Top 10 customer experience trends of 2013


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  • Top 10 customer experience trends of 2013

    1. 1. Customer Experience Trends of 2013
    3. 3. RISE OF TEXT ANALYTICS It has always been the job of call centers to interpret what customers are saying back to the rest of the organization. In 2012, we realized this was a much harder task now that customer service professionals are handling 10 or more communication channels (phone, e-mail, chat, online communities, surveys, video, photo, review sites, wikis, social posts), with 4 different forms of data (voice, text, photo, video), and with 10 times the amount of conversations due to the collaborative web 2.0 environment.
    4. 4. The focus in 2013 is figuring out an efficient way to capture the “voice of the customer”, but still keep a unified perspective. This means our industry will have to decipher all of the channels to figure out what customers are saying about their experiences with the brand. The challenge is some of the most insightful customer data comes from unstructured content like calls into the contact center, social media conversations, and chat sessions. That’s where text analytics is going to play a huge factor in 2013. CAPTURE THE VOICE OF THE CUSTOMER
    5. 5. This year we will start seeing new text analytic systems being deployed that can convert 100% of phone calls and videos into text. The text analytics tool will then assess those conversations against all other text based customer conversations to help trend conversations into real-time actionable insights. ACCESS CONVERSATIONS TO CONVERT INTO DATA
    7. 7. PREDICT CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND TRENDS We are living in the Information Age where enormous amounts of data are being created, published, and stored every second. According to Eric Schmidt, Google’s CEO, “There were 5 exabytes of information created by the entire world between the dawn of civilization and 2003. Now that same amount is created every two days.”
    8. 8. PREDICT CONSUMER BEHAVIOR AND TRENDS Over the years, businesses have done a good job collecting data from their customers and storing it in CRM systems. The challenge and/or opportunity for contact centers in 2013 is to learn how to use these enormous customer databases, along with other forms of consumer data that’s available such as: web behavior data, customer satisfaction data, business outcome data, competitive data, social interaction data, financial data, demographic data, psychographic data, and technographic data to predict consumer behavior and ultimately improve the customer experience.
    9. 9. Micah Solomon, the author of High-tech, High touch Customer Service describes the concept of anticipatory customer service where companies predict customer needs and proactively address them. Anticipating a customer’s needs gives customer service an opportunity to provide a WOW experience or fix problem before they amplify. ANTICIPATE A CUSTOMER’S NEEDS
    10. 10. UTILIZE PREDICTIVE ANALYTICS This is where predictive analytics comes in. Predictive analytics is a technology that uses predictive modeling to find the probability or likelihood that a future event will take place such as placing an order or recommending a friend. In order to predict consumer behavior, one must have lots of historical customer data (which all contact centers store).
    11. 11. In 2013 contact centers will start using predictive analytics to predict the best agent to route a contact to, the right time to reach a customer, the right channel to use, and the right offer or messaging to present. The end result will be a decrease in lead acquisition cost, increase in customer loyalty and retention, and increased agent contacts and conversions. PREDICTIVE CALL ROUTING
    13. 13. There was a time when companies told customers how and when they could contact them. Now thanks to web 2.0 communication channels, customers are “calling” the shots. Our on-the-go society has placed significant importance on “fast and personalized service” when evaluating their customer experience. Customers are refusing to wait on hold or hassle with an IVR to receive customer support. Instead, they are turning to self- service solutions such as social networks, mobile apps, or “how to” videos on YouTube to get answers quickly. In 2013, customers are expecting customer care teams to have digital communication options. CREATING A DIGITAL CONIERGE EXPERIENECE
    14. 14. CREATING A DIGITAL CONIERGE EXPERIENECE If a customer tweets your brand a service related question, they will expect a response in 30 seconds. This means your organization better have the right social media or video customer service solution in place to provide a digital concierge-like experience. Every tweet, post, or blog should be noted and stored in a CRM system so that organizations know that @Daily123 is really Sally, and Sally is a Diamond member. She called us yesterday and tweeted us today about her order that is late. This will help organizations have a 360 degree view of the customer and provide for a great customer experience.
    15. 15. For the full list of customer experience trends, register for our upcoming webinar on “The Top 10 Customer Experience Trends of 2013” at Written by Lauren Ziskie, Customer Engagement Officer at Dialogue Marketing Inc., an award winning provider of BPO and customer engagement services. To learn more or ask a question, feel free to follow her on Twitter (@LaurenZiskie) or call 248.836.2642 To learn more about Dialogue Marketing, please visit
    16. 16. Thank you!800.523.5867 @DialogueMkting