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One Woman Can 50 Years
We're kicking off a Yearlong Celebration to honor Mary Kay's 50th Anniversary!

A NEW! Future for your skin with TimeWise Plus ~ the most advanced age-fighting technology using a plant Stem Cells!

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Applause september 2012

  1. 1. ® PHILIPPINES SEPTEMBER 2012 A NEW FUTURE SM FOR YOUR SKIN Were Kicking Off a TimeWise Plus+TMYearlong Celebration Advanced age-fighting technologyto Honor Mary Kays 50th Anniversary! your customers will love SM
  2. 2. Message from the GENERAL manager September 2012 calendar of activities Date Day Activity Venue Time Dear Beauty Consultants, esrs day 1 / RJU day 1 / TBC Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am PKW - TIMEWISE PLUS+ Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm Seminar Year 2013 marks a full year celebration of 50 years of 1 Sat GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 3 pm enriching people’s lives. It is also the year when your dreams in KIT SUPPORT Lucena City this business can get bigger, brighter and totally breathtaking. 2 Sun MARKET BLITZ Cotabato City REGIONAL MEETING Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 1 pm As we begin the countdown for Mary Kay’s biggest event yet, 4 Tue SD MEETING Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm we have prepared big things for you as early as this September. COFFEE WITH THE GEN. Makati 9 am We are proud to introduce the latest Mary Kay products that 5 Wed Maxs Magsaysay Drive, MARKET BLITZ 5 pm-7 pm Olongapo City you and your customers will surely love - the new TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM KIT SUPPORT Tacloban City Intensive Serum and Correcting Eye Cream, Mary Kay’s most advanced age-fighting 6 Thu NISD DAY 1 Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am skin care technology to date. These products contain a superior scientific skin care NISD DAY 2 Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am formula that helps restore youthful volume in your skin. COFFEE WITH THE GEN. Davao City 9 am ESSD MEETING Davao City 1 pm We will also give you exciting selling and team-building challenges that will surely NEW BC WELCOME PARTY Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm strengthen your Mary Kay business. We still have the Star Sellers Soiree challenge, 7 Fri GUEST EVENT Quezon City 6 pm Star Consultant Rewards program, Local Red Jacket Rally challenge and this MARKET BLITZ Batangas 4 pm-8 pm month’s new special surprise – "Build Strong, Fly to Hong Kong!" challenge. KIT SUPPORT Nueva Viscaya KIT SUPPORT Pasig City And what’s even more exciting is that we will provide spectacular incentive trips, esrs day 2 / rju day 2 Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 9 am such as the Catch the Dream Dallas 2013 in Dallas, Texas, USA and the 2013 Top PKW - TIMEWISE PLUS+ Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 2 pm Sales Directors Trip to South Africa, for everyone who will make it to the top of their Mary Kay careers. GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 3 pm 8 Sat CAR GE- YVONNE CORNEJO Tagum City We assure you that 2013 will be big for everyone. And all it takes is a decision McDo Nepo Mart, Angeles MARKET BLITZ 5 pm-7 pm that you have to make this very moment -- believing that you can succeed in this City business. Always remember that Mary Kay Ash did it and so did all other successful MARKET BLITZ Hotel Roma,Tuguegarao 2 pm-5 pm Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors and Beauty Consultants around the world. KIT SUPPORT Dumaguete City ONE WOMAN CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE. And the next woman could be you! 9 Sun MARKET BLITZ Kidapawan City 10 Mon MARKET BLITZ Santa Rosa, Laguna 4 pm-8 pm Let’s continue to embrace Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of enriching women’s lives and I look Quarterly essd meeting Makati City 9 am forward to celebrating new milestones with you in the next 50 years of Mary Kay! DEVELOPING OFFSPRINGS Makati City 9 am 11 Tue KIT SUPPORT Cavite Warmest regards, CAR GUEST EVENT-ARBEL ROTO Aklan TTT Basics Makati City 9 am 12 Wed Tente Alday kit support Passi, Iloilo TTT Product Clinic Makati City 9 am 13 Thu market blitz Lenox Hotel, Dagupan 4 pm-8 pm Mary Kay MARKET BLITZ ttt masters Grand Regal Hotel,Bacolod Makati City 5 pm 9 am said it best 14 Fri New BC Welcome Party Guest Event Quezon City Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm 6 pm "The most important mile in our business 15 Sat General Assembly Mkt/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 3 pm car GE - rhea bordadora Surigao walk is the extra mile, the one called MARKET BLITZ Baguio City 18 Tue CAR GE - WILMA PAREDES Bacoor, Cavite service. It sometimes takes the time we 19 Wed KIT SUPPORT Pampanga MARKET BLITZ Jollibee Bogo City 3 pm dont think we have, but we always do. It 20 Thu KIT SUPPORT Bulacan sometimes means going out of our way. 21 Fri GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Ceb/Dvo/Zam 6 pm GUEST EVENT Mkt/QC/Dvo/Zam 3 pm 22 Sat But helping someone else along the way KIT SUPPORT Pampanga 23 Sun GUEST EVENT Cebu helps us on journey to the top." 22-23 Sat-Sun SAMPLING ACTIVITY Ayala Center Cebu 10am-9pm 25 Tue DEVELOPING OFFSPRINGS Cebu 9 am 26 Wed TTT BASIC Cebu 9 am Beauty SEPTEMBER 2012 1 Sat All Beauty Centers open at 2pm 27 Thu TTT MASTERS Cebu 9 am Center 3 Mon Makati and QC Beauty Centers open at 2pm Please check with your respective Beauty Centers to confirm the classes/activities or when it is rescheduled. Schedule 4 Tue Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga Beauty Centers open at 2pm 28 Fri Last day for ordering of BCs up to DIQs at the Beauty Center 29 Sat Last day for personal orders of SDs Every Wednesday is a ® BUSINESS DAYS: Makati and Quezon City Beauty Centers are open Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays). Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga City Beauty Centers are open Tuesdays to day! Saturdays (closed on Sundays). Training Rooms in Davao, Cebu and Zamboanga Beauty Centers As Mary Kay Philippines’ commitment to help preserve the environment, Independent may be used on Mondays with advance reservation through Customer Service. Operating Beauty Consultants are encouraged to place their orders online at our PC kiosk when Hours: Makati, Quezon City, Cebu: 11am-8pm / Davao & Zamboanga: 10am-7pm. online placing their orders at the Beauty Center every Wednesday. We will assist you, should ordering service: is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. you need help in using our kiosk. Let’s show Mother Earth that we care!2 SM applause september 2012
  3. 3. SMThere is nothing more exciting than the anticipationand preparation for a big event. As we begin thecountdown to our 50th anniversary, we’re kickingoff a year of beauty like no other!From the beginning, Mary Kay has provided high-performingbeauty products that deliver real results. As a global leader inskin care, we are proud to introduce our latest breakthrough,TimeWise Plus+TM. Representing years of research and thelatest innovative technology that includes the power of peptidesand plant stem cells, TimeWise Plus+TM is our most advancedage-fighting skin care yet.Our anniversary is a celebration of all that one woman cando. Inspired by the legacy of our Founder, Mary Kay Ash, weknow that whether you want to be your most beautiful self, trya daring new look or achieve a personal goal, one woman canbe as powerful as she dreams! We invite you to look for theOne Woman CanSM symbol and join the celebration.Wishing you a season of inspiration and joy, Sheryl Adkins-Green Mary Kay Chief Marketing Officer applause september 2012 SM 3
  4. 4. Restore Youthful VOLUME4 SM applause september 2012
  5. 5. A New Future for your skin. Sophisticated biotechnology. Unprecedented Innovation. New TimeWise Plus+™ Lifted look, Firmer skin for a younger “V” you!With the power of Plant Stem cellsand other advanced ingredients,TimeWise Plus+™ Skin Care is the latestscientifically innovative skin care fromMary Kay developed to minimize theadvanced signs of skin aging and helpskin recapture its youthfulness.This premium formula includes theexclusive Regena-Firm™ Complex thatdelivers vital benefits your skin craves.It’s all inside! See why this is the skincare your skin has been waiting for.Biomimetic peptide Gotu kola Plant Stem Hyaluronic Acid NEW! NEW! Cells TimeWise Plus+ TM TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Regena-FirmTM Correcting Eye Cream, Intensive Serum, Net Wt. 15 ml. Net Wt. 30 ml. P2,395 P4,095 Available for sale beginning September 16, 2012 applause september 2012 SM 5
  6. 6. NEW TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum Skin looks years younger Immediately doubles skin hydration LET THE LIFTING BEGIN. Powered by the exclusive Firms and tightens sagging skin Regena-FirmTM Complex, which includes the power of nature, plant stem cells and other advanced ingredients, this serum was designed to influence proteins in an area of the Helps jawline area appear lifted skin that plays a critical role in cellular and helps define facial contours communication. • Facial contours look restored. Neck area looks firmed • Lifting lasts throughout the day. • Skin looks years younger, firmer and toned. YOUTHFUL VOLUME IS RESTORED. After 1 week:† After 2 weeks:† After 4 weeks:† Helps provide Helps Helps the Helps define Firms and Helps reverse Provides lifting that Neck area a noticeable replenish skin jawline area and perfect tightens the loss of lasts throughout looks firmed: lifting sensation: moisture: appear lifted: facial contours: sagging skin: cushion: the day: 80% 88% 78% 81% 82% 79% 82% 79% NEW TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Correcting Eye Cream UNLOCK THE SECRET TO A YOUTHFUL, LIFTED LOOK Firms sagging skin and helps Powered by the exclusive Regena- eye area look more lifted FirmTM Complex, which includes the power of nature, plant stem cells and Minimizes appearance other advanced ingredients, this eye of deep lines and cream also features liquid crystals moisturizes for 12 hours that help illuminate eyes and enhance effectiveness. Get ready to experience these benefits: Minimizes dark circle and puffiness • Helps eye area look more lifted. • Helps reduce puffiness. • Minimizes appearance of deep lines. YOUTHFUL VOLUME IS RESTORED • Minimizes dark circles. AROUND EYE AREAS. Liquid Crystals After 1 week:† After 2 weeks:† After 4 weeks:† Helps eye area Helps reduce Helps Minimizes Firms sagging Minimizes Eyelids have Eye area appears Helps look more undereye minimize dark circles: skin around appearance a less hooded dramatically repair skin’s lifted: puffiness: crow’s-feet: eyes: of deep lines: appearance: younger: appearance: 79% 78% 75% 83% 80% 79% 81% 76% 94% †6 SM applause september 2012 Results based on a 4-week Independent Consumer study. The percentages reflect the number of women who agreed with the statement.
  7. 7. TheREGENA-FIRM™ COMPLEXis the catalyst behind TimeWise Plus+™ You can experience TimeWise Plus+TM Power of Three, a complex of ingredients so advanced, Did you know? giving your skin a second chance to act There are two ways that hyaluronic younger. The Regena-Firm™ Complex PLUS acid can be added to skin. is an innovative combination of ingredients work One way is by adding it to a product formula and applying it topically so together for real results. it can sit on skin and attract vital Dr. Beth Lange, Chief moisture. The second way is how the Scientific Officer at Mary Regena-Firm™ Complex delivers it – by Kay, is a leading expert in the helping to promote the production of field of age-fighting skin care hyaluronic acid* so skin is not only able at Mary Kay. Her experience GOTU KOLA Plant stem cells to attract and collect moisture, but also in skin care technology and infuse skin with life. to hold onto it. This can help boost skin innovative products gives her a wealth of skin care PLANT STEM CELLS that help volume and create a plumping effect. knowledge to share. protect the integrity of the skin *Based on in-vitro testing of key ingredients matrix, the source of skin firmness.* Order of Application A specialized peptide helps support skin renewal.* morning night • 3-in-1 Cleanser • 3-in-1 Cleanser TRIPEPTIDE 1, a biomimetic • Moisture Renewing Gel Mask • Microdermabrasion peptide that helps support the (If used as a 10-minute mask) (use on alternating days) processes critical for skin repair.* • Moisture Renewing Softener • Moisture Renewing Softener • Timewise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM • Timewise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Intensive Serum Intensive Serum • Replenishing Serum+C (optional) • Replenishing Serum+C (optional) • Day Solution SPF 35 • Night Solution • Age-Fighting Moisturizer* • Night Restore and Recover Complex Potent botanicals surge • Age-Fighting Moisturizer* OR with power. Moisture Renewing Gel Mask** (If used as an overnight mask) Botanicals that are shown to boost • Timewise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM • Timewise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Correcting Eye Cream Correcting Eye Cream the production of hyaluronic acid,* • Firming Eye Cream (optional) • Firming Eye Cream (optional) helping to provide youthful volume • Targeted-Action Line Reducer • Targeted-Action Line Reducer and lift. * Use day or night, two or three times per week. Do not follow with acne treatment products. Based on your hydration needs and preference, you can omit your usual moisturize step *Based on in-vitro testing of key ingredients above when using the gel mask as a leave on nighttime product. ** Use day or night, two or three times per week. Do not follow with acne treatment products.Advanced Signs of AgingWomen in their 20s Women in their 30s Women in their 40sEarly signs of aging Moderate signs of aging Advanced signs of aging• Sun damage begins to appear • Sun Damage becomes more • Very visible sun damage• Emerging uneven skin tone noticeable • Noticeable dark spots and and dark spots • More visible uneven skin tone uneven pigmentation• Rough, dull skin and dark spots • Loss of skin volume & firmness• Expression lines begin to appear • Loss of firmness and moisture • Deep wrinkles & sagging on the face• Under-eye puffiness • Fine lines on neck become visible • Eye area crepiness and sagging • Under-eye puffiness, dark circles applause september 2012 SM 7
  8. 8. Application tips for YOUTHFUL VOLUME TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ Intensive Serum: Forehead/Nose • With the index, middle and ring fingers, start at the center of the forehead. Apply liberally using both hands and work up the forehead and then outward to the temples with circular motions while applying slight pressure. • Then apply to the nose starting between the eyebrows, using an outward motion while moving down the bridge of the nose, avoiding the eye area. Around the Mouth/Cheeks/Jawline • Placing the middle and ring fingers at the corners of the mouth, begin massaging upward and outward in circular motions that trace the apples of the cheeks, up to temples, and down along the jawline and back to the corners of the mouth. Repeat several times. • Place your middle and ring fingers on either side of your jawline and create upward sweeping motions that massage the sides of your face all the way to your temples. Neck OPTIONAL: Depending on individual’s application behavior, one additional pump of TimeWise Plus+TM Intensive Serum might be needed to apply to the neck area. • With the index, middle and ring fingers, apply the serum using upward and outward strokes from the collarbone to the base of the chin. • Move fingers to the center of chin and with slight pressure, massage the product outward along the jawline to earlobes. Below the earlobes, increase pressure slightly and massage with three clockwise rotations and three counterclockwise rotations to release tension. Special zamac Applicator Tip: Experience Eye-Deal Beauty Perfectly sculpted to fit TimeWise Plus+™ Regena-Firm™ the shape of the eye, the zamac applicator tip is Correcting Eye Cream: designed to help stimulate microcirculation as it gently massages the undereye • Using the special Zamac metal tip area to help reduce as the applicator, squeeze out a small puffiness. When the smooth amount of product onto the tip. metal touches your skin, the effect is at • Avoiding the inner corner of the eye, once cooling apply directly to the undereye area and refreshing. closest to the nose with a sweeping, outward motion. Lift and repeat. • Also, gently apply on the upper eyelid area using the same technique. • To help relieve undereye puffiness, with one sweep, gently massage the product onto the skin in an outward circular motion moving from the area closest to the nose and outward. Repeat on the other eye.8 SM applause september 2012
  9. 9. volume up your business Offer the New TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Intensive Serum and Correcting Eye Cream to your regular and potential TimeWise product users and see great improvement not only on their skin but also on your sales. TimeWise TimeWise Plus+TM Plus+TM Promo 1* Promo 2* Buy TimeWise Buy TimeWise Plus+TM Promo 1 Plus+TM Promo 2 (Part #10-063765) (Part #10-063766) for 4,095 only. for 2,395 only. Set includes: Set includes: • 1 TimeWise Plus+TM • 1 TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Regena-FirmTM Intensive Serum and Correcting Eye Cream • 1 FREE Mini and TimeWise Plus+TM • 1 FREE Mini Regena-FirmTM TimeWise Plus+TM Correcting Regena-FirmTM Eye Cream and Correcting 1 FREE Eye Cream and TimeWise Moisture 1 FREE Mini Renewing Gel Mask TimeWise Plus+TM Regena-FirmTM Intensive Serumbuy = free! buy = free!* Available from September 16 to October 15 and while supplies last, whichever comes first. Please use the Promo Part Number when ordering. Buy 1 Mary Kay Creme-to- Limited offer only! Powder Foundation (any shade) OR FREE sponge for P590 only Buy for every purchase OR Buy 1 Mary Kay Tinted = free! get FREE of foundation Moisturizer (any shade) Sponge 1 TimeWise (pack of 2) Liquid for P750 only * Available from September 1 to 15, 2012 only. Foundation (any shade and formula) for P750 only applause september 2012 SM 9
  10. 10. Give yourself an EARLY HOLIDAY TREAT with a 3-DAY & 2-NIGHT VACATION TO HONG KONG when you reach your team building and selling targets!!! Challenge Period: September 1 to October 31, 2012. Take the easiest • Round trip airfare from Manila to Mary Kay Hong Kong to Manila challenge • 3-day and 2-night hotel to Hong Kong accommodation in Hong Kong and get these exciting treats: • Shopping time and Tour Around the City • Ultimate bonding with fellow Mary Kay sisters10 SM applause september 2012
  11. 11. Open to all Beauty Consultants,Sales Directors and National Sales Directors:For Beauty Consultants:• Have at least 6 new team members with P24,000 cumulative retail sales each, inclusive of at least 1 TimeWise Plus+ product (Intensive Serum or Correcting Eye Cream) per team member• Have personal sales of P50,000 cumulative retail sales, inclusive of at least 1 TimeWise Plus+ product (Intensive Serum or Correcting Eye Cream)For Sales Directors/ National Sales Directors:• Have at least 2 qualified Beauty Consultants for the Challenge• Have at least 6 new team members with P24,000 cumulative retail sales each, inclusive of at least 1 TimeWise Plus+ product (Intensive Serum or Correcting Eye Cream) per team member• Have personal sales of P50,000 cumulative retail sales, inclusive of at least 1 TimeWise Plus+ product (Intensive Serum or Correcting Eye Cream)Challengereminders:• Qualifed Beauty Consultants (BCs) and Sales Directors (SDs) must process their own documents and passport• Qualified BCs/SDs must submit the confirmation form, travel waiver and passport on or before November 5, 2012.• Qualified BCs/SDs who will not be able to join the trip are not entitled either to bank or convert the trip to cash.• All incentive trips are subject to creditable withholding tax of 10% under Section 2.57.2 (0) of the National Internal Revenue Code. applause september 2012 SM 11
  12. 12. DO THE POWER 10: 3+3+3+1 Habits of a successful Independent Beauty Consultant As an Independent Beauty Consultant, it is important for you to learn, practice and live the habits and traits of doing the Mary Kay business. • MAKE THE MOST OF THE TIME YOU SPEND ON • BUILD YOUR WAY TOWARDS DIRECTORSHIP • ESTABLISH A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR YOUR MARY KAY BUSINESS. Every morning ask yourself, "Whom can I share the CUSTOMERS. Merely giving someone an Independent For instance, hold both skin care, color and fragrance opportunity with today?" If you aim to become an Beauty Consultant Agreement or selling her a mascara classes instead of just facials, and book multiple Independent Sales Director, think about making your once with no follow-up customer service does little hostesses and take new Beauty Consultants with you goal to have at least 30 personal team members in to foster a healthy business relationship. Consider as part of their orientation process. Be sure to book your unit at all times. But Mary Kay always said that establishing relationship with your customers by and team build from your selling appointments. This will you should not stop to take a breath until you reach offering them excellent customer service and layering not only bring you additional income, but also additional 50 unit members. Remember to conduct at least them with team building materials. Remember to team members. Remember to do at least 3 skin 3 team building interviews every week. do at least 3 customer services and have 1 new care and color classes every week. customer every week. use the Power Card January 16 - december 31, 2012 A great and successful Mary Kay career begins with consistent career habits. Develop the habit that spell success with the help of the Power Card. • A new Beauty Consultant must accomplish all the activity • The first set of activities is Power 10 • The new Beauty Consultant will receive a Special Power requirements from her first to third month as a Beauty Consultant. activities (HOLD 3 SKIN CARE CLASSES, 10 Gift when she accomplishes all the requirements 3 INTERVIEWS, 3 CUSTOMER SERVICES for the month. Claim the Special Power 10 Gift after th onth on Your 3rd10Mon s AND HAVE 1 NEW CUSTOMER). accomplishing your month 1, 2 or 3 required activities. Cut th on Your 2nd10M vities er activitie Do all of these Pow on Your 1st Mon and submit each card monthly to Customer Service or to e Activities Do 3 Customer Servic s er acti Do all of these Pow Do 3 Customer Servic e Activities Hold 3 Skin Care Classes • The second set requires the New Beauty Power 10 activitieh this Do all of these Do 3 Customer Servic e Activities Hold 3 Skin Care Classes Have 3 Teambuildi ng Interviews Have 1 New Custo mer Consultant to attend at least 5 activities the Sales Development & Education Team for processing. rd Hold 3 Skin Care Classes ng Interviews Have 1 New Custo mer Have 3 Teambuildi and/or specified classes. This must .art building plish each activity mer mark as you accom Have 1 New Custo Put a check/tick ng Interviews Have 3 Teambuildi . essful mark as you accom plish each activity these events & classes er! mark as you accomplish each activity. Put a check/tick l of 5 of any of these events Attend a totaclasses you have not yet Attend any 5 of Product Class 1 be done from the calendar month he/she The Power Put a check/tick plus the r 1st Month tation tor’s Unit Meeti ng0 activities these events & classes attended on you ltant Orien New Consu Your Sales Direc signed in as a Beauty Consultant until her Attend any 5 of ng tor’s Unit Meetinumber of Product Class 2 Card Gift for Your Sales Direcy month. Your Sales Direc tor’s Unit Meeti ng New Consultant Orientation New Beauty Consu ltant Welcome Party General Assembly third month as a Beauty Consultant. General Assembly Red Jacket Rally September Local ltant Welcome Party 3 Guests month’s New Beauty Consu ss Guest Event with General Assembly to Reach Succe Essential Stepsallenges, you 1 Guest rsity 2012! Guest Event with Red Jacket Unive Success • If he/she signed in from the 20th to the ty EventSpecial Gift of Market Blitz / Beau to Reach Essential Steps Guest Event to Teambuilding ty Event Essential Steps Market Blitz / Beau limited-edition Staff sign 30th/31st of the month, he/she has until or a Mary Kay Sales Product Class Director, Team Leader or classes. Have your Sales your attendance to these events ty Event to verify Market Blitz / Beau l three monthly Staff sign or a Mary Kay Sales Director, Team Leader Mary Kay Nail or classes. the next month to accomplish her 1st Have your Sales your attendance to these events s, you will to verify Staff sign or a Mary Kay Sales Director, Team Leader or classes. Ovation. Have your Sales your attendance to these events to verify The POWER CARD is available in the STARTER KIT and month requirements. Succeeding months’ Lacquer Pulse requirements will be counted under can be downloaded at calendar months thereon. 12 SM applause september 2012
  13. 13. t as th!L onm Limited-Edition Mary Kay REWARDS PROGRAM july - SEPTEMBER 2012 Professional Business Tools Give your Mary Kay Business a boost with the limited-edition Mary Kay Professional Business Tools, a mk smart, professional and business-like way to conduct your Mary Kay skin care and color classes. Get one of these trolley when you become an achiever of any Star Consultant Reward Level this quarter. set mk tote bag skin care tool bundle set (3 mirrors, 2 skin care table cloths and 3 headbands in a bundle set bag) mk overnight bag LEVEL SAPPHIRE RUBY DIAMOND EMERALD TOTAL SECTION 1 RETAIL SALES REQUIREMENT P90,000 - P109,999 P110,000 - P129,999 P130,000 - P149,999 P150,000 and above FOR 3 MONTHS: PIN: Ladder of Success Pin + Sapphire gemstone Ladder of Success Pin + Ruby gemstone Ladder of Success Pin + Diamond gemstone Ladder of Success Pin + Emerald gemstone REWARD: Star Reward Sapphire + MK Tote Bag Star Reward Ruby + MK Overnight Bag Star Reward Diamond + Skin Care Tool Bundle Set Star Reward Emerald + MK Trolley Set Minimum Average P30,000 P36,667 P43,334 P50,000 sales/month: 1 TimeWise Plus 2 TimeWise Plus 2 TimeWise Plus 2 TimeWise Plus Regena-Firm Regena-Firm Regena-Firm Regena-Firm Intensive Serum Intensive Serum Intensive Serum Intensive Serum and 1 Correcting and 2 Correcting and 2 Correcting and 2 Correcting SUGGESTED SETS TO 2 TimeWise Eye Cream 2 TimeWise Eye Cream 2 TimeWise Eye Cream 3 TimeWise Eye Cream Miracle Sets Miracle Sets Miracle Sets Miracle Sets SELL THIS MONTH: 2 Lavish Spa Bundle Sets 2 MKMen Sets 2 Lavish Spa Bundle Sets 2 MKMen Sets 3 Lavish Spa Bundle Sets 3 MKMen Sets 3 Lavish Spa Bundle Sets 3 MKMen SetsNOTES: 1) Ladder of Success pin will be awarded only to first time achievers and gem stone will be given to consultants who qualify every quarter. 2) The company reserves the right to replace any item with similar value incase of depleted stocks. 3) Designs and sizes may vary from photos. 4) Claim your gifts at the beauty centers from October 16 to November 15, 2012. Unclaimed gifts after this period will be shipped together with yourorders only. In the absence of an order, unclaimed gifts after October 31, 2012 will be forfeited. For more information about the Star Consultant Rewards program, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team. BE A 2013 STAR CONSISTENCY ACHIEVER BE A STAR BC/SD CONSISTENCY ACHIEVER: AWARDS & RECOGNITION: • Beauty Consultants and Sales Directors who achieve Ladder of a. Receive a collector’s item symbolical of thejuly 1, 2012 – june 30, 2013 Success (any level) in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star seminar year’s theme Consultant Consistency Award. Example: Sapphire Level with 4 b. Parade on stage at Seminar calendar quarters achieved. c. Be featured in Applause ( names only) • Sales Directors with 5, 7, 9, 11 and more Ladder of Success d. Meanwhile, Beauty Consultants and Sales achievers in 4 calendar quarters will be awarded the Star Directors who will achieve Diamond and Emerald Director Consistency Award as long as they are Star Consultant Star Consultant and Star Director Consistency Consistency Achievers themselves. Example: Sapphire level - SDs with awards will attend the Royal Reception in 5 BCs who are in the Ladder of Success consistently in 4 quarters and Seminar 2013 and will also be awarded trophies a consistent LOS achiever herself of any level in 4 quarters. on stage and a signature watch. applause september 2012 SM 13
  14. 14. t as th! L on m tIMELESS TEAM BUILDING TIPS Suggested Steps for a Team Building Appointment Challenge Period: These are some suggested steps for a team building appointment JULY - SEPTEMBER 2012 that you may want to use: Be part of the Red Jacket Rally! 1. Start off by asking neutral questions to help break the ice. This helps build rapport. If you are an Independent Beauty Consultant, Senior Consultant or Red 2. Explore what her needs and wants are by Jacket who has never attended a Red Jacket Rally, then you can join! asking more questions and letting her talk. • With at least 4 new active personal recruits with P13,000 sales each 3. Listen for clues that will reveal her "hot within the challenge period, you will be able to JOIN THE RED JACKET RALLY buttons". in September 2012! 4. Share information about the marketing plan tailored to her wants and needs. Plus, if you are at the Red Jacket Rally and have • At least 6 new active personal 5. Overcome any objections or concerns. recruits with P13,000 sales each 6. Invite her to become an Independent and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE Beauty Consultant. RED JACKET SCARF and a PREMIUM 7. If she isnt interested in becoming a BAG upon graduation. Beauty Consultant at this time, thank her for her time and for being such a • At least 8 new active personal good customer, and ask her if she recruits with P13,000 sales each would be interested in and you will receive an EXCLUSIVE being a "talent scout" for you. RED JACKET SCARF, PREMIUM BAG 8. If she decides to become a Beauty and your very own MARY KAY RED Consultant, the next steps for her might be: JACKET upon graduation. • Fill out the Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement To learn more about the Local Red Jacket Rally, please contact the Sales Development and Education Team at (02) 859-6222. The Company reserves the right to validate • Pay for and order the Starter Kit authenticity of recruits and reserves the right to change, amend or revise these rules as • Decide if shed like to attend New deemed necessary for the best interest of the Company. Should there be any discrepancy, Beauty Consultant Orientation the Company reserves the right to disqualify the achiever. All gifts will be awarded at the RJ • Make a business decision on ordering Rally. Failure to attend will mean forfeiture of gifts. inventory Are you a Join us at the New Beauty Consultant (BC) Welcome Party • Makati / Cebu / Davao / Zamboanga Beauty Cents every New Beauty 1st Friday of the month • Quezon City Beauty Center every 2nd Friday of the month Consultant? Why should I attend the New BC Welcome Party? • Get to know your Independent Sales Directors Youre invited to the • Receive tips on how to have a successful career • Be the first to try the latest products for the month New Beauty Consultant • Meet the Mary Kay staff and learn the best ways of Welcome transacting business with the Company • Enjoy snacks and refreshments and meet your new fellow Beauty Consultants Party • Have fun and enjoy great bonding with other new Independent Beauty Consultants • Win exciting raffle prizes14 SM applause september 2012