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Task 3


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Published in: Education
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Task 3

  1. 1. Task 3: Fans and Films - Twilight and Harry Potter People that love to watch films with passion or watches films regularly generally mean that they are a huge fan of the film industry. Fans/ Huge Fans form a relationship with films, especially films that they particular enjoy to watch. Generally when something pleasant happens in the movie they also feel joyful, when something sad/heart-breaking they also feel sad and so on. So overall they make themselves feel part of the film or because fans/huge fans have so much love and passion for what they watch they may take the film real. Fans do many different things to show their love, appreciation and passion for their favourite film. For example they do tattoos, put posters in their room, and see the stars closely when they come to a certain place for a visit and so on. One of the two films that are highly popular and are well known worldwide is two films called “Harry Potter” and “Twilight”. These two films are from different genres but they have been hugely popular and achieved thousands of fans all most worldwide. “Harry Potter” is about magic and wizardry where as “Twilight” is a romantic love story: love triangle between three people. Fans that adore the movie Twilight have tattooed their body with the image of the characters.
  2. 2. This illustrates that they are a very big fan of the movie because covering your whole back with images of the character is a huge commitment and tattoo is not something that can be easily erased or removed. Fans of Twilight go and a visit a place where the stars of movies are and wait patiently or impatiently to give a glimpse of movies stars, give an autograph from them or shake hands with them. There is a lot of shouting or enthusiasm from the fans during the visit. This shows how popular the movie stars have become and how important they are to the stars that they come from different place wait for a glimpse, hand shake or autograph. Fans of Harry Potter (the films) show their affection and craziness by dressing up in clothes that similarly worn in the movie: Clothes that are linked to magic or wizardry.
  3. 3. As the films have become highly popular and known they have even made the sets of “Harry Potter” and included some of the activities for instance the castle, pretending to fly on the broom and etc. This is all for the beloved fans to see and experience how is the magic world in “Harry Potter” This illustrates the popularity of the film because making the sets of “Harry Potter” and having actives takes a lot of time and a huge amount of money goes in to all these things.
  4. 4. Emotional pleasures, visceral pleasures and intellectual puzzles are important to be in films overall. It makes the film interesting and see able. At least one of them have to be in the film but I think emotional pleasures is vital because if there is no emotion in the film then the film is quite boring and almost no point in watching it. “Twilight” definitely has a lot of emotional pleasures as it’s a love story. People would either cry, feel overjoyed or even have mixed feelings. “Harry Potter” has emotional pleasures, visceral pleasures and intellectual puzzles. It has emotional pleasures because there are joyful moments of them being with their loved ones, winning the Quidditch game and finally defeating Voldmort. It has visceral pleasures as there were moments that too much action was happening or there were dramatic moments. Finally the film has intellectual puzzle because there is the question/wonder who will die? Harry or Voldmort or who will get defeated? Will Harry and his friends succeed in their challenges/tasks? They may be visceral pleasure because there may be moments where the viewer’s/fans are giving physical reactions for example feeling like they are going up one part of the film and down the next or vice versa: Feeling happy one part of the film and sad the next and etc. Or they their action part and they feel like they are experiencing the same thing. Overall Fans and Film relationship are quite big. Fans think too big of films. Films have a quite a huge/ a huge impact in their lives. They may idolise the characters and take the story or the film overall serious. Huge fans try and do things to be hugely involved in the film by trying to meet the stars or catch a glimpse, tattoo their bodies with the characters, wear props/costumes of the film.