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  1. 1. Note: This is a sample transcript and does not reflect any real or true facts. It s all made up. Foundation Christian School, 1821 1st Street, Topeka, KS 66614, (913) 555-5234 Official High School Transcript Date: May 5, 2002 Attendance: Sept . 1998 - May 2002 Ima Good Kidd 1821 1 st Street, Topeka KS 66614 (913) 555-5234 Birthdate: 08/18/84 Course Description Credits Given Grade English 9A Beginning grammar & composition ½ A English 9B Introduction to L iterature ½ A English 10A Intermediate grammar & composition ½ A English 10B Structure an d theme in Literature ½ A Jr. Composition Writing a resea rch paper. ½ A American Literature Study of the literature of America. ½ A Sr. Composition Study of various essay formats and writing style. ½ A World L iterature Survey of world literature. ½ A Physical Science Beginning concep ts in chemistry, physics and life sciences. 1 B Biology Systematic study of th e living world. 1 B Chem istry System atic stu dy of th e prin ciples and p roced ures o f chem istry. 1 B World Geography Study of the interaction of physical and cultural geography of the world. 1 A American History Stud y of the p eople , even ts and ideas th at shap ed ou r coun try. 1 A 1 A Europea n History Survey of the major events, people and ideas that shaped European history from the middle ages to the pre sent. History of the 20 th Century In depth study of the events and ideas that shaped the history of the world in the 20th centu ry. ½ A ½ A US Government Study of local, state and federal government and the students role and responsibility as a citizen of the United States. Economics Study o f econom ic facts and princip les of our so ciety and c ompa rison with other eco nomic ½ A systems. Algebra I Beginning algebraic concep ts. 1 B Geome try Study of geometric terms and processes to include the study of formal proofs and the 1 B developm ent of geome try skills for problem solvin g and reason ing. Alge bra II Intermediate algebraic concepts. 1 B Pre-calculus Analytic geom etry, advanced a lgebra, trigonom etry 1 B 1 A Spanish I Beginning Sp anish grammar, and read ing and writing of simple stories. Study of Spanish culture. V ocabu lary develo pmen t. Span ish II Continued advancement in grammar, reading and vocabulary study of Spanish. Development of 1 A listening, reading and writing compreh ension. Emph asis on verb tenses.
  2. 2. Official Transcript, Ima Go od Kidd, Pag e 2 Physical Education Exercise and physical fitness program emphasizing cardiovascular fitness, strength training, and 1 A flexibility. Special emp hasis on training requiremen ts for volleyball and ba sketball and off- season fitness maintenance. Health Nutrition, healthy lifestyle, mental health, substance abuse, and physical fitness. ½ A ½ A Keyboarding Training in proper keyboarding m ethods and basic typing skills including formatting a business letter and other documents. Concert Band 9th Grad e Perfo rman ce and music theory. 1 A Band I Concert Band 10th Grad e Perfo rman ce and music theory. 1 A Ban d II Concert Band 11th Grad e Perfo rman ce and music theory. Ban d III 1 A Concert Band 12th Grad e Perfo rman ce and music theory. Ban d IV 1 A 1 A Art History Survey of the history of art from prehistoric times to the present. Focus on selected representative of each major period. ½ A Drawing & Comp osition Basic techniques of drawing and elements of composition using a variety of media. Includes daily drawing in the student s sketchbook and four com pleted projects. Accounting I Beginning terminology, concepts, principles, and practices of accounting studied by applying 1 B them to mo del accoun ting projects. 1 B Acco untin g II Continuation of Accounting I moving on to more advanced principles and practices of accounting. Total C redits 27 GPA: 3.67 Credits By Subject: Rank in Class: N/A Langu age Arts Credits: 4 Math Credits: 4 Social Stud ies Credits: 4.5 Scienc e Cred its: 3 Foreign Langu age Cre dits: 2 Other C redits: 9.5 Grad ing Sc ale A 92-100% 4.0 B 83-91% 3.0 C 77-82% 2.0 D 70-76% 1.0 F 0-69% 0 Standardized Test Scores SAT Date Given: Sept. 2001 Score: Math 620 Verbal 730
  3. 3. Official Transcript, Ima Go od Kidd, Pag e 3 Extra-curricular Activities Competitive Volleyball Team 9th, 10th, 11th 12 th Competitive Basketball Team 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Sund ay School A ssistant Teache r 9 th, 10th Sunday School Teacher 11th, 12th European Tour Three Weeks summer of 2000 Missions Trip to India 2 ½ weeks January 2001 Special Olympics volunteer Summer 2000 Topeka Youth Chorus 2000-2002 Employ for Burger King Jan . 1999-Mar 2000 Include volu nteer work, em ployment, spo rts participation, chu rch activities. Keep track of the se as you go along an d you w ill be more likely to inclu de them on the tran script. Awards All Tournament Team 3 rd Annual National Home School Volleyball Tournament - 2001 Burger King Employ of the Month September 1999 John L. Trump Service Award 2002 Optim ist Club of Top eka Ora torical Co ntest 1 st Place Keep track of the se as you go along an d you w ill be more likely to inclu de them on the tran script.