Volume 9: Issue 1   November 23 - December 6, 2011                                                                  $1 sug...
Street Sense aims to serve as a vehicle for elevating voices and public debate onissues relating to poverty while also cre...
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By Mary OttoEditor-in-Chief   On the cold morning of Oct 30, a         system of winter shelters had not yet       for day...
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DC Central Kitchen will be partnering with DCJCC to provide Thanksgiving dinners to 4000 individuals in                   ...
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Cover Story                                       SHAW ON SPORTS: DROSSELMEYER DRAMA                           SOLUTION:  ...
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Vendor WritingBy Ibn HippsVendor                                                                                The seats ...
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Introducing Klever’s Comics, by Vendor Chino Dean
STREET SENSE                15  Service Spotlight: Bread for the City                                                     ...
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Street sense forprint_11.23.11
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Street sense forprint_11.23.11

  1. 1. Volume 9: Issue 1 November 23 - December 6, 2011 $1 suggested donation Street senseRead more and get involved at www.streetsense.org | The D.C. Metro Area Street Newspaper | Please buy from badged vendors Could y a food ou live on $31.50 budget of /week ? pg 5
  2. 2. Street Sense aims to serve as a vehicle for elevating voices and public debate onissues relating to poverty while also creating economic opportunities for people North American Street International Network Newspaper Association of Street Paperswho are experiencing homelessness in our community.6-7 Holiday season promotes service (Street Sense economics)13 What’s next forNina ADDRESS 1317 G Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 PHONE 202.347.2006 FAX 202.347.2166 E-MAIL info@streetsense.org WEB StreetSense.org Ivory Wilson’s BOARD OF DIRECTORS the Detective Yebegashet Alemayehn, Margaret Chapman,@ STREETSENSE.ORG Kristal Dekleer, Lisa Estrada, Robin Heller, Som- Each vendor functions as a 35% mer Mathis, Jeffery McNeil, Manas Mohapatra, Brad Scriber, Michael Stoops See how University of self-employed subcontractor for Street Sense. That means EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Maryland students learn he or she re-invests in the Supports Brian Carome about homelessness. organization with every production EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mary Otto purchase. Vendors purchase14 Vendor Chino Dean introduces Klever’s the paper for 35 cents/issue, which will then be sold to costs MANAGING EDITOR Eric Falquero Comics! you for a suggested dona- VENDOR/VOLUNTEER MANAGER Allen Hoorn tion of $1.COVER ART INTERNS Local women’s drummer group Mary Clare Fischer, Sarah Fleishman, Jill Frey, Batala lent some energy to the Sarah Hogue, Nicole M. Jones, Case Keltner, Randy Meza, Hannah Morgan, Anna Katharine start of the last Fannie Mae Thomas, Hannah Traverse Homeless Walkathon. PHOTO BY JANE CAVE VOLUNTEERS/WRITERS Rhonda Brown, Jane Cave, Margaret Chapman, Tracie Ching, James Clarke, Nikki Conyers, Bobby@ STREETSENSE.ORG Corrigan, Irene Costigan, Sara Dimmitt, Joe Duffy, Lilly Dymond, Ashley Edwards, Garrett Epps, Rachel Estabrook, Sarah Ficenec, Grace A New Issue Comes Out Flaherty, Andrew Gena, Steve Gilberg, Jane Every Two Weeks, but You Goforth, Jonah Goodman, Roberta Haber, Cheri- 65% lyn Hansen, Elia Herman, Melissa Hough, Adam Can Stay Connected to Kampe, Maurice King, Trisha Knisely, Vicki Ann Lancaster, Elle Leech-Black, Lisa Leona, Sean Street Sense Every Day! Lishansky, Elsie Oldaker, Katinka Podmaniczky, Directly Mike Plunkett, Willie Schatz, Kate Sheppard, Jesse Smith, Lilly Smith, Kelly Stellrecht, Mandy /streetsense aids the Toomey, Brett Topping, Charlotte Tucker, Marian Wiseman vendor VENDORS Michael Anderson, Charles Armstrong, Jake Ash- @streetsensedc ford, Lawrence Autry, Daniel Ball, Kenneth Bel- kosky, Tommy Bennett, Frosty Bibbee, Reginald Black, Deana Black, Harmon Bracey, Debora Brantley, Andre Brinson, Floarea Caldaras, Conrad /streetsensedc Cheek, Theresa Corbino, Avram Cornel, Anthony Crawford, Kwayera Dakari, Louise Davenport, James Davis, Charles Davis, Devon Dawkins, Mi- chael Dawson, Chino Dean, Daivd Denny, RichardoOUR STORY Dickerson, Alvin Dixon El, Charles Eatmon, Rich- ard Emden, Pieus Ennels, Betty Everett, Joshua Faison, Larry Garner, R. George, David Ger, Marcus Street Sense began in August 2003 af- 1. Street Sense will be distributed for a volun- 6. I agree not to sell any additional goods or prod- Green, Barron Hall, Dwight Harris, Lorrie Hayes, ter Laura Thompson Osuri and Ted Hen- tary donation of $1. I agree not to ask for more ucts when selling the paper. Patricia Henry, Shakaye Henry, Derian Hickman, Vennie Hill, Anne Holloway, Phillip Howard, James son approached the National Coalition than a dollar or solicit donations for Street Hughes, Patricia Jefferson, Carlton Johnson, for the Homeless on separate occasions Sense by any other means. 7. I will not sell Street Sense under the influence Donald Johnson, Mark Jones, Evanson Kamau, with the idea to start a street paper in of drugs or alcohol. Mike Leach, Michael Lyons, Johnnie Malloy, Kina Mathis, John C. Matthews, Authertimer Matthews, Washington, D.C. 2) I will only purchase the paper from Street Sense Charlie Mayfield, Robert McGray, Marvin McFad- Through the work of dedicated volun- staff and will not sell papers to other vendors 8. I agree to stay a block away from another ven- den, Jermale McKnight, Jennifer McLaughlin, Jef- frey McNeil, Kenneth Middleton, Gary Minter, L. teers, Street Sense published its first issue (outside of the office volunteers). dor and respect the space of all vendors. Morrow, Jai Morton, Saleem Muhammad, Tyrone in November 2003. In 2005, Street Sense Murray, Darryl Neal, Charles Nelson, James Nel- son, Sammy Ngatiri, Evelyn Nnam, Moyo Onibuje, achieved 501 ( c ) 3 status as a nonprofit 3) I agree to treat all others – customers, staff, 9. I understand that my badge is the property of Douglas Pangburn, Franklin Payne, Michael Penny- organization, formed a board of directors other vendors – respectfully, and I will not “hard Street Sense and will not deface it. I will present cook, Ash-Shaheed Rabbil, Michael Reardon, Chris and hired a full-time executive director. sell.” (threaten or pressure customers) my badge when purchasing the papers and display Shaw, Veda Simpson, J. Simpson, Patty Smith, Gwynette Smith, Franklin Sterling, Warren Ste- Today, Street Sense is published every my badge and wear my vest when selling papers. vens, Leroy Sturdevant, Beverly Sutton, Sybil Tay- two weeks through the efforts of four 4. I agree to stay off private property when selling lor, Paul Taylor, Archie Thomas, Larissa Thompson, Carl Turner, Jacqueline Turner, Joseph Walker, salaried employees, more than 100 ac- Street Sense. 10. I understand that Street Sense strives to pro- Martin Walker, Robert Warren, Terry Warren, Law- tive vendors, and dozens of volunteers. duce a paper that covers homelessness and pov- less Watson, Paul Watson, Wendell Williams, Edna Williams, Sherle Williams, Susan Wilshusen, Ivory Nearly 30,000 copies are in circulation 5. I understand that I am not a legal employee of erty issues while providing a source of income for Wilson, Mark Wolf, Charles Woods, Tina Wright each month. Street Sense but a contracted worker responsible the homeless. I will try to help in this effort and for my own well–being and income. spread the word.
  3. 3. STREET SENSE 3 November 23 - December 6, 2011 NEWS IN BRIEF tors about passing the tax, according to and even joined by some members of dium meals that can include fresh vege- Nurses Join Protest nurse Nellie Munn. the public. tables, yogurt and milk. Rhode Island is Across the world it seems that al- “We all agree on the outcome. We “What we are advocating for is get- the sixth state to start such a program,most every civilized nation is able to want fairness.” Hamilton said. “We ting the revenue to pay for health care following California, Arizona, Michigan,take care of those who cannot take want every human to be valued. Some for everybody, good housing, good pay- Florida and Kentucky.care of themselves. But the United aren’t worth more than others. We are ing jobs for everybody, education, and -Taken from Spare Change News ofStates will not, according to Minnesota all important to society and we all need clean environment,” Munn said. “What Bostonnurse Linda Hamilton. to get the benefits of society.” we keep hearing when we talk to peo- Hamilton, along with the rest of the While protesting for health care for ple is everybody has a story. We feel Three Ohio Cities Rank in Top TenNational Nurses United, joined Occupy all, the nurses have also been working that if we tackle that from the root, we for Increased Poverty RatesDC to protest the unfair treatment of to provide health care for all. Most of can eliminate some of those problemsthe 99 percent. the Occupy locations have a first aid of homelessness and hunger.” According to a report released by the “What we really wanted to say is that tent that provides necessary services. -By Anna Katharine Thomas, Editorial Brookings Institution on Nov. 10, threeas nurses, we are seeing devastation of Intern Ohio cities rank in the top 10 metro ar-families and devastation of our society eas with the “greatest increases in con-based on the fact that people don’t centrated poverty” in the last decade. Rhode Island Food Access Projecthave jobs,” Hamilton said. “They don’t Toledo tops the list, with a 15 percenthave money. Their houses are being Through the Rhode Island Food Access increase in the poverty rate; Youngstownforeclosed on—they surely don’t have Project, more than 30,000 food stamp ranks third, with a 14 percent increase;health care.” recipients in Rhode Island can now use and Dayton ranks ninth, with a 10 percent Part of their protest called for a their benefits at participating Subway increase. The report found that poverty-tax that would, as Hamilton put it, restaurants. The goal of the program is stricken areas in the top 10 cities trailed“secure our country economically and to provide healthy food options for the behind the general population in terms ofcertainly socially through the loss of “We have tents for first aid, and homeless, the elderly and the disabled. educational attainment, and had higherhuman dignity.” sometimes these people that are com- Participants either cannot cook or do dropout rates and more single mothers. On Nov. 3, the group met at Lafay- ing to our first aid tent haven’t been not have access to a kitchen or a way to Population decreases have hurt the la-ette Square, where they heard from to a doctor in years,” Hamilton said. store food. The program allows them to bor market in a number of Ohio cities inmany different speakers on the need “We have nurse practitioners and nurs- purchase prepared meals. Though some recent years, pushing up poverty ratesfor financial transaction tax to pay for es manning--well, ‘womaning’-- those people question the use of food stamps across a more demographically diverseservices that everyone needs. They tents, doing a lot of teaching and a lot at fast food establishments, advocates set of neighborhoods.then marched through Occupy DC at of health care that is just human care.” of the program recognize that any meal -Taken from ReutersMcPherson Square, and finally left from As the group moved through the city is better than no meal, and point outFranklin Park on buses to talk to legisla- during the day, it was well-received that Subway offers low fat, reduced so-
  4. 4. By Mary OttoEditor-in-Chief On the cold morning of Oct 30, a system of winter shelters had not yet for days and had chosen to stay outside his source for the story. The investiga-homeless man was found dead, slumped opened. Demand was high for beds that that night. tors reported that the source told themin his wheelchair in the doorway of the night and the two men’s emergency “He did not want to come in,” said he had not witnessed the incident him-old Hecht’s warehouse, the city report shelters that remain open year-round, Watkins. “He just chose to do what he self but had heard about it from twosaid. A blanket lay at his feet. one of them the shelter at New York wanted to do.” other shelter residents who he could Staff from the nearby men’s shelter Avenue, both exceeded capacity, ac- A newly-released report on Hill’s not identify by name.at 1355 New York Avenue NE called 911. cording to Robert Swart, who monitors death by the city Department of Hu- And they spoke with a neighborhoodThey told the emergency personnel and shelter use for the Coalition of Housing man Services concluded that Hill had resident who told them she saw Hill onpolice who came to the scene the man’s and Homeless Organizations or COHHO, not been turned away from the New the night of Oct 29 outside her Capitolname was Luther Hill. a group that advocates for improved York Avenue shelter on the night he Avenue home. Hill, according to their Some in the neighborhood called him homeless services in the city. died. And the report found that the report “was soaking wet and wrappedMr. Luke. One neighbor regularly offered Eric Sheptock, a homeless blogger said city’s Homeless Services Reform Act of in a blanket.”him food and clothing. Others called him he heard that Hill was turned away from 2005, which grants homeless people the Homeless advocates are still askingSarge. He was a Vietnam veteran. the shelter because he was drinking. right to shelter in severe weather had if there was something someone could Police who came to the scene found “A homeless man in a wheelchair not been broken. have done to save Luther Hill, and ifno evidence of foul play. tried to enter the shelter with a beer,” “This ID (investigations division) in- there are lessons to be learned from “There was no crime,” said a police Sheptock wrote in his blog soon after vestigation has determined that the his death.spokesman. Hill’s death, relating the version of the allegation that the death of a home- “Every year we have folks who die Some wonder if the cold might have story he said he was told by a fellow less man who used a wheelchair, found on the street in the winter,” said Martakilled Hill. Others wonder if he might homeless advocate. “He was told by deceased in the parking lot outside of Beresin, a staff attorney at the Wash-have been saved. the staff he could not come in with the the District of Columbia New York Av- ington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. A hypothermia alert had been de- beer. So he stayed outside. Another enue Homeless Shelter was the result City officials need to ask deeper ques-clared in the city on the night of Oct homeless man who is also an advocate of being denied shelter at the New York tions about such deaths. In the case29. An official from the city office came out to try to talk the man in the Avenue shelter location on Oct 30, 2011 of Luther Hill, she said she would likeof the chief medical examiner said wheelchair into coming in. After that, during a period of below freezing tem- the city to go beyond the questionthe cause of Hill’s death has not yet everyone went in. When we came out peratures is unsubstantiated because ID of whether or not a shelter “illegallybeen determined. the next morning he was frozen.” found no evidence to support the alle- kicked him out” and to ask “why was “That case is still pending,” she But another homeless advocate, Skip gation,” the report concluded. this person on the street?”said.“The cause or manner of death is Watkins, co-convener of COHHO had Investigators determined, through “We have permanent supportivestill under investigation.” another version of the story of Luther reviews of shelter records and inter- housing for people like Mr. Hill,” said From the time his body was first Hill’s death, which he described at views with shelter staff that Hill had Beresin. “We have veteran’s housing forfound, Hill’s death prompted rumors the organization’s November meeting. last stayed at the shelter on the night people like Mr Hill. Why was Mr. Hill onand raised questions. Since the city’s Though Hill was well-known and well- of Oct. 5 and that he had not come to the street? How could we have betterofficial hypothermia season did not loved at the New York Avenue shelter, ask for services on the night of Oct. 29. served this person?”officially begin until Nov. 1, the city’s Watkins said, Hill had not stayed there They also spoke with Sheptock andAdditional Permanent Supportive Housing Will Help Homeless Women A newly renovated apartment build- vide a permanent home for some very 1,100 formerly homeless individuals The women who will be living at theing near Logan Circle will soon provide deserving women,” said District Mayor and families have been housed through apartment building are now living ona haven for some of the city’s most vul- Vincent C. Gray at a Nov 15 ribbon-cut- the Mayor’s Permanent Supportive the streets and in shelters said Dallasnerable homeless women. ting ceremony. “Projects like this one Housing Program. Williams of the city Department of Hu- The once-dilapidated building, lo- are a huge win for our city.” Local developer Bruce Finland pur- man Services. They will be moving in ascated at 1107 11th Street NW, has been The District’s plan to end homeless- chased the vacant building for $1.95 soon as the building passes final inspec-transformed into a permanent support- ness includes the goal of placing frag- million last year and entered into a tions, possibly by the end of the year,ive housing complex with 31 efficiency ile and chronically homeless individuals master lease agreement with the Dis- he said.and one-bedroom apartments, many of into permanent housing that provides trict that called for its renovation and “We are trying to get folks in as soonthem handicapped accessible, as well as supportive services to address the dis- development at no cost to local tax- as we can.”two offices for staff. abilities and other underlying condi- payers. Now the district will rent the -Mary Otto, Editor-in-Chief “I’m thrilled today to open this won- tions that have contributed to their building back for use as permanent sup-derful apartment complex that will pro- homelessness. Since 2008, more than portive housing, officials said.
  5. 5. STREET SENSE 5 November 23 - December 6 , 2011 FOOD STAMPS$31.50:the family food By Hannah Morganbudget that Editorial Intern16 million children With the cold weather rapidly approaching and farms slowing & their production of fresh fruits and vegetables, programs that provide32 million adults for the poor are anxiously stockpil- ing food to freeze.relied on in 2010 Recently, DC Central Kitchen, located within walking distance of Union Station, was filled with volunteers who were busy chop- ping onions, dressing salads and loading up vans to transport their meals to local schools and shel- ters. According to Karli Hurlebaus,By Hannah Morgan Delegate Eleanor Holmes and Rabbi Steve Gutow race through the Capitol Hill the kitchen’s nutrition outreachEditorial Intern Safeway looking to fill their cart on a slim $31.50 budget for the week. coordinator, the work of help- PHOTO BY HANNAH MORGAN ing the city’s hungriest residents make it through the winter is just A 17-ounce box of Frosted Flakes ton said,“we need to fight poverty with Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Calif.) re- the beginning.cereal costs around $3 in many local faith because we are not doing so well minded a crowd of onlookers that, while The goal of her organization,stores. Add a gallon of milk, another fighting poverty with policy.” they might be able to suffer through the along with Miriam’s Kitchen and$4, and four bananas, $1.56, and the Then she, along with other partici- challenge for a week, there are millions many others, is to offer hot andtotal comes to around $9, not including pants, teamed up for a low-budget race of Americans that won’t be able to stop healthy meals to people who reallytax. That’s almost a third of what many through the store, scanning for items on using SNAP. need them.American families can afford to spend sale and comparing the prices of break- Sixteen million children and thirty- The Supplemental Nutritionon food in a week, and that barely cov- fast cereals and oatmeal packets. two million adults, eight percent of Assistance Program (SNAP), alsoers breakfast. Rabbi Steve Gutow, president of the whom are senior citizens, relied on known as the food stamp program, In response to the National Food Jewish Council for Public Affairs, had to SNAP in 2010, according to Kathleen helps provide an average of $134Stamp Challenge, at least eight mem- forgo organic peanut butter. Dr. Sayyid A. Merrigan, a deputy secretary at the per month in food assistance tobers of Congress, joined by community Syeed, executive director of the Islamic United States Department of Agricul- qualifying individuals. “Homelessand religious leaders, decided to live Society of North America, could only ture, which administers the program. families and individuals withouton $31.50 for one week, the average afford to purchase one onion for the She said she was especially concerned a physical address, or place toweekly allotment received by millions week. The teams picked through the about the increasing number of work- store food, often face challengesof Americans living on food stamps. produce department and grabbed gal- ing-class families using SNAP. maximizing their food stamps”,They met outside the Capitol Hill Safe- lons of milk while the clock dwindled With the winter months approaching, Hurlebaus said. Thus, DC Centralway store on a recent rainy morning. down to zero. food prices rising and too many home- Kitchen has begun freezing pro-Huddled among umbrellas and empty The Rev. Peg Chemberlin, the presi- less families for the District’s shelters duce for the months ahead. This isshopping carts, they spoke to a crowd dent of the National Council of Church- to hold, food assistance and other made possible with help from localof food stamp participants and mem- es in Christ USA, said she lived on food such programs will be crucial for many farms and through restaurants’ do-bers of the media about the Supplemen- stamps while completing her seminary families to survive through the winter, nations of excess produce.tal Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), work in rural Minnesota. She said the speakers stressed. Still, with another long winterthe official name for the food stamp experience drove home to her the im- Once all of the teams reached the ahead, Hurlebaus worries aboutprogram since 2008. portance of maintaining federal spend- cash registers and checked out, they making supplies stretch. Ultimate- The event was sponsored by a coali- ing for such programs. “ met outside the supermarket for an ly, she sees supplying food as justtion of four major faith-based organi- We have to ask ourselves what kind of interfaith prayer and offered each part of a larger goal: empoweringzations: Catholic Charities USA, the nation we want to be, a nation of com- other encouragement to get through people to live better, healthierJewish Council for Public Affairs, the passion or a nation of greed,” she added. the week. lives. She says, “I want people toNational Council of the Churches of The Food Stamp Challenge is designed As members of Congress rushed off to have more control to make theChrist in the USA and the Islamic Society to give ordinary citizens and leaders the vote, faith leaders went home to make right decisions for themselves”.of North America. The groups all united chance to understand what an estimated lunch - peanut butter and jelly sand-under the banner to “Fight Poverty with 49 million Americans lived like in 2010, wiches and canned soup.Faith”. Delegate Eleanor Holmes Nor- on a daily food budget of $4.50.
  6. 6. DC Central Kitchen will be partnering with DCJCC to provide Thanksgiving dinners to 4000 individuals in STREET SENSE 7 November 23 - December 6 , 2011 the community. Organizers will welcome 30 volunteers to the Kitchen on Thanksgiving morning. VOLUNTEERISMNonprofit SHAREs Affordable Thanksgiving Meals Volunteers Make Thanksgiving Possible for AllBy Sarah Hogue By Randy MezaPhotojournalism Intern Editorial Intern “If you eat, you qualify.” which serves the District, Maryland and All over the Washington metropolitan sponsoring an event called the Thanks- Virginia, was launched in April, 1990 by area, residents are opening their homes giving Day Trot for Hunger. That’s the motto of the Self Help Associated Catholic Charities and the to friends and relatives for Thanksgiving Now in its tenth year, the 5K trotAnd Resource Exchange Food Network Knights of Malta. meals. Meanwhile local charities, assist- raises funds for SOME’s wide range of(SHARE), as stated by Director Scott Some of the food, shipped to as far ed by volunteers from church and civic services, which go beyond feeding theLewis. Unlike many other charities, away as Newport News, Va., Freder- organizations, are gearing up to make hungry. They also provide housing, se-SHARE does not cater solely to lower- icksburg, Va., Hagerstown, Md., and sure needy strangers will also have a nior services, counseling, and medicalincome residents of the Greater D.C. Baltimore, M.D. starts at a warehouse delicious plate of turkey, served up with and dental care to the poor. Accordingarea. SHARE is a nonprofit organiza- in Hyattsville, Md. There, volunteers a generous helping of human kindness. to 5K Trot coordinator Ellen Hatherill,tion that works year-round to provide from local churches, schools and organi- Over the years So Others Might Eat an estimated 6,000 walkers and run-affordable and healthy meals to anyone zations like the U.S. Public Health Ser- (SOME) on Capitol Hill has become a ners will take part in the Thanksgivingwho wishes to buy them. vice put together these meals from the mecca of such Thanksgiving volun- Day event and 150 volunteers will help The holiday season is especially busy food that SHARE provides them. The teerism. This year, the organization’s oversee it. The event has been movedat SHARE. This month alone, the orga- food is all pre-bought wholesale, put director of volunteer and food ser- to Freedom Plaza this year to supportnization, which depends upon an army together into a meal by volunteers and vices, Don Dixon is mustering a crew the growing number of participants.of volunteers ranging from school and then sold at prices that is hoped can fit of more than two dozen volunteers to Even with so much going on Hatherillscout groups, to retirees and union into the budget of anyone who wants to serve full Thanksgiving dinners to be- said the meals served in SOME’s diningmembers, is distributing over 11,000 feed a family. tween 400 and 500 homeless guests. room, which has been open year roundturkeys and about 8,000 packages of With the exception of foods such as Asked why he enjoys watching the vol- and has operated for over 40 years, re-food across Washington, D.C., Virginia potatoes and stuffing mix, almost all unteers make the whole event unfold main at the heart of the holiday and theand Maryland. The packages, which the food is collected in a huge 1,000 each year: “There’s a wide cross sec- organization’s mission.range in price from $20 to $38, contain square foot freezer in the warehouse tion of people rich and poor, college “People come off the streets in aeverything needed to prepare a tradi- until it is time to be donated. Foods students and the elderly, and all kinds fragile state and they are wantingtional holiday meal. such as turkeys, hams, chickens, fish of races working together.” food,” Hatherill said. “The dining room SHARE was formed in 1983 in San Di- and even chocolate cake sits in the In addition to the meals served in the staff tries to make the people feel com-ego, Calif. by the local Catholic diocese freezer until the volunteers empty it dining room, SOME volunteers will help fortable.” In regards to the volunteersand the efforts of Deacon Carl Shelton, out into cars and trucks that pick up prepare and deliver 300 dinner baskets Hatherill said, “They have it down inwho believed it was possible to imple- and deliver the packages. to the doors of the poor. A decade ago, the dining room.”ment a self-help approach to meeting SOME found itself with more volunteersthe food needs in interested commu- than it could accommodate in its oldnities. The local branch, SHARE-DC, kitchen. The organization then began Washington, D.C. Northern Virginia Northern Virginia Maryland Thanksgiving Day Trot Alexandria Turkey Trot Arlington Turkey Trot – 5K Turkey Chase Bethesda— for Hunger Fun Run/Walk Chevy Chase When: November 24, 8 a.m. When: November 24, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. When: November 24, 8 a.m. When: November 24, 8:30 a.m. Where: Beginning at Freedom Plaza Where: George Washington Middle Where: Christ Church of Arling- Where: 9401 Old Georgetown Road, (between 13th Street, NW and 12th School—1005 Mt. Vernon Avenue, ton—3020 North Pershing Drive Bethesda, Maryland Street, NW, Washington, D.C.) Alexandria, Virginia. Arlington, Virginia What: Race and two-mile Fun Run. What: Sponsored by SOME (So Oth- What: DC Road Runners Club, a lo- What: The run goes through Lyon For the past 25 years, thousands of ers Might Eat), a 5K fun run and cal group affiliated with USA Track Park and Ashton Heights and raises runners have gathered in Bethesda family walk benefits programs for & Field, sponsors an annual race on money for three local Arlington to run in the Turkey Chase in support the homeless, and helps SOME to Thanksgiving Day. Food donations charities: Arlington-Alexandria Co- of the YMCA’s Youth and Family Ser- serve more than 800 meals to the support ALIVE!— a nonprofit orga- alition for the Homeless, Doorways vices, YMCA Bethesda-Chevy Chase hungry every day of the year. nization serving Alexandria’s needy for Women and Families, and Ar- and the Bethesda-Chevy Chase Ro- and hungry every day of the year. lington Food Assistance Center. tary Club Foundation. Contact: 301-440-1854.
  7. 7. STREET SENSE 9 November 23 - December 6, 2011 WalkathonBy Hannah MorganEditorial Intern A large Teddy Roosevelt walked “The fundraising helps us expand ouracross the National Mall Saturday morn- programs, create more jobs, place moreing in a shirt promoting helping the people into housing and get veterans offhomeless. He was joined by Abraham the street. [The walk] brings our wholeLincoln, George Washington and hun- community together in a great way,”dreds of other Washingtonians. she said. Saturday, November 19, 2011 was Approximately 50 people from out-the last annual Walk for the Home- side of the District registered to do vir-less sponsored by Fannie Mae. After 24 tual walks in home communities as faryears of raising funds for homelessness away as Hawaii, said Geoffrey Millard,in the district and around the nation, who directs the Homeless Veterans Ini-the mortgage giant, placed in conser- tiative at Friendship Place.vatorship in 2008 as the result of the Contingents of students, families,subprime mortgage crisis, announced it volunteers from organizations such aswould stop sponsoring the large annual Thrive DC and N Street Village, walkedwalk. From now on, Fannie Mae has together, singing, chatting, chantingannounced it will focus on fundraising and tweeting along the way. Currentlythrough smaller, community-basedwalks around the country. Thesemini-walks have emerged as an im-portant source of funding, annu-ally drawing tens of thousands ofparticipants and raising millions.Still, local homeless organizations,struggling to help rising numbers ofneedy people, say they will be sorryto lose the Walk for the Homeless onthe National Mall. Spirits were high, though, asmarchers arrived from throughoutthe region for the last big Fannie Mae homeless and formerly homeless peo-event. Gathered by the Smithsonian ple lent their support and their storiesMetro stop on the mall, sipping coffee along the way. By Anna Katharine Thomasand making walking plans, a group of Alan Bankas, who used to be home- Editorial Internyoung college graduates affiliated with less in D.C., joined in the walk for theSt. Matthews Cathedral spoke of the im- first time. His goal was to finish the In preparation for Fanny Mae’s based mini-walks have helped understood what it was. Theyportance of being there. walk, he said, but also promote Friend- Help the Homeless Walk-a-thon, build up excitement leading up really understood what it meant “As young adults with our Catholic ship Place, which was able to find him organizations of all kinds hosted to the Walk-a-thon on the Na- to have a home and to not havefaith, we are called to care for those peo- housing within two weeks almost two mini-walks around the city. tional Mall. After this year’s final a home.”ple who don’t have homes in our commu- years ago. “I’m happy, blessed to be Community of Hope held one Walk-a-thon, these small walks Though the students did notnity,” said Sarah Yaklic, one of the young here,” he said, “I’m a speaker for the such mini-walk at the AppleTree will become even more impor- always say the right words—foradult organizers. “We are called to use homeless. People don’t understand that Institute, a public charter school tant as sources of funding for example, shouts of “Help theour faith to change the world.” just because you have a lot of money, for three and four year olds, on local homeless programs. Thomas” and other variations A few yards away, gathered at meet- you can become homeless for any num- the Columbia Heights campus. The mini-walk began with of the mini-walk catchphraseing place under signs bearing the let- ber of reasons,” he said. “It’s really the whole city Stawicki reading to the students could be heard—all of the stu-ters D through F, a man held a sign that The walk looped around the Tidal that tries to get involved with “Saily’s Journey,” a book about dents were eager to participateadvertised Friendship Place, a homeless Basin and up the mall, and walkers the mini-walk program so that it a snail who loses his shell, be- and spread the word.outreach center in Northwest Washing- were cheered on by local D.C. school kind of builds up and when the comes homeless and searches “There was a really cute lit-ton. Between small community walks cheerleading squads and Street Sense Walk-a-thon on the National Mall for a new home. After that, they tle girl that approached me andand the big walk on Saturday, Friend- vendors. David Denny was one of them. happens it’s like, ‘Wow we have walked up and down the block said, ‘Thank you so much forship Place claimed over 3,000 volun- “Everybody’s here and everybody’s raised all this money, we have chanting, “Help the Homeless.” helping my friend find a home.’teers walked for them this fall, said down for the cause, to eradicate raised all this awareness’,” said “Such an energetic and really I think Leah is right that the kidsExecutive Director Jean-Michel Giraud. homelessness in our communities,” Alyson Stawicki, development cooperative group of children,” really do have a sense of what The money raised truly helps the said Denny. “Everybody’s just lively, Children from the AppleTree Institute chant “Help the Home- and finance assistant at Com- said Leah Garrett, director of homelessness is and, at leasthomeless, added Friendship Place and I think they are serious about what less” while participating in the Community of Hope mini walk. munity of Hope. communications at Community on a small level, how it impactsspokeswoman Emily Fagerholm. they are doing.” PHOTO BY ANNA KATHARINE THOMAS In the past, these community of Hope. “I think [they] really daily life,” said Stawicki.
  8. 8. Cover Story SHAW ON SPORTS: DROSSELMEYER DRAMA SOLUTION: A POEM OF HOPESUDOKU By Chris Shaw Vendor, Cowboy Poet The mane flew. Who can recall anymore. Wouldn’t you, if they always Yet in the year of two-ought and ten, Tagged you for second best? Drosselmeyer splashed his way thru darkling mudCourtesy of Krazydad.com Right from the start, With a resounding THUD, A certain rail bird To take the Belmont, and he’d Declared, Do it again at Churchill. He has lots and lots of Maybe the the whitish silks Heart, does that steed the rider Smith wore on his back With the ridiculous handle of Gave the champ some hidden track Drosselmeyer! To the frenzied finish, He can do it again this time, my friends Anyway his victory run For the Cup, this scribe And my screed, Exclaimed. Are done. Don’t make light of his rides, A final warning to the wise guy, Surely nothing “They laughed when I sat down at the piano, In racing, is But WHEN I BEGAN TO PLAY…” A “sure thing!” Be careful when you chuckle at a foolish name, What of the Marian Bender ‘bridge jumpers,’ Such as DROSSELMEYER!! Why that’s old Pimlico history,
  9. 9. STREET SENSE 11 November 23 - December 6, 2011 EDITORIALSBy Jeffery McNeilVendor President Obama’s poll numbers are Bum-of-the-Month Club II: Herman (Bigin the mid 40s. Discontent with govern- Daddy) Cain, Rick (Bush Lite) Perry,ment is high, and we have nine percent Newt (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) Gingrichunemployment. Under any other cir- and Mitt (Flipper) Romney. Obama’scumstances, there would be no reason strategy to win is simple: lay on theto re-elect the incumbent. ropes while the Republican candidates However, the 2012 presidential race make dopes of themselves, each tak-is unprecedented. Despite Citizens ing wide swings at the president only toUnited, the rise of the Tea Party and leave bruised, bloodied and battered. Ifoverall apathy toward the president, the debates got any sloppier, the high-Obama has found an ace in the hole. lights would be shown on ESPN.The Republican primary has turned into Despite all the hype for the Obama-America’s newest sit-com. It’s like two Romney showdown, the undercard is farhours of live stand-up comedy every more entertaining. Whether it’s Rickweek, featuring people pretending to Perry and Social Security, Herman Cainrun for president. and foreign policy or Jack Abramoff al- While this may be the greatest tele- leging that Newt Gingrich is corrupt,vision programming since “American America can’t change the channel. WeIdol,” one of these clowns can be sleep- can’t wait to see who is going to biteing in the Lincoln bedroom. That per- off someone’s ear next. These debatesson will also be in charge of our nukes, might soon end up on Pay-Per-View.which is no laughing matter. This verbal jousting has been excit- Republican operatives like the Koch ing, with numerous knockdowns andBrothers and their well-financed PACs low-blows being delivered. Remember,have tried very hard to oust Obama, though, that this is only the preliminary.only to turn their party into an alter- We have to stay tuned for the mainnative to Comedy Central. The lineup event. We don’t really know which Bum-of challengers to face Obama in the of-the-Month member will be tapped togeneral election has turned the presi- enter the big ring. Romney could yetdent into a formidable candidate. This emerge victorious. However, even afteris sort of reminiscent of Muhammad Ali saying no, no, a thousand times no, Sar-and his Bum-of-the-Month Club, where ah Palin just might come out of hidinghe squared off with such superstars as and jump in at the last minute. For allthe Quarry brothers, Chuck “the Bay- we know, Michele Bachmann could be Would you like to Would you like toonne Bleeder” Wepner, Randall “Tex” training for a return to the big time. Or continue support continue supportCobb and George Chuvalo. This strategy maybe, just maybe, Dan Quayle will re- of Street Sense of Street Senseworked for Ali until he ran into a luckyhaymaker from Ken Norton. join the fray and compete with Donald Trump to see who becomes the Great throughout the throughout the While Ali’s career was extended by Right Hope. year? year?fighting tomato cans and stiffs, the Get your popcorn ready and don’tpresident may win a second term fight- walk away from the TV. You might miss Order a subscription today! Order a subscription today!ing against the lineup of, shall we say, something you won’t forget. all people areunimpressive Republicans. Say hello to Not only will you recieve 26 issues Welcomeyou recieve 26 issues Not only will with all our latest news, poetry and with all our latest news, poetry and here photography, you will also help raise photography, you will also help raise awareness about poverty in the D.C. Join us in worship onabout poverty in the D.C. awareness Sundays at area. 9:30 am, 11:00 am, 5:30 pmarea. Homeless Outreach Hospitality ____ YES! I want to subscribe YES! Fridays at 9:00 ____ _____________________________ to subscribe I want to Street Sense for just $40 a year to Street Sense for just $40 a year (26 issues). Foundry United Methodist Church (26 issues). A Reconciling Congregation ____ I would also like to give half 1500 16 Street NW | Washington DC like to give half th ____ I would also | 20036 the cost of my subscription to my 202.332.4010 | foundryumc.@foundryumc.org to my the cost of my subscription www.foundryumc.org favorite vendor: favorite vendor: _____________________________ _____________________________
  10. 10. Vendor WritingBy Ibn HippsVendor The seats are all worn and the interior is sloppy.Vanish died in sin life forgivenessstruggles and bad remembrance Man, the miles that have been put on this old jalopy!would God honor your RepentanceDeafth to da unforgiven There is frost on the windshield and the heater is broken.Hard Knock LivinGins Living umong the Living The radio is silent and no words are spoken.seein is da New Blind All four tires are flat and she sits on a dead-end street,so it’s da Blind leadin da Blindno love for us just Hard Mugs As a cop car comes by patrolling the beat.an conslant Bullet slugsda earth cryis 6 feet Blankets are piled high. You can’t see out the rear,da sky’s weep lost beliefSatan jealously seeds concede out of wedlock As I slowly crawl out into the morning air.da Satic’s dreadlack’sfive shot call’um tupac She’s a good car, but no more will she roamoverweight Biggie face ’Cause, you see, this jalopy is my home.women killin womenlululemon food dat’s forbittenearplug so da truth you can’t hear itBeen running in da Race 4 years but can’t win itKill all dats unfinish can’t “c” Blurry vision missguided to da Roadwere da soulz been ripped off da flesh & bonesyou hear da cries While selling Street Sense papers in From 11:30 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. on Freedom Plaza recently, I came across a weekdays, I ride the 36 bus from Friend-it’s too late the truth been magnified couple from San Diego, Calif. They were ship Heights to Naylor Road. On week-flooded away unsatisfied here to live in Freedom Plaza for two ends, I ride the red line on the Metrowhat was in da Beginning shall be in da End months, they told me, to live and sleep from Shady Grove to Glenmont. That is outside and see experience homeless- how I get my sleep. It is safer on theReturn of da dark side what it is aint what it seems ness. The gentleman asked me, “Phillip, train or bus, and the drivers know me.street dream’s turn men into Jail Birds & crack feens are you homeless?” As I am telling the man and his wife “Yes,” I said. He said, “Can you de- my story, they are looking at me like,Lost Angel’s clip wing’s hustle hard dat what was told 2 me scribe your day, or days, living on the “You gotta be kidding…”Bloody concert walkin dead. man made zombie’s mis-educated teen squeeze streets? I just want to get a little insight Keeping yourself safe and clean, andout of pain & misery into what you go through.” trying to squeeze in a good meal is very, At first, I did not want to explain my very important when you are homeless.No longer Adam & Eve day-to-day living on the streets. But he Also, staying healthy is a must. Evenit’s now Eve on Eve said he and his wife were very serious though this couple wanted to experi-Adam & Steve about their cause. So I explained to ence homelessness, you have to beda Earth flag’s a plead them that my day starts at 5:00 a.m. homeless to really experience what itda Hood no longer a safe place for the kids 2 Breathe at the Starbucks at 11th and E St. NW. is like. Being homeless, you have to be smart, I asked them where they lived in Sanstreet war & dope feens da lil light of mine dem it shine and coffee is very important to people Diego. They said they lived in a housefrom da poison dat Lies with inside the heart soul & mind early in the morning. I stay at Starbucks with five bedrooms, three-and-a-half until 9:30 a.m. baths, and a pool in the backyard. Oh …take heeve to those weeping eye dark clouds From 9:40 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., I sell and they have a BMW and a Mercedes. Ino Blue Skies strayed far away papers by the CVS store on 13th St. and asked them if they wanted to trade liveswhere da condemned play Pennsylvania Ave. NW. Even though I am with me. I would take their life and they homeless, I take my job very seriously, would take mine.my sight. and selling Street Sense is my job. From The man gave me $50 and said,my vision. 4:30 p.m. until 11:00 p.m., I am in East- “Thank you, Phillip, for sharing yourThat’s the reason I pray. ern Market selling papers at the CVS on story. Have a great day, and God be 12th and E St. SE. with you.”
  11. 11. STREET SENSE 13 November 23 - December 6, 2011 FICTION arks the Detective:By Ivory WilsonVendor Summary of Part 1: Down at the turns to the crime scene for clues. She a t Sh says, “Mitchell doesn’t work here any- part 2 his gun. Nina draws Harry, shoots, anddocks, Nina examines three dead bod- slowly walks through the scene she last more. I think he’s moving to Spokane. kills the man instantly. The second manies surrounded by empty bullet casings. saw with the dead bodies. If two bod- I’m Greeley.” stands, puts his hands in the air, andShe finds business cards in the victims’ ies were riddled with bullet holes, she Nina flashes her badge at Greeley and begs Nina not to shoot. She handcuffswallets identifying them as owners wonders, why aren’t there more bullets asks, “Is there a basement here?” him to a bar stool. Returning Harry toof Sharks Nightclub, an Irish gangster that missed or that passed through the “Yes,” Greeley says, pointing toward his holster, Nina walks behind the bar,hangout. Their names are Ben Austin, victims? Why haven’t we found bullets the back. “The steps are back and on where Greeley is still passed out. NinaGillton Lucker and Charles Johnson. lodged in the wall behind where the the left.” draws beer from the tap and pours it onNina visits Austin’s widow and learns bodies were found? Confirming that the Nina pulls out Harry, her Colt. She Greeley’s face. As Greeley starts to stir,that they had been dealing with an Irish victims must have been shot elsewhere tells Greeley to stay behind the bar, Nina tells her she has only one question:gangster, but the widow doesn’t re- and dumped at the docks, Nina consid- and she goes to the basement stairs. “Which airport is Mitchell flying out of?”member his name. Nina goes to Sharks ers that Mitchell the bartender probably Walking down the stairs, Nina is greeted Greeley looks up and says, “O’Hare.”and meets Mitchell, the bartender. Mr. knows more than he’s saying. Nina’s by the smell of fresh paint. When she Nina pulls out her cell phone and callsFitzpatrick, the new owner, shows her hunch is that the men were killed at reaches the basement, it doesn’t take Captain Newton. She asks him to sendthe paperwork from the sale and tells Sharks, probably in the basement. She her long to see bullet holes in the walls. some squad cars to Sharks. “I’m headingher he was at the bar at the time the remembers the paperwork Fitz showed Meanwhile, upstairs, Greeley is talk- to O’Hare to see if I can stop Mitchellmen were murdered. her and considers that Fitz wasn’t tak- ing to Fitz on her cell phone. She hangs from getting on his flight to Spokane.” ing any chances that the former own- up as soon as she hears Nina coming Peeling away from Sharks, Nina pushesT he next morning, Nina starts ers would go to the police. That’s why back up. her car to the limit and covers the 20 her day in Captain Newton’s they were murdered, Nina reasons, and Nina returns to the bar and asks miles to O’Hare in 15 minutes. Nina office. “I met the new owner their bodies dumped here at the docks whether Greeley has Mitchell’s home parks illegally at the departures curb, of Sharks Nightclub,” Nina tells with a handful of shell casings spread address. Greeley hands Nina a stack meets up with the airport police, andhim. “He’s an Irish gangster named around to make it look like the shooting of business cards. “If we have his ad- learns that the Spokane flight is delayedFitz.” Captain Newton nods and tells occurred far from Sharks. dress,” she says, “it will be in this pile and Mitchell has not yet checked in. ThisNina that Mr. Fitzpatrick came from Needing to think through her next somewhere.” Ten minutes later, Nina gives them time to set up a stakeoutIreland and has been muscling his way steps, Nina drives home to her grand- finds a card for Mitchell and an address: near the airport entrance.in on small businesses and nightclubs parents’ house, where, as always, a 1700 Lexington Avenue. While Nina is About two hours later, still watch-along the waterfront, keeping far from glass of milk and a plate of cookies are going through the cards, two men en- ing from her car, Nina sees a dark bluethe Italian side of the city. waiting for her. As Nina is biting into a ter the bar without her seeing them. Range Rover pull up. Fitz sits in the Captain Newton then asks Nina if cookie, her cell phone rings. “Hi, this They stoop behind some tables waiting driver’s seat as Mitchell exits the frontshe’s ready for a new partner. Thinking is Ms. Austin,” the voice on the phone for her. passenger side and retrieves two bagsabout Giambi, Nina tells him, “No, sir. says. “You said to call you if I remem- After finding Mitchell’s address, Nina from the trunk. Nina uses her radio toI’d like to do this one alone.” ber something. Well, I remember Ben realizes that Greeley is beginning to alert the stakeout team to move in. “Ah, Nina, the lone wolf,” Newton and Charlie talking on the phone with look a little nervous. She hears a noise Drawing Harry and approaching Mitch-responds. “There’s no room for lone someone Ben called Fitz.” behind her and realizes instantly that ell, Nina announces, “You are under ar-wolves in this department. I’ve seen “Thank you so much for calling, Ms. Greeley has set her up. The two men rest. You witnessed the murders, andtoo many people like you. All that hate Austin,” Nina replies. “You’ve been a jump up, one wielding a knife, the oth- you dumped the bodies at the dock.you’re holding inside is going to kill you, very big help.” er circling around. Acting on reflexes, Right now a police car is at your home,Nina. But maybe you really aren’t ready And now it’s time to rattle some Nina kicks the man with the knife in and they have found blood on your car’sfor a new partner yet. So, I’m going to cages, Nina thinks as she gets back into his head, knocking him off his feet and back seat.”let you see this case through. But after her car and drives to Sharks for another turning over three tables. She turns While the airport police escort Fitzthis, no more.” discussion with Mitchell. Peeking in back around and slams Greeley’s head and Mitchell away, Nina smiles and Nina smiles and says, “Thank you, the window, Nina doesn’t see Mitchell on the bar, knocking her out. Then she thinks about the milk and cookies wait-captain.” at the bar. Instead, there is a young faces the second man, judo chops him ing for her at her grandparents’ house. “Just get out of my office and solve woman with blond hair cleaning things in the neck, and knees him in the face.these murders before I change my up behind the bar. “Where’s Mitchell?” As the man she judo-chopped is fall- The End.mind.” Nina asks. “And who are you?” ing to the floor and moaning in pain, Nina leaves the headquarters and re- The young green-eyed Irish girl the man who had the knife reaches for
  12. 12. Introducing Klever’s Comics, by Vendor Chino Dean
  13. 13. STREET SENSE 15 Service Spotlight: Bread for the City November 23 - December 6, 2011 COMMUNITY SERVICES St. Stephens Parish Church Martha’s Table By Case Keltner 1525 Newton St, NW 2114 14th Street, NW Editorial Intern (202) 737–9311, www.thrivedc.org (202) 328–6608, www.marthastable.org The Interfaith Conference (IFC) The IFC expands on their vision of Food and Friends Rachel’s Women’s Center aims to promote dialogue, under- “advancing justice, building commu- 219 Riggs Road, NE 1222 11th Street, NW standing and a sense of community nity,” and “nurturing understanding” (202) 269–2277, www.foodandfriends.org (202) 682–1005, www.ccdsd.org/howorwc.php among persons of diverse faiths and through a variety of service programs to work cooperatively for social and throughout the city. Youth from dif- Miriam’s Kitchen Sasha Bruce Youthwork economic justice in metropolitan ferent communities unite to clean up 2401 Virginia Avenue, NW 741 8th Street, SE Washington, D.C.” The 11 member the environment and construct low- (202) 452–8089, www.miriamskitchen.org (202) 675–9340, www.sashabruce.org faiths include Catholicism, Buddhism, income housing for needy families. Islam, Judaism and Protestantism. Ad- Such projects make the District much The Welcome Table So Others Might Eat (SOME) ditionally the IFC reaches out to the more livable and establish a welcom- Church of the Epiphany 71 “O” Street, NW Baha’i, Jain, Latter-day Saints, Sikh ing social landscape. 1317 G Street, NW (202) 797–8806; www.some.org and Zoroastrian faith communities. By inviting religious leaders and (202) 347–2635, http://www.epiphanydc. The final goal of the conference? Mak- active youth driven to improve their org/ministry/welcometbl.htm ADDITIONAL RESOURCES ing the District the symbol of social city, the Interfaith Conference of and economic justice the member Metropolitan Washington hopes to MEDICAL RESOURCES Academy of Hope GED Center organizations believe it should be. promote justice and cooperation. In- 601 Edgewood Street, NE Individuals attending the conference stead of seeing Wards 1-8 as separate Christ House (202) 269-6623, www.aohdc.org have the opportunity to educate and communities, the IFC hopes that the 1717 Columbia Road, NW advocate for their faith while also nation’s capital will transform into (202) 328–1100, www.christhouse.org Catholic Community Services gaining a more complete understand- a united, cooperative and proactive 924 G Street, NW ing of other religions. This mutual in- capital that becomes a symbol for re- Unity Health Care, Inc. (202) 772–4300, www.ccs–dc.org terfaith understanding then promotes ligious collaboration. 3020 14th Street, NW a coalition of communities. (202) 745–4300,www.unityhealthcare.org D.C. Coalition for the Homeless 1234 Massachusetts Ave., NWDEPARTMENT OF My Sister’s Place Whitman–Walker Clinic (202) 347–8870, www.dccfh.orgMENTAL HEALTH ACCESS HOTLINE PO Box 29596, Washington, DC 20017 1407 S Street, NW (202) 529-5261 (office) (202) 797–3500, www.wwc.org Community Family Life Services1-888-7WE HELP (1-888-793-4357) (202) 529-5991 (24-hour hotline) 305 E Street, NW OUTREACH CENTERS (202) 347–0511, www.cflsdc.orgSHELTER N Street Village (Women) 1333 N Street, NW Bread for the City Foundry Methodist ChurchCalvary Women’s Services (202) 939–2060, www.nstreetvillage.org 1525 Seventh Street, NW 1500 16th Street, NW110 Maryland Avenue, NE (202) 265–2400 (202) 332–4010, www.foundryumc.org(202) 289-0596 (office) Samaritan Inns 1640 Good Hope Road, SE(202) 289-2111 (shelter) 2523 14th St., NW (202) 561–8587, www.breadforthecity.org Gospel Rescue Ministries (Men)www.calvaryservices.org (202) 667 - 8831 810 5th Street, NW http://www.samaritaninns.org/home/ Community Council for the Homeless at (202) 842–1731, www.grm.orgCentral Union Mission (Men) Friendship Place1350 R Street, NW New York Ave Shelter (Men 18+) 4713 Wisconsin Avenue NW Hermano Pedro Day Center(202) 745–7118, www.missiondc.org 1355–57 New York Avenue, NE (202) 364–1419, www.cchfp.org 3211 Sacred Heart Way, NW (202) 832–2359 (202) 332–2874Open Door Shelter (Women) Bethany Women’s Center www.ccs–dc.org/find/services/425 2nd Street, NW FOOD 1333 N Street, NW(202) 393–1909 (202) 939–2060, www.nstreetvillage.org JHP Inc. ,www.newhopeministriesdc.org/id3.html Charlie’s Place 425 2nd Street, NW 1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW Father McKenna Center (202) 544–9126, www.jobshavepriority.orgCommunity of Hope (Family) (202) 232–3066 19 Eye Street, NW1413 Girard Street, NW www.stmargaretsdc.org/charliesplac (202) 842–1112 Samaritan Ministry(202) 232–7356,www.communityofhopedc.org 1345 U Street, SE Church of the Pilgrims (Sundays only) Friendship House 1516 Hamilton Street, NWCovenant House Washington (Youth) 2201 P Street, NW 619 D Street, SE (202) 889–7702, www.samaritanministry.org2001 Mississippi Avenue, SE (202) 387–6612, www.churchofthepilgrims.org (202) 675–9050, www.friendshiphouse.net(202) 610–9600, www.covenanthousedc.org Thrive DC Georgetown Ministry Center SHELTER HOTLINE:John Young Center (Women) Breakfast served Mon.-Fri., 9:30-11 a.m. 1041 Wisconsin Avenue, NW 1–800–535–7252119 D Street, NW Dinner for women and children, Mon.-Fri., (202) 338–8301(202) 639–8469, www.catholiccharitiesdc.org 3-6 p.m. www.georgetownministrycenter.org