Golf Club World Media Kit


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Golf Club WORLD, behind the gates of 12 of the finest golf clubs in the world.

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Golf Club World Media Kit

  1. 1. Golf Club WORLD Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World by DIANA DELUCIA - Photographer / JournalistMEDIA KIT
  2. 2. Diana DeLuciaPhotographer, JournalistCell: +1 (860) 406 - 1782Email: dianadelucia@gmail.comWebsite: www.golfclubworld.netKyle GreeneSponsorship/Brand Partnership DeveloperPhone: +1 (904) 343 - 2337Email:
  3. 3. An Interview with Diana DeLuciaQ – What inspired you to do this project? their clubs. They’ve made a significant A – I have interviewed over 48 people has over 800 golf courses, unofficially;A – I co-published and was the lead pho- investment to join the club, they spend worldwide, including CEO/owners, it will serve to increase the audience fortographer for Restaurant Insider Magazine a tremendous amount of time there and general managers, golf professionals, this work, which I hope will serve as thein New York City for five years. It was a typically have a lot of pride in their club. greenskeepers and executive chefs. They definitive statement of the magical allurebehind-the-scenes magazine; the interest It’s like a second home to them, a place have worked closely with me to create of golf. The finest companies in the golfgenerated by illuminating the aspects of of community where they can relax and great photography of the facilities and the world will want to be associated with thethe business which most people never see entertain their friends and clients. people who make them special. In addi- finest golf clubs in Golf Club WORLD.inspired me to seek out other fields that do Q – Other than  the members, who tion, a lot of thought and effort has gonenot receive the attention they deserve. I would be interested in reading about the into the preparation of each recipe andwanted to apply the idea to other areas. people who make a golf club come to life? wine pairing. Golf Club World containsQ – How did this lead you to the A – There are millions of golf enthusiasts at least four recipes complete with winegolf industry? around the world, the industry is growing pairings per club; this alone makes it aA – My first train of thought was country globally at an impressive rate. Readers may unique keepsake.clubs, many of which operate outstand- be interested in golf course management, Q – Why should a company sponsoring dining establishments with unique grounds maintenance, golf club histories your project?characteristics and ambience. This led or they may enjoy reading about golf pro- A – My unique background has beenme toward the golf club industry. Once fessionals. Some may be interested in golf matched with 12 of the finest golf clubsI started my research with respect to the course architecture or interior and exterior around the world, which have openedrestaurants, I gained an interest in learning design, or a reader may be a Foodie who their doors to me and allowed me to tellabout the operational aspect of a golf club is interested in worldwide cuisine and fine their stories from a unique perspectivefrom the inside out, as well as the dining. wines which often accompany luxury golf accompanied by spectacular photography,I was hooked after that. clubs. The project is unique in its diver- insightful interviews and iconic recipes.Q – Why would golf club members be sity and comprehensive coverage, with 36 It’s a sweet project which is educationalinterested in reading about golf  pages dedicated to each club. and important to anyone involved in golfclub operations? Q – How many people have you inter- and the growth of the game in the future,A – Members are very involved with viewed for this project? including the new frontier, China, which Golf Club WORLD, Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World.
  4. 4. A Look Inside Michael Pascucci - Owner Architectural Statement by Andrew Thomson, Sebonack Golf Club, SoutHampton, USA Barnbougle Dunes, Tasmania, Australia Q – How did you conceive of the Jack Also his look -- Tom is basically a minimal- The design process was very different accommodation lodges, car park, recep- Nicklaus-Tom Doak collaboration? ist to an extreme, where he doesn’t want between Barnbougle Dunes and Lost tion and the clubhouse. He also knew that A – To me, Nicklaus is probably the great- you to even touch that piece of sand. Leave Farm. The initial briefs for The Dunes the views across the golf course and the est golf strategist and Doak is clearly the it if that’s what was natural. So everything’s clubhouse and accommodation cottages stunning coastal outlooks should govern guy for the look, the art. So if I could marry natural and you have to fit the golf course were cautious, with all the unknowns of the design of all the buildings. these two, I bought insurance against a bad into what nature created. Whatever was the economic viability of trying to achieve We chose building sites on the Dunes hole. You see, Jack would never put the there, whatever God created, that’s what public acceptance of this new course in course, to try to minimize their visual intru- wrong strategy on a hole and Tom would you use. Don’t move it. this seemingly remote corner of Australia. sion on the golf course. On the Lost Farm never let you screw up his artwork, because They both knew there would be issues. The clubhouse design was governed by its course we had to celebrate the dominant the challenge was you’re trying to paint How could we do this? Neither one of ability to be run by a skeleton staff of one or positions of the buildings while still trying4 the Mona Lisa with two different artists them thought we could do it. So I set up two employees and to be turned to other to reduce their impact by layering and by on one canvas. “Who’s doing the nose? I a meeting at The Bear’s Club with Tom uses, should the golfing demand fail to be adopting a muted palette. The Lost Farm got the ear. You got.... [laughs] That was and Jack. It was a four hour meeting and realized. Similarly, the first sixteen cottages clubhouse was the hardest building design great. It’s artwork with one piece of canvas they finally said, “You know, we get it. We were built off-site as prefabs and craned to settle on, and just when we thought we and two artists.” think we can do this, but there are going into position, should they ever need to be had it all solved with the sixth version, it Q – Were you concerned about their to be some things that we totally disagree recycled into another entity. was rejected by Bill Coore and Mike Keiser working relationship? on.” I said, “No problem. When you two When Richard Sattler decided to develop as being too obtrusive on the eastern half A – Tom Doak is a genius-type kid archi- guys get stuck, I’m the tie-breaker.” So Jack the Lost Farm course, he now had the of the course. tect du jour who wrote a book criticizing says to Tom, “Hey, we’re never going to entrepreneurial confidence and the vision Where the style of the Dunes development all the golf course architects. One of them let that happen.” and expertise to be able to write a very was meant to echo a small rural village was Jack Nicklaus. Jack’s built a lot of golf So we smoothed it over and I have to give concise and holistic design brief for the with deference to the built heritage of re- courses. And Jack is a statesman. He’s been Jack a lot of credit, because he made all complete development. Indeed, at my very gional Tasmania, the overriding theme of around and he made it fun for everyone. the site visits so much fun for everybody. first design site meeting with Richard, he the Lost Farm development more closely Tom is more of a genius type of guy. He There was a lot of give and take. He’s so walked me across the major dunes and resembles a fully contained, Lodge-style figured out the routing of this golf course proud of Sebonack. showed me exactly where he wanted resort with all the different entities com- that no other architect even thought of. the restaurant, the wellness centre, the fortably linked to each other. Golf Club WORLD, Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World.
  5. 5. A Look Inside 4-5 years of education and training in order to become Certified Club Managers. This has proven to be very successful for these brilliant young people and they worked very hard, but we only have 19 of them; there are many more to be trained. Q – How can you make golf sustainable in China in the future? A – In 1984 there was only one golf club in Chilled Angel Hair with Scallion and Caviar tossedDr. Alwyn Tai China; now there are more than 800 and truffle oil in bonito brothFoshan Golf Club, there are not enough qualified industryGuangdong Province, professionals. We need to create a properChina Ingredients: Recommended wine: system to bring more young people into Angel hair pasta 100g Alsace Gewurztraminer 2003,Q – How do you give back to the golf the business. We have to advance the game Spring onions 2 sprigs Wine Bos ( in China, which has been so good in China; to make golf more sustainable I Truffle oil 2 drops 5 Recipe created by Chef Mark Taykuanjin,to you? envision two angles: the environment and Caviar/ikura 5 g Laguna National, SingaporeA – The best way to give back to the in- human resources. We don’t have to worry Bonito stockdustry is by helping to train people by about the economy, the government is very Bonito flakes 50 gintroducing the proper education to this smart, and they are growing the national Dashi powder 10 gcountry. In 2005 I had the chance to intro- economy steadily; golf just has to keep up. Water 100 mlduce club management from the United We have to think how to make golf sustain- Directions: Add the bonito flakes, dashiStates to China. I worked closely with the able because of the environment: you need powder and water together in a pot. BringClub Managers Association of America huge land, you have water issues, chemical to a boil. In another pot, boil a pot of waterand I went to their World Conference. I issues and the farm land and all that. In the with a dash of salt. Once the water is boiling,found that they had a great club manage- human resources, do we have the properly add in the pasta and boil for 3 minutes.ment program, so I brought the program qualified people necessary to manage the Strain the pasta. Toss with olive oil to coolto China, in 2005. Eventually, we had growth of the game in a healthy way? If we the pasta. Chill the pasta in the refrigera-about 19 club managers through this edu- don’t have the proper human resources to tor. Once the pasta is chilled, add in thecation program; they became certified club manage the game, then people may believe truffle oil and toss. Garnish with choppedmanagers in 2010. It is a very intensive that this game is only for privileged people. spring onions and the caviar/ikura. Pourprogram and students have to go through the bonito stock onto the pasta and serve. Golf Club WORLD, Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World.
  6. 6. Testimonials ‘From day one we have supported Diana and ‘Diana is one of those rare artists who paints with her project. It has been great watching Golf Club her camera. The world looks even more beautiful WORLD develop into a global production that through her lens. What a gift!’ promotes golf and the people that make golf happen.’ TROY ALBERT, GENERAL MANAGER RICK DEES, Entertainer/ Producer SEBONACK GOLF CLUB, USA AND OWNER SWEETBRIER FARM, USA ‘Diana was a pleasure to work with. Her profes- ‘It was our distinct pleasure to work with a pro- sional approach, dedication and passion for her fessional like Diana. She was single minded in her work is clear whilst still allowing time for a bit purpose and striving for perfection in presenting of fun and a laugh.’ the uniqueness of the course and its people. We know the book will be a first of its kind and a tremendous success.’ RICHARD SATTLER, OWNER Patrick Bowers, Managing Director, BARNBOUGLE DUNES, AUSTRALIA Laguna Hospitality, Singapore ‘Diana has a true passion for her work and it shows ‘Besides being an exceptional photographer, Diana through her wonderful personality and professional- also possesses the ability to have the feel for the right6 ism. When it comes to getting the perfect shot, she moment to take a picture. It was a great pleasure works tirelessly on set-up, lighting and presentation. for all of us at Rancamaya Golf & Country Club to She also takes a real interest in the golf facility she work with her and observe a master artist doing her is profiling by conducting extensive research prior work. We have already viewed some of her featured to her visit, allowing her to get the most out of the pictures of the course, facilities and food and they KATHERINE JEMSEK, PRESIDENT Ulrich Hahn, Managing Director COG HILL, USA interviews she conducts on-site. She was delightful are just breathtaking. We will be very pleased to Rancamaya Golf and Country Club, Indonesia to work with, always conducting herself in a profes- share her work with all of our members and guests sional, calm and charming way.’ at Rancamaya Golf & Country Club.’ ‘My passion for the game of golf has given me the opportunity to manage and consult for exclusive golf clubs globally. I have been fortunate to meet individuals who were top professionals and more importantly whose work influenced and promoted the game of golf worldwide. Having recently worked with Diana DeLucia, on one of our golf clubs in China (Foshan Golf Club), I am proud to say that Diana, is one of these special individuals and I would like to take this opportunity to thank her.’ Werner J. Jayson, CEO Asia Pacific Leisure Group, Hong Kong Golf Club WORLD, Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World.
  7. 7. UNIQUE, GLOBAL SPONSORSHIP PROGRAMSLEGEND CLASSIC FAIRWAYLogo on back of every copy of Golf Logo on back of every copy of Golf Logo on back of every copy of GolfClub WORLD. Club WORLD Club WORLDFull page editorial about your Half page editorial about your Logo on all Print and Digital Mediacompany in every copy of Golf company in every copy of Golf Club for Golf Club WORLDClub WORLD WORLDLogo on all Print and Digital Media Logo on all Print and Digital Mediafor Golf Club WORLD (includes for Golf Club WORLD (includeseBook version) eBook version)Logo at every press and media eventfor Golf Club WORLD, and yourcompany has priority mention inall related media interviews withthe author.We’d love to discuss your company’s marketing objectives with you. Golf Club WORLD, Behind the Gates of 12 of the Finest Golf Clubs in the World.
  8. 8. Some of our Featured Participants Diana DeLucia Photographer, Journalist Cell: +1 (860) 406 - 1782 Email: Website: Kyle Greene Sponsorship/ Brand Partnership Developer Phone: +1 (904) 343 - 2337 Email: Design by Aquastone Graphic Arts & Print (