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Grant Management Seminar Leaders Guide PowerPoint Template.pptx

  1. This template can help you develop a presentation that will reinforce key ideas and concepts during your training session. It includes the colors and styles that will create a Rotary-branded presentation. First, review the individual session guides for a full list of the key ideas, discussion questions, and activity instructions that you can use. Then, replace the instructional text on each slide with your own text. You don’t have to use all of these slides in your presentation. Delete the ones you don’t want and duplicate those you want more of. You can also change the order of the slides as you customize the presentation for your audience. Grant Management Seminar PowerPoint Template
  2. Use resources in the Brand Center to add or replace images and videos, and to make sure you’re adhering to Rotary’s brand guidelines. Use local images (with the necessary permissions) in order to add visual impact. Protect people’s personal information by following Rotary’s Personal Data Use Policy and any privacy laws in your home or host country. Find images and videos in Rotary’s Brand Center. Use of images Please replace the images in this template with images that will help tell your story. IMPORTANT!
  3. GRANT MANAGEMENT SEMINAR District Location Date
  4. SESSION NAME 4 A Guide to Global Grants page number(s) Trainer’s name
  5. ROTARY’S ACTION PLAN • Increase Our Impact • Expand Our Reach • Enhance Participant Engagement • Increase Our Ability to Adapt You can use a slide like this to identify which of the strategic priorities above is being discussed in your session. Use a related image to show the priority being put into action. 5
  6. LEARNING OBJECTIVES Explain the purpose of the session and say what skills the participants will gain. •Use bullet points to list the learning objectives or your outline for the session. 6
  7. DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Use slides like this to write your discussion questions. Here are some examples: • What’s the best way to determine what kind of project is needed in a community? • How has working with another club on a project enriched your experience? 7
  9. NEXT SECTION Use this kind of slide to divide your session into sections. 9
  10. GENERAL SLIDE • Use bullet points to highlight the topics you want to discuss. • Keep these points short to help your audience retain the information. • Have no more than seven lines on a slide. • Use images to keep the presentation visually interesting. 10
  11. ACTIVITY INSTRUCTIONS Use slides like this to give instructions for an activity so that participants can refer back to them while they’re completing the tasks. You can summarize the instructions from the leader’s guide or include instructions for your own activity. 11
  12. PICTURE SLIDE Convey an idea or an example with a picture. You could also insert a chart or graph here. 12
  13. DO YOU HAVE DATA TO SHARE? USE A CHART 13 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4 Series 1 Series 2 Series 3
  14. THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU LEARNED On a slide like this one, list any reflection questions for the group. Here are examples: • What idea discussed during this session are you excited to share with your club? • What skills are needed for your club’s next project? How will you identify members who have these skills? 14
  15. TAKE ACTION You can conclude your session with information about what people should do next. Use bullet points to: • List action items for participants • List Rotary resources that can help them 15
  16. 16 You can find more slide styles, colors, and layout options in the new PowerPoint template in the Brand Center.