection
  32. 32. Pathos can play on humour
  33. 33. Pathos can play on humour
  34. 34. Pathos can play on humourLAST ONE!
  35. 35. So, persuasionin advertising?Now you know!And you know what they say…