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DIGITAL IDENTITY CANVAS I @dianagonzalez I @edentity_es
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Digital Identity Canvas


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Digital Identity Canvas, inspired by The Business Model Canvas of Osterwalder, is a second version that you can be used to realize the plan of personal digital identity, business or community brands.

This approach is only intended as a starting point, so it can be improved and changed and allows you to add or remove items to suit the needs of the moment.

Thanks for sharing it and improve it.

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Digital Identity Canvas

  1. 1. DIGITAL IDENTITY CANVAS I @dianagonzalez I @edentity_es NAME DATE objectives BRAND COLLABORATORS Other community, corporate or personal brands to collaborate with to achieve the objectives set (suppliers, distributors, colleagues or friends, previous companies…). They are also part of the community and it is necessary to think about the relationship with them. ACTIVITIES Actions to carry out with each tool to relate with the community. What accounts do you need to create? Will you monitor? Do you need training? Will you write content? Will you attend events? Will you update social media every day? Will you create a content plan?... definition of brand Description of the brand based on differential value. Who are you? What do you do? What do you offer? What do you want to do? What make you unique?... relationship with the community Specify the way in which the community will be reached. Will you communicate in a personal manner or anonymously? One by one, several or all at the same time? Privately or publicly? With what tone? community Description of the audiences that the brand has a relationship with or may have in the future (internal, external, potential, clients, influencers, bloggers, prescribers, competition, administration...). Who are they? What do they do? How do they communicate? Where are they?... CONTENT Topics and types of content offered to the community in each tool. TOOLS Applications, social media or devices necessary to relate with the community. Where is the community? What channels do you use? Which can you use?... investment. Costs of the digital identity plan, both economic and temporary or personal benefits. Profits obtained from carrying out the activities. Quantification of the objectives set out and new benefits not identified by thems Digital identity canvas by Diana González (@dianagonzalez) is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-CompartirIgual 4.0 Internacional License