Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support


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Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support

  1. 1. Pre-Sales and Post-Sales Support: 10 Ways it can be Used to Increase Sales During the Christmas Season
  2. 2. BENEFITS OF SALES SUPPORT Pre-sales support is important during this year’s Christmas season because the fragile economy and unemployment rate of what they purchase. Ensure customers your product is the right selection at the right price and you can turn a potential customer into a paying customer. Post-sales support is also important during the Christmas season because it provides consumers with product support or assists them with technical difficulties. Pre-sales and post-sales support can be provided to customers on a wide range of communication channels including call centers, social media outlets, virtual customer service, mobile apps, etc.
  3. 3. Five Ways Pre-Sales Support Increases Sales During the Holiday Season
  4. 4. Pre-sales support is all about reassurance. A customer has many options when gathering research about a product or service. They can Google it, watch a video on YouTube of someone else using it, or view the product on your company’s website 50 times a day. The point is…the options are limitless. When a potential customer contacts the company directly for more information about a product it shows they’re serious about making the purchase but not completely sold yet. Sell your knowledge about the product and you’ll sell the potential customer on it too. SELL YOUR KNOWLEDGE, SELL THE PRODUCT
  5. 5. There are a few things that companies can do to convince consumers to make the purchase they’re on the fence about. Offering incentives to customers is like taking the wrapper off candy to show kids it’s real. In other words, it intensifies their interest and gives them a reason to purchase the product or service. Shoppers never forget a good deal and where they got it from. OFFER HOLIDAY INCENTIVES THEY CAN’T RESIST
  6. 6. TEST DRIVE Many car dealerships offer consumers the opportunity to test drive the car they’re interested in. Giving consumers the opportunity to “test drive” a product is a clever way for the product to sell itself. It’s one thing to tell a consumer how great a product is and another for them to experience it for themselves. Sometimes consumers have to actually use the product before they’re totally convinced it’s for them. Offering consumers the opportunity to “test drive” a product or service shows your confidence in the product, and confidence is crucial when it comes to sales.
  7. 7. “Seeing is believing” is an idiom that, when acted on, can make turn a non-convinced consumer into a convinced one. If you can somehow demonstrate your product or services to the masses, you can convince non-believers to purchase your product. DEMONSTRATIONS
  8. 8. THE POWER OF WARRANTIES Warranties show consumers that you stand behind your product or service and trust it will do what you said it will do. Warranties are a guarantee to consumers from companies that if something goes wrong you’ll fix it, replace it or refund their money.
  9. 9. Five Ways Post-Sales Support During the Holiday Season
  10. 10. FOLLOW-UP Follow-up calls show customers that you care about their satisfaction with your product or service. It also gives consumers the opportunity to ask questions or express concerns they may have. This type of post-sales support separates the boys from men, or in this case growing companies from dying companies.
  11. 11. When angry customers call to complain about a product or service the first thing to do is apologize for the inconvenience. An apology goes a long way, when it’s done right. APOLOGIZE
  12. 12. ACT URGENTLY TO FIX THE PROBLEM Social Media outlets, such as Facebook and Pinterest, have given consumers the power to use word-of-mouth at lightning speed. Word-of- mouth online is vastly different from face-to-face. A person can share their satisfaction, or disappointment, with a product to their 500+ friends with a click of the mouse. When a customer shares their disappointment with your product on their Facebook page, in front of all their friends, they are giving you the opportunity to correct it, in front of all their friends. It’s like free advertising! Respond quickly on their Facebook page and act urgently to fix the problem. It doesn’t matter if the customer contacts you through Facebook, phone or email to complain about a product or service. The response should always be the same: act urgently to fix the problem.
  13. 13. SHOW APPRECIATION FOR THEIR BUSINESS When customers have a bad experience with a company they lose faith in their products and services. There are many ways to win back customers after a bad experience and one of the main ways is to show appreciation for their business. Appreciation can come in many forms, from exclusive discounts to gift cards.
  14. 14. SURVEY Once the customer’s questions are answered or their problem is resolved, the next step should be for the customer to take a survey. This will help companies improve their customer service and track complaints about a product that may need to be altered internally.
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