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As technology advances and our communication channels expand, so has our business. No longer is the telephone the only option for customer engagement. The rise in popularity of smartphones and tablets has accelerated the time spent on social media. More than 45 percent of social media users access their profiles on their smartphone or tablet. This gives them instant access to a seemingly endless supply of information.

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  • Social Media Customer Service

    1. 1. COMMUNICATIONS CHANNELS NEW The telephone is no longer the only option for customer service. Customers are reaching out to social media networks (e.g Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.) to resolve their problems.
    2. 2. of social media users More than 45 percent access their profiles on a smartphone or tablet
    3. 3. SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT Smartphones and tablets give customers instant access to a seemingly endless supply of information. Through social media and search engines, people are to research brands at their convenience.
    4. 4. of customers research Approximately 80 percent products online every week
    5. 5. RESEARCH BRAND Word-of-mouth marketing is no longer limited to friends and family. Social media provides customers new mediums for help with a purchase decision.
    6. 6. People can instantly ask hundreds of people their opinion of a brand through social media. As more people begin to share their experiences, the impressions of the negative or positive post are multiplied. Monitoring social media conversations in real-time can save your brand’s image from disaster. SOCIAL MEDIA IMPACT
    7. 7. CUSTOMER SERVICE SOLUTION SOCIAL MEDIA As an extension or a fully outsourced partner, Dialogue Marketing’s social media command center monitors the social media landscape 24-7-365. For each brand mention, our team can either funnel the right conversation to your internal team or our trained brand advocates can fully engage through our proprietary Social CRM technology.
    8. 8. SOCIAL MEDIA CRM Our predictive social scanning and engagement technology, provides the necessary tools to monitor conversations, engage users and improve social strategy. • Pull conversations from more than 250 million social media sites within minutes • Identify brand risks and opportunities • Compare your social brand reputation to your top competitors • Automate workflow and assign posts to the best suited agent based on attribute matching • Report on top influencers, detractors, high traffic sites, keyword volume and much more through real-time dashboards • Increase brand loyalty by listening and responding to your customers in real-time
    9. 9. To learn more about improving customer service through social media monitoring call us at 800.523.5867 or contact us. STEPS NEXT
    10. 10. THANK YOU